Recapped: Lost – Episode 9


It’s time for another recap of Lost on InsidePulse. No new mail this time for me, mostly because I didn’t speculate on too much regarding the episode shown two weeks ago, when I should have speculated on some things, including the question of “Is Alex really dead?” and similar subjects. However, I was lost in the fun of the episode with Hurley’s Island Open and found myself without the usual questions at the end of the episode, even though I should’ve had a ton.

Anyway, on with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: There’s contact from the French, and Charlie is a little bit too excited to hear from them, since Shannon translates for us that the French woman is sending a distress call from the island, not transmitting from the ocean to the island. That was quite a long time ago, though, but just recently, Sayid left the main beach and the caves to go explore the island and think about what he did with the Un-Sawyer’s torture. Sayid maps the island, and in the process finds the French woman’s signal. But for some reason, this isn’t mentioned.

We open to a similar scene that we saw in the pilot, with a single eye opening…and a baby crying? The eyes belong to Claire, and could it be possible that she has given birth in her sleep? I doubt it, but stranger things have happened on this island. Claire hears the cry again and sits straight up, and wouldn’t you know it, she’s looking quite a bit slimmer. She hears the cry again and goes to investigate in the jungle, eventually coming upon Locke, who is playing cards under the bright light of a lamp. Yeah, this is definitely a dream. Anyway, Claire asks Locke what’s going on, and Locke gives the usual creepy response of “You know what’s happening.” Turns out that “he” was Claire’s responsibility but she’s given him away. Locke tells Claire that everyone pays the price now, and looks up at her with very, very dark eyes, no pupil noticeable. The cry is heard again and now we see Claire running through the jungle again, before coming upon a cradle…with Oceanic planes on the mobile. God damn, that’s good stuff. Claire looks down in the cradle and doesn’t find a baby, but she finds plenty of sheets, so she peels those back…and eventually sticks her hands into a pool of blood. She draws her hands back and then lets out a blood-curdling scream that she also lets out in real life, still very pregnant and now very scared as well. Everyone in the cave is awaken by her murderous screams, as Charlie somehow manages to calm her down. Turns out that she was sleep walking, and she woke up at where the cradle was in her dream. Only Charlie takes Claire’s hands and asks what happened, as Claire looks down and notices them covered in blood. Still.


And now, a word from our sponsors…hot opener, as it’s time for a Claire-centric episode and perhaps the birth of a bouncing baby. Perhaps. Anyway, I’m sure Dr. Jack will find some medical way to explain the blood still remaining on her hands in the transition from dream to reality, as opposed to something more interesting and messed up like Claire having a stigmata.

Back with Dr. Jack and Claire. Here comes the boring medical explanation…but I’m surprised as Dr. Jack reveals that Claire actually was having such a bad nightmare that she dug her fingernails a quarter of an inch into her palms. That’s some scary stuff right there. Claire doesn’t think she’s ever sleepwalked before, but even if she had, how would she know? Dr. Jack relates a story about a former girlfriend who told him that he talked in his sleep, and whatever he said didn’t please her. How lovely. Was this girl as much of a slut for two other guys as Kate is for Sawyer and Sayid? Claire explains that it’s doubtful that anything’s wrong with the baby, since the ultrasound was cool and she was checked up on a week before taking that fateful flight and was cleared to fly, even if she was in her third trimester. Claire isn’t having too many problems in general, except for a slightly sore back, dizziness if she stands up too fast, and a frequent need to empty her bladder. Dr. Jack wants to know how many weeks in Claire is, or more specifically, what was the date that she found out she was pregnant? We get a close zoom on Claire’s face, and we know what time it is. FLASHBACK TIME!

Cut to Claire and a nervous boyfriend who asks Claire if she properly took the pregnancy test. Thomas notes that it’s been 66 seconds since she took the test, and huzzah, there’s two pink lines so she’s definitely the preggers. Thomas tries to ease the blow by explaining that these tests aren’t always accurate, for example his uncle with testicular cancer…but Claire is quick to point out that Thomas’ uncle definitely did have cancer in his nuts, and he’s definitely dead now. She’s six weeks late, and since that never happens, it’s time to start considering that she’s pregnant. Thomas does his best job of comforting her, trying to explain that they could make it work. Even though Claire only has a job that pays five dollars an hour, Thomas does have his painting…Claire doesn’t think this is the right move, however. The great soul that Thomas is won’t let her get an abortion, however, as he professes his love for her.

Over to the island, as Dr. Jack walks up to Kate, who’s doing nothing but staring out into the ocean. Don’t be fooled, she’s doing something: She’s sinking. The water takes the sand out with it and you sink. I’m sorry, but that’s just boring. Why can’t she be off having relations with Sawyer behind Dr. Jack’s back or something? Dr. Jack makes light of this, saying that now Kate’s plan is to just sink her way off the island. He also brings up the subject of Sayid, who’s been gone almost for a week. Dr. Jack is on the beach to bring water down and bring fish back to the cave, and also to share with Kate that Claire is going to have the baby soon. That gets no immediate reaction from Kate, however.

