Artxilla News Update


“¢Artxilla/Gamexilla/The Batman hold 6 week promotion! For immediate release!
Oct.30—When you think of the names associated with Ed McGuinness, who tops the list?

Batman & Superman.

It only makes sense that Ed’s sites — Artxilla and Gamexilla — would have a 6 week exclusive media blitz of Warner Bros. new hit animated series, “The Batman”. How “exclusive” do we get?

The ‘Xilla sites will have weekly events, including:

“¢new “The Batman” clips, posted weekly
“¢interviews with (art director and producer) Jeff Matsuda, along with the voice talent behind the characters of “The Batman”, “Justice League” and more!
“¢reviews of “The Batman” episodes
“¢TWO exclusive contests sponsored by WB and “The Batman”. You can randomly win copies of the “Tom and Jerry Spotlight Collection” DVD, and enter our monthly, world-famous art contest to win Art Asylum Batman C3 building sets, signed DC Comics, DC Direct action figures, and Warner Bros. “Batman: Secrets of the Caped Crusader” DVD. More prizes will be announced.

So let the Bat-signal rise, and follow it to Artxilla and Gamexilla or face the wrath of the Batman!