Terminal Velocity- The WWE Velocity Report 11.27.04


Y Halo Thar, and welcome to the Thanksgiving edition of Terminal Velocity. How was my Thanksgiving, you ask? Why, just dandy, of course. Now on to the report.

WWE Velocity- November 26th, 2004

-We open up with the Bashams making their way to the ring, set to take on Funaki, and a returning Paul London. Nice return they cooked up for him.

-Paul London and Funaki vs. the Basham Brothers. Just the presence of Funaki here tells me he and London are jobbing. London and Doug to start. Lockup, London’s taken into the corner, Doug swats away. Out of the corner, headlock and wristlock exchanges between the two. Shoulder block to London, and Danny gets tagged in. Shots to London, but London baseball slides through the legs. Paul gets some shots of his own in, but walks into a big clothesline. Camel clutch/stomp double team by the Bashams. Punches and elbows to London, followed by a head pound. Funaki accidentally gets the ref’s attention, allowing a cheap Bashams double team. Chop by Doug, and a tag to Danny. Danny locks on a full nelson, but breaks it himself with a shot after London gets to his feet. Backslide attempt by London, but Doug tags himself in. Doug hits a clothesline. Tag to Danny. Chop, but London hits a kick and finally is able to make the tag to Funaki. Funaki fires up on both Bashams, with shots, dropkicks, and a bulldog. Enziguri gets 2 on Danny after Doug breaks it up. Doug takes out London with that leg lariat of his. Funaki goes for a tornado DDT, but gets pushed off by Danny. Doug sneaks in a shot, sending Funaki into a Baldo Bomb by Danny to win this one for the Bashams. The move is now apparently called the ‘Brain Damage’ or something like that. I’ll just stick with the Baldo Bomb, ‘cause Danny’s bald, too. **. Dull match that was almost a squash.

-Tonight, we’ll see a Cruiserweight 6-Man Tag Team Match: Akio, Spike, and Kidman vs. Shannon Moore, Nunzio, and Chavo. Should be good.

-Up next, a Tough Enough recap.

-Armageddon promo.

-Rise and Fall of ECW commercial.

-Back on Velocity, and it’s time for the Tough Enough recap. Curiously, Bill DeMott’s titantron is briefly shown here as we make our way back from commercial break. Odd. Anyways, to the Tough Enough goings-on: Rodimer is eliminated (thankfully), and Puder wins an arm wrestling contest.

-We’re reminded of the main event 6-man tag..

-WWE Slam of the Week: The Big Show Thanksgiving SmackDown skit.

-Mark Jindrak and Luther Reigns make their entrance, set to take on some Random Velocity Jobbersâ¾Ã‚¢.

-Reigns and Jindrak vs. McAllister and A1. Jindrak and A1 to start here. Lockup, Jindrak takes him to the corner and slaps him in the face, takes him down, and drops multiple elbows. Tag to Reigns, Reigns with a few shots and forces A1 to tag McAllister. McAllister in, and he immediately gets headbutted and hit with some stiff punches and kicks. Overhead doublearm suplex by Reigns, who then goes for the Jericho Cocky Pin, but the jobber kicks out. So what does Reigns do? He does the ol’ punt to the outside, whereas he sets the jobber up on the top rope and kicks him in the face/chest, sending said jobber tumbling to a painful demise. Jindrak throws McAllister back into the ring, where Reigns makes the three count. *1/4. Bland squash. After the match, Jindrak left-hands A1 in the face. Matthews and DeMott make note of the current tag division.

-Up next, a recap of the SmackDown main event.

-Back here on Velocity, Josh and Bill remind us of the WWE Title match set for Armageddon. We then go right into the SmackDown main event, where the Bashams assist JBL and OJ in defeating Eddie and Booker. Afterwhich, Undertaker Tombstones JBL.

-The Armageddon card thus-far is run down.

-Up next, our main event.

-RAW promo.

-Main event time. Nunzio now has his own personalized, non FBI-themed titantron, which is Stamboli-less.

-6 Man Tag Team Match: Nunzio, Chavo, and Shannon Moore vs. Kidman, Akio, and Spike. Akio and Nunz to start off. Lock, armbar takedown and quick amateur moves by Nunzio, focusing on the arm. Standoff. Hiptoss and an armbar by Nunzio, counter by Akio, go-behind by Nunzio. Nunzio’s taken into the corner, where Akio mule kicks him. Akio misses that flip kick of his, and Shannon Moore is tagged in. Leg drop gets 2. Tag to Chavo, neckbreaker by Shannon, followed by a senton by Chavo. Spike gets tagged in. Chavo gets the advantage, and Kidman refuses to tag in for Spike. Kidman rushes into the ring, and is taken up and over the top rope by Chavo. All hell breaks out as we take a commercial break.

-Annnnd, I have to answer my phone. When I make my triumphant return, we’re back from commercial break and once again all hell has broken loose. Chavo, Kidman, Nunzio, and Akio have all been taken to the outside in some way or another. In the ring, Shannon reverses a headscissors attempt by Spike, and comes down from the turnbuckle with a harsh Mooregasm to pick up the win for his team. ***. What I saw was good, as was what I didn’t see most likely.

-Josh thanks us for joining

-My Thoughts: Bad show until the main event. Breaking from a recent trend, there was no ‘main-event’ caliber SmackDown guys on tonight. Unless they’re making Reigns and Jindrak out to be. In which case, I really hope not.