InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 11.14.04


After I type this, I’m off to a buddy’s house, as we split the cost of Survivor Series, which means I’ll miss the first match or so. Hopefully they won’t pull a last year and put one of the elimination matches on first.

LIVE from Cleveland, Ohio
Hosts are Ivory, Todd Grisham, Johnathan Coachman, Tazz, Michael Cole, King, and JR (who are at ringside)

Ivory & Todd talk about the classic SS elimination matches on both brands.

To the Coach, where he talks about the Women’s championship match.

Video package for Lita/Trish.

Maria knocks on the Evolution door, and gets Flair. Flair basically says that what happened on RAW was an outrage, and that the heels will win.

Tazz and Michael Cole, as they talk about Cena getting taken out in a Gay Bar.

Recap of the Torrie Wilson Sex Test.

Ivory & Todd talk about Heidenrich.

Video package of the top notch Heidenrich/Taker feud.

Josh “I can wrestle” Mathews with Paul Heyman. Heyman says its on Heidenrich’s terms. Yeah, boring.

Coach says that Christian will walk out tonight the IC champ.

Clips of the Piston players wearing the World belts. Coach says that Lebron James is suppose to be in the house tonight.

Coach goes over the RAW side of the card, and Cole and Tazz go over the SD!.

They show the ending of Show/Angle from Smackdown!.

Man, I have got to get that ECW DVD.

Ivory/Todd talk about the WWE Championship match.

JBL/Booker video package.

Moments ago, Booker T arrived. Wowzers.

Y’know what would be funny, is if the fans actually DID give this arab dude a chance and cheered for him.

World Tag Team Championship: The Hurricane & Rosey vs La Resistance – USA chants, as I notice that there are a bunch of empty seats for a ppv. Sylvain gets some punches on Rosey, but to no affect, and Rose whips Grenier into his partner. Resistance double teams Rosey. Rosey comes back with a Somoan Drop, and hot tags Hurricane. Modified neckbreaker move thingy gets 2 fo ‘Cane. Crossbody gets 2. Hurricane runs into Rosey, and the Au Revoir finishes it @ 5:00.

Video package of how the RAW main event came to be closes it up.