WWE News: HEAT Tapings [spoilers], Randy, Tough Enough on Leno, World Title Update


– The plan as of now, subject to change, is that the RAW World Title will be held up going into Monday’s RAW. There’s a possibility (teased on WWE.com) that GM Jericho will play a big part in the outcome. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– WWE.com has “exclusive” video up of Randy being chased up the ramp by the Divas during a RAW commercial break.

– There will be a Tough Enough segment on Jay Leno tonight, which may or may not include the Mae Young skit. [Credit: WrestlingObserver.com]

– The following are the matches for this weekend’s Sunday Night HEAT (scroll down for spoilers):


Chris Masters vs. Julio Dinero


Rhyno & Tajiri vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
Viscera vs. Val Venis
Gene Snitsky vs. a jobber
Shelton Benjamin vs. Steven Richards

Spoilers from G.R. & PWTorch.com:


(1) Chris Masters beat Julio Dinero. Masters, for a nobody, got a great heel reaction. He has a future in my opinion. Dinero supposedly is from Baltimore, but I doubt it. The match was solid. Dinero botched a second rope moonsault, but it didn’t hurt things much. Good reaction for both of them.


(1) Christian & Tyson Tomko defeated Rhyno & Tajiri. Great tag matchup that showcased all four (not so much for Tomko though), and the crowd was really into this. Lots of ECW chants as well.

(2) Val Venis defeated Viscera. It was mainly Viscera beating up on Val until Val won with a rollup. Not exactly a great match, and no one cared at all for Big Vis.

(3) Gene Snitsky beat some guy. Sorry, I don’t know his name. A complete and total squash.

(4) Shelton Benjamin defeated Steven Richards-Not a bad match, but not something that got the crowd excited. It felt kind of there in a way. But Shelton did get a good reaction, but messed up his finisher a bit. But they didn’t do it over, so you’ll see it.

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