InsidePulse Indy Report 11.17.04: NEWS & SAT SHOWS


NEWS: Edge, Shawn Michaels, Tony Atlas, Saba Simba, Jerry Lawler, Virgil Sign Autographs
WWE Comes to the Funking Conservatory
NWA ECCW – 11/12 – Port Coquitlam, British Columbia
UCW – 11/13 – Campbellsville, KY
SAT SHOWS – 11/20:
3PW – Philadelphia, PA
IWS – Montreal, Quebec
GCW – Columbus, GA
wXw – Essen, Germany
ACW – Charlotte, NC
NYWC – Deer Park, NY
IWA MS – Highland, IN
NWA FL – Brandon, FL
NWA WS – Cornelia, GA
SCW – Durham, NC
NWA PWX – McKeesport, PA
NWA SPW – Palm Bay, FL
EWF – Marion, IN
AWA SCW – Madison, IN
PCW – Summit, IL
WCEW – Salemsburg, NC
XMCW – Nitro, WV

Edge, Shawn Michaels, Tony Atlas, Saba Simba, Jerry Lawler, Virgil Sign Autographs

Edge will be signing ‘Adam Copeland on Edge’ at WalMart, Frontenac Mall, 1300 Bath Road, Kingston, Ontario at 3 pm. Call 613-546-9989 for more info.

Shawn Michaels will be at the Saints Hockey Game, San Angelo Coliseum, 50 East 43rd ST, San Angelo, TX from 6-8 pm. Call 325-653-9577 for more info.

Tony Atlas & Saba Simba will be at Pro Wrestling World, 1313 Linden ST, Allentown, PA from 12 noon to 2 pm. Contact Bud at 610-770-7314 or for more info.

Jerry Lawler will be at Southridge Mall, 1111 East Army Post RD, Des Moines, IA from 2-4 pm. Call 515-287-3881 for more info.

Virgil will be at “SUPERMEGAFEST” on Sat, 11/20 & Sun, 11/21 at the Sheraton Framingham Hotel, Boston, MA on Saturday at 10:30 am -6 pm & Sunday on 10:30 am – 5 pm. Visit for more info.

WWE Comes to the Funking Conservatory

WWE Talent Relations Agent Steve Kiern will be at the Funking Conservatory on Friday, 11/19 to scout talent & speak to members of the Funking Conservatory. Steve will talk about what WWE is looking for in new wrestling talent and how to get there.

The Funking Conservatory training camp is in session this week, Wednesday through Friday when Steve will be with us.

If you are interested in training & performing under the watchful eye of a member of the WWE Talent Relations Department & listening to him speak about professional wrestling & what it takes to make it in the wrestling business, call 352-895-4658 or E-mail

NWA ECCW results
Fri, 11/12 – Port Coquitlam, British Columbia

*Amazing Halo def. C-Flo
*Tony Tisoy def. Nate Daniels
*NWA ECCW Tag Titles Match: Models Inc. def. Aaron Idol/Kurt Sterling
*Scotty Mac def. Seth Knight
*Dropkick Murphey def. Major Hardway
*Disco Fury def. Vance Nevada

UCW results
Sat, 11/13 – Campbellsville, KY

*Richard Lowe def. Derrick Neal
*Rob G. Rock def. Otis Bass
*Doug Vines def. Maxx Mizery
*Iron Man Match: Jeff Crowe vs. Justin Sane went to a draw
*The Fashionable Males def. Kid Dynamite/JD Thunder

Pain Power Pro Wrestling
Viking Hall, Swanson & Ritner STs – next to Forman Mills, Philadelphia, PA
Sat, 11/20 – 8 pm

*3PW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Chris Daniels vs. AJ Styles
*Joey Matthews vs. Chris Sabin
*Low Ki vs. Slyk Wagner Brown
*3PW Tag Titles Match: champions Pitbulls 2004 (“Pitbull” Gary Wolf/”Shooter” Mike Kruel) vs. Damian Adams/Monsta Mack
*Also featuring CJ O’Doyle, Striker, Eckos, Double Trouble, The Blue Meanie, N8 Mattson, & more

International Wrestling Syndicate presents “Born to Bleed”
Unison Bar et Billiard, 3500 Boulevard Cote Vertu, Montreal, Quebec
Sat, 10/20 – 9 pm

