The Eyes: Doesn't Stand A Chance


Once again, the previews are trying very, very hard to make us believe that Chris is going to somehow save himself this week.

And, once again, I’m not buying it. The women have held strong for this long, there’s no real indication that they’re going to break now, after all this time.

Now, that’s not to say that there are certain people who SHOULD consider new alliances *coughELIZAcough* but that does not by any means indicate that it will happen.

So, unless hell freezes over, then Chris will go home tomorrow night. And on Thanksgiving, nonetheless. I do have to feel bad for my mother, because she drew his name in a work pool at the beginning of the season, so she’s had no choice but to cheer for him or lose the prize money associated with the winner”¦and now it looks as if she’ll lose it on a national holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving, Mom! Chris, the tribe has spoken.

Sorry, Mom.

Oh, well. I guess there’s no changing fate. And it should be very interesting to see how the first-ever all-female final will function. I’m actually looking forward to it.

So, once again, there’s no real point in me writing a super-huge column this week. However, NEXT week, there will be some more room for prediction. This will hopefully be the last week that the boot is obvious.

To wrap this week’s column, I shall run down what each person should do this week to maximize their success later in the game. Note that this is NOT what I think will happen, but what I think each person should do to be most successful in the long run.

ELIZA—Out of all the girls, she really has to worry the most, because she is most likely the first on the chopping block once they get down to just the females. She really needs to start working and trying to make something happen with Chris and needs to forget about her loyalty to the female alliance”¦she should most likely target Ami or Scout, because the two of them are pretty much in control, although Scout lost some stock this week, but that’s something else altogether.

SCOUT—Like I just said, she lost some stock with the females in trying to campaign for Eliza’s departure rather than Chad’s. This probably won’t hurt her this week, especially since she did come around and vote with the core alliance, but once it gets down to the females, Chief Ami may well decide that her island time is done with. She needs to work a little less openly about her ambition to take out Ami, because even though it would be a smart move, there’s not enough support because she wields a lot of power over the other girls.

AMI—The ringleader of the whole girl alliance. If she makes it to the Final Two, this will more than likely play in her favor and give her the million dollars. However, the strongest players usually end up with the third place chairs. Not all the time, but a lot of the time (hello, Lex, Kathy, and Cesternino!) She needs to tone down her leadership a little bit. Yeah, you have power, and a lot of it. But don’t flaunt it, because it only serves to turn people off.

LEANN—Right now, she has the best shot of winning. She’s not an open leader like Ami, and yet she’s not slacking. She has a great chance of winning this thing right now, providing she doesn’t royally screw up in the next couple of weeks.

TWILA—If she wants to be able to sit in front of the Jury and have any credibility, she needs to step up and stop relying on other people to tell her how to vote. It doesn’t seem as if she has made a decision on her own since Rory left. This week is a prime example, asking Ami and then Scout. She did a great job with the Immunity Challenge, but you need a little more than that to win this game.

JULIE—She seemed to have taken a lot of heat, from Chad especially, for her decision to vote Rory off. How she seems to have taken more than Twila is beyond me, but oh well. She’s the classic under-the-radar type, and that can always play towards her advantage. She’s a lock for the Final Four, but it’ll be interesting to see if the Jury respects her game at all if she makes it that far.

CHRIS—He’s screwed. He’s gone this week. The only advantage he has is that he can campaign and strategize all he wants without worrying about his alliance members because he has none. He can just go crazy, and say whatever he wants and needs to say, and I think he will. I just don’t think it will work. If he wants any chance at all, he needs to play the Eliza card very, very hard”¦meaning, he has to campaign for her to go and really try to manipulate that fracture in the female alliance”¦.Ami’s basically untouchable right now, so he should not try to pull that string too hard unless Scout comes to him again. Pull out all the stops and don’t give up until the torch goes out!

And that’s that. I fully expect Chris to go wild this week, but I also doubt that it will produce anything of value in time to save him for this vote.

After he’s gone, though, the TRUE individual game begins”¦”¦”¦..

“See” you next week!