'Joey' Spoilers


Episode 1.10: Joey and the Big Audition
Airdate: November 18, 2004

Joey is feeling down about not getting any big breaks since moving to LA and wonders if he has made a mistake. He goes to visit his agent who has lined up a lead for him in a new industrial safety video, but that isn’t enough for Joey. His agent tells Joey that he needs to make more Hollywood contacts, unfortunately he doesn’t have any. When he swings by Alex’s apartment, he notices she is throwing a Northwestern alumni party and gets her to introduce him to one of the guests, Steve Carpenter, who happens to be a big Hollywood producer. Joey lies to him and says he graduated from Northwestern, class of ’91. Because Steve thinks Joey is a fellow alum, he sets up an audition for Joey for a new tv show called “Deep Powder”, described as Baywatch on skiis. As Joey arrives for the audition (wearing a Northwestern shirt), a girl from their rival (Purdue) stops Joey in the hall. Joey gives the girl (Kate) his number and heads in for his audition. Joey thinks he’s there to read for the part of Langdon Powder, but finds out it’s actually for the part of his dad. This bugs Joey, but Gina convinces him that he’s not too old to be a father and that he is a great father figure for her own son Michael. When Joey goes back to read for the part though, he finds out the girl he met the other day, Kate, has been casted as his daughter. This makes it really awkward for Joey during the reading since he can’t stop thinking about sex, and she obviously has the same problem. When Joey walks out of the room and tells Gina what happened, she grabs him and kisses him, grossing him out and getting his mind off of sex. Because of that, Joey ends up landing the part. Mindy Sterling (Frau Farbissina in ‘Austin Powers’) guest stars.

Joey gets a lesson in fund-raising and fight songs when he poses as Alex’s college bud to cash in on her alumni group’s Hollywood connections. Meanwhile, Michael and Gina scramble to hide their addiction to the medical drama Joey turned down.

Still hurting over his decision to turn down a lead role in the hit show “Nurses,” Joey is shocked to find Gina, Michael and Alex having a viewing party for the show. Feeling depressed about his situation, Joey goes to see his agent, Bobbie, to help him get his career back on track. Ben Falcone also stars.

A scene was added where he’ll introduce Joey to other alumni working in entertainment that are also at the party. It is possible that the part about Joey interviewing the 17-year-old be cut.

Alex holds a little alumni event for her college. One of the attendee is a movie producer named Steve Sandlin. Steve thinks Joey is a Northwestern alum as well and tells Joey to come read for a role in one of his upcoming movies. Steve says that there is someone from Northwestern in almost every studio, network, and the major talent agencies, which will require that Joey pretend to be a graduate for longer than he expected. Gina accompanies Joey to his big audition. Joey has to read with a woman with whom he hit it off prior to the audition. However, the lady was cast as the daughter of the role Joey is reading for. Sandlin asks Joey to interview a 17-year-old who wants to attend Northwestern.

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