*IWS Heavyweight Title Match, Six Pack Match: champion Kevin Steen vs. Franky the Mobster vs. ExesS vs. El Generico vs. Pierre Carl Ouellet vs. “Career Killer” Kurt Lauderdale
*Viking/Damian vs. 2.0 (Jagged/Shane Matthews)
*IWS Tag Titles Match: champions The Flying Hurricanes (Takao/Kenny the Bastard) vs. Dan Paysan/Tomassino
*Kid Kamikaze vs. Evil Ninja
*Also featuring Hell Storm, Nightmare Manson, & more

Georgia Championship Wrestling
GCW Sports Arena, Columbus, GA
Sat, 11/20

*Lee Thomas vs. Black Dragon
*Jerry Oates vs. The Challenger
*John Bogie vs. David Young
*GCW Heavyweight Title Match: Erik Watts vs. Sonny Siaki
*GCW Tag Titles Match: The Steeles vs. Lash LeRoux/Terry Taylor

wXw presents “Fan Appreciation Night”
Musik-Palette, Essen, Germany
Sat, 11/20 – 6 pm

*Featuring Sexy Eddy & more

Tickets: 15 euros in advance, 18 euros at the door

IWA Mid-South
Lincoln Center, 2450 Lincoln ST, Highland, IN
Sat, 11/20 – 7:30 pm

*CM Punk vs. Nigel McGuinness
*First Blood Match: Delirious vs. Jimmy Jacobs
*TLC Match: Ian Rotten vs. Steve Stone
*Finishers Match: BJ Whitmer vs. Danny Daniels
*30-Minute Iron-Woman Match: Lacey vs. Daizee Haze
*Austin Aries vs. B-Boy
*Petey Williams/Alex Shelley vs. Brad Bradley/Ryan Boz vs. Matt Sydal/”Spyder” Nate Webb
*Rain vs. Tracy Brooks
*Also featuring Brandon Thomaselli, Trik Davis, & more

New York Wrestling Connection
JFK Intermediate School, Deer Park, NY
Sat, 11/20

*NYWC Title Match: Spyder vs. Grim Reefer
*NYWC Light-Heavyweight Title Match: Ru Starr vs. “Disturbed” Damien Dragon (w/ Foxxy Dreams)
*NYWC Interstate Title Match: Joey Braggiol vs. Nuke
*NYWC Tag Team Title Match: The Solution (Papadon/Havoc) (w/ John Shane) vs. Tyler Payne/Wayne
*Mikey Whipwreck/Ken Scampi vs. Mayhem/Tony Burma
*Dickie Rodz/Mason Raige vs. Mike Tobin/Mega
*Dan Barry vs. Jay Lethal
*RatPak Rules Match: The Dead Presidents vs. The RatPak
*Nick Noshus (w/ “Southern” Vinny Stylin’) vs. Curse
*James Newblood/Javi-Air vs. All Money Is Legal (w/ Dizzie)
*Also featuring Crusher Doogan, Mike Mondo, & more

NWA Florida presents “November Pain”
Brandon All Stars, 9940 Currie Davis DR, Ste C-02, Brandon, FL Sat, 11/20 – 8 pm

*Scoot Andrews/Antonio Banks vs. Lex Lovett/Billy Fives
*NWA Florida Title Match: champion “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison vs. Bruce Steele (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi)
*NWA Florida Tag Titles Match: champions “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark/Mikey Batts vs. Double Deuce (w/ Cannon)
*NWA FL X Title Match: champion Naphtali vs. Sedrick Strong
*The Shane Brothers/Rod Steel (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi) vs. Most Valuable Playas/James Hendrix
*New School vs. Old School Match: Vordell Walker vs. “Iceman” Buck Quartermain
*”Hot Ass” Amy Love vs. Kat Larue
*Josh Rich/Leon Scott (w/ Tiziana) vs. The Heartbreak Express

Tickets: $12 in advance, $15 at the door, FREE under 12

NWA Wildside
NWA Arena, Cornelia, GA
Sat, 11/20

*Onyx/Biohazard vs. The Urban Assault Squad
*NWA WS Heavyweight Title Match: Ray Gordy vs. Jason Cross
*NWA WS Tag Titles Match: Rainman/Azrael vs. Jay Fury/Nick Halwn
*Three Guys That Totally Rule vs. The Iron Saints/Slim J
*Murder-One vs. Mikal Adryan
*Brandon P/Brett Anthony vs. Jason Blackman/Jeff Lewis
*The Texas Treats vs. Pomp & Circumstance
*Sweet Dreams/Skeeter Frost vs. Alabama Attitude
*Jeremy V/Gabriel vs. Todd Sexton/??

