The Flash #216 Review


Reviewer: Mathan “Editor Boxes! Yes!” Erhardt
Story Title: The Secret of Barry Allen part three: Spinning

Written by: Geoff Johns
Penciled by: Howard Porter
Inked by: Livesay
Lettered by: Pat Brosseau
Colored by: James Sinclair
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics

Barry Allen’s big secret is that he tried to make The Top a “good guy” with a little help from Zatanna’s patented mind-wiping technique. Unfortunately, this just drove the Top loonier. So Wally is trying to right the wrong of Barry Allen.

This issue opens with Zee and Wally finding The Top’s lair. They manage to subdue him. Then Zee begins to work her magic on his mind. But what she unleashes is beyond what the heroes were prepared for. He immediately reverts to his old ways, and he’s not happy about what was done to him.

Zee tries to cast a spell, but he takes her air away with is speed. Then he gives Wally a bit of dizziness, to slow him down. He then vows revenge. Zee recovers and tries to cast a spell, but Top resists. As the battle continues Wally and The Top go toe to toe, as the villain takes credit for “help” some of the rogues reform. Then he makes his escape.

In Chicago, the original Trickster, Heat Wave, Pied Piper, and Magenta go over their mission again. Wally takes a trip to Star City to talk with Green Arrow about what happened and what may be coming. Later Captain Cold, the new Trickster, and Weather Wizard react to the death of Captain Boomerang and the news that he had a son. The issue ends with Wally facing a familiar character, who hasn’t appeared in quite awhile.

Johns has written another great issue. The dialogue is on-point, and the developments story wise are very good as well. The moment where Zatanna tells Wally that she never meant to hurt anyone is very touching. Equally powerful is when the Top declares that “No one tops the Top.” And that last page is a shocker.

Porter continues to impress. He manages to capture two sides of the Top. Before he gets his “mind right” the Top is a mess, damaged and loony. But afterward he’s not only bitter, but composed as well. And Porter captures both sides equally well. Livesay does a great job inking, and the color is superb.