415 E. 9th ST, Charlotte, NC
Sat, 11/20 – 7 pm

Southern Championship Wrestling
Bethesda Athletic Association Gym, 2009 S. Miami Blvd, Durham, NC
Sat, 11/20 – 6 pm

*Krash the Milkman vs. Hangtime
*Nitestic Eddie Brown vs. Ali Steele
*Kevin Matthews vs. Billy Reil
*Brian Perry vs. Sean Powers
*Denny Cooley/Blade Boudreaux vs. Brad Attitude/Joey Silva
*Scotty Matthews vs. The Bounty Hunter
*Trailer Park Heat vs. Duke Richards vs. Beau James
*Caprice Coleman vs. Krazy K
*Brandi Wine vs. Lexie Fyfe
Lodi/Q Sic/Toad vs. Shank/Dorian DeVille/Leslie Leatherman
*Scab vs. Natrone Steele
*Big Slam/Chilly Willy vs. KC Thunder/Frank Parker
*Seymour Snott/Dexter Poindexter vs. Brad Hunter/Sean Alexander
*Chris Stevens vs. Jimmy Cicero
*Major DeBeers vs. Rick Link
*Otto Schwanz vs. CW Anderson vs. Cham Pain

NWA Pro Wrestling Xpress
Sportatorium, 3104 Walnut ST, McKeesport, PA
Sat, 11/20 – 7:30 pm

*Also featuring NWA East Heavyweight champion Brandon K, NWA East Three Rivers champion Chris Taylor (w/ Krystal Frost), NWA East Tag champions The Tri Chi Fraternity (QB Blittz/Hammer), Nikita Allanov, Stacy Hunter, Jason Cage, Sabotage, Benjamin C. Steele, Bigg, Daron Smythe, Devil Bhudakahn, Scott Venom (w/ Damien Stockholm), & more.

Tickets: $10 VIP seating, $9 G.A., $6 Kids Under 12

NWA-Sunray Pro Wrestling
Palm Bay Community Center, Palm Bay, FL
Sat, 11/20 – 7:30 pm

*NWA-Sunray Heavyweight Title Match: champion Sean Allen (w/ Blare Rogers) vs. Ryan O Reilly
*NWA-Sunray Tag Titles Match: champions The Vandalz vs. Scott Commodity/”GQ” Preston James
*NWA-Sunray Cruiserweight Title Match: champion Johnny Vandal vs. Chasyn Rance
*”Bad Dog” James Bullock vs. Norge Alvarez
*Doc Rivers (w/ Lew Spectre) vs. Osirus
*Also featuring Kubiak, Snakemaster Abudadein, & more

Extreme Wrestling Federation
EWF Arena, 3400 S Adams, Marion, IN
Sat, 11/20 – 7 pm

Tickets: $6

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 11/20 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Pro Championship Wrestling presents “Thanksgiving Turmoil”
American Legion Hall, 6050 S. Harlem, Summit, IL
Sat, 11/20

World Class Extreme Wrestling/ ThunderGirls
Lakewood High School, Salemsburg, NC
Sat, 11/20

*Featuring Allison Danger, Amber Oneal, Krissy Vain, Fantasia, Dark Angel, Rowdy Red, Hailey Hatred, Jenny Taylor, Little Jeanne, Persephone, Nicole Starr, & more

Tickets: $10 Ringside, $8 General, $5 Kids

Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling
Nitro Community Center, Nitro, WV
Sat, 11/20 – 7 pm

*NWA Tri-State Heavyweight champion JD Escalade vs. NWA Bluegrass Heavyweight champion Chance Prophet vs. NWA Hawaii Heavyweight champion Kris Kavanauigh
*XMCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Shane Storm vs. Mister X vs. Raw Talent
*Loser Leaves Match: Hardcore vs. Cecil

Tickets: $7