Claire is sitting against a tree in the jungle as Charlie arrives with some tea, which Charlie explains seperates them from the savage Yanks. When asked, Claire insists that she can’t feel any better or worse, since it was just a dream. Charlie can relate, however, as he too had this dream. He’s driving a bus, and his teeth start falling out. Charlie’s mother is in the back eating biscuits, and everything smells of bacon. It’s weird, but he doesn’t wake up screaming. Claire catches that last part, and insists that she’s all right. Charlie knows this, but it’s just that she’s always on his mind, how hard it must be for Claire without friends and family. So Charlie thinks that he could be a friend for Claire, if she needed someone to talk to about anything. Claire seems reluctant to make friends, and Charlie gets the hint and makes tracks.

Flashback again, as Claire is gushing to one of her friends that she’s moving in with Thomas in the near future. The friend is excited for her, and as they approach this building, Claire seems reluctant to go on in, whatever’s inside. Turns out that a psychic is inside and there’s no backing out now. It’s not about being told how to live her life, however, it’s about having fun with a psychic. Inside the psychic’s office, he asks Claire for her hands, and proceeds to do a palm reading. The psychic takes a moment, and it’s during this moment that I realize that this table is the same one that Locke was playing cards at in Claire’s nightmare. The psychic breaks the silence by asking Claire when she found out about the baby, and holy crap someone give this man a weekly television show or something. It was two days ago, and the psychic reacts in a psychic-like way, as Claire’s friend tries to explain that they haven’t shared the news with Claire’s mother. Claire wants silence, though, and the psychic does another weird psychic-like reaction, as Claire wonders if this means that she should not tell her. The psychic looks rather scared now–if he’s a real psychic, he must’ve found out by now that Claire is going to get a nice big plane crash in her future. The psychic withdraws his hands and gives the money back, but Claire wants to know what he saw. The psychic refused to do this reading, and asks Claire to vacate the premises post haste. Or leave, if that’s the wordage you prefer. Claire’s friend dismisses him as a freak, but Claire is more shaken by it.

Back to the cave…and Claire’s eyes are moving rapidly as a hand swoops up, covering her mouth as the sounds of a blade cutting through the air are heard, as well as her muffled screams. Holy crap.

And now, a word from our sponsors…well, Claire’s dreams are getting worse, as now she’s dreaming of having someone (Locke?) cutting the baby right out of her womb. That’s messed up. And also, I realize now that Locke wasn’t playing cards at the table that belonged to the psychic, he was doing a tarot card reading. It all makes sense now, doesn’t it?

We return to more blood-curdling screams from Claire, as Dr. Jack is the second one on the scene after Charlie, who explains to the Doctor that she was attacked. Dr. Jack finds this surprising, and Claire explains that she was held down but she doesn’t know who it was and it’s all just a big confusing mess as Hurley arrives and such. Charlie wants to go check out the surrounding caves and grabs Hurley to do it with him even though Dr. Jack wants everyone to just stay put. Dr. Jack finally decides to turn his attention towards Claire and ask how she’s doing. It should also be noticed that Locke is once again MIA. Michael has a stunned look on his face as Dr. Jack tells Boone to get some water. Michael asks Claire if he got any look at him, but Claire says that it was too dark to make out a face. It happened right where Claire is sitting, she woke up and someone was trying to hurt her baby. With a needle or something, stabbing her with it. She lifts up her shirt to show the place where she figured she was stabbed, and Michael gives a look over to Dr. Jack, a “there’s something fishy” look.

Dr. Jack meets up with Hurley, who explains that no one saw or heard anything since they were all asleep, and haven’t found anything incriminating searching around the entire perimeter. Hurley has been thinking, however: He’s out searching for some psycho with Scott and Steve, and then he realizes…who the hell are Scott and Steve? Bahahahahahaahahahaha. Another recognition from the writers that only certain characters on the island are very well-known not only by the viewing audience but by the castaways themselves. Dr. Jack is losing Hurley here, though, and Hurley tries to put it modern standards, like if a women got attacked and Hurley was a cop, he’d canvass the area, knocking on doors and finding witnesses, but this place doesn’t even have doors. Dr. Jack is getting even more lost, so Hurley breaks it down: They don’t know who’s living at the beach or the cave. In fact, Hurley isn’t his real name, it’s actually Hugo Reyes. Turns out that Hurley is just a nickname people have for him. Why? “I’m not telling.” Oh, I’m sure the story for that is very amusing. Point is, Hugo wants to start finding out who everyone is. So Dr. Jack finally understands: Hurley wants to have a census. Have a registry, what everyone looks like, who’s related to who. If that happens, maybe people will start attacking each other since there will be something close to law on the island. It’s true, it seems like someone’s getting punched or stabbed every other day. Hugo finishes his rant by saying that they’ve got to find out who did this to Claire.

Cutting back to the caves, as Charlie wraps a blanket around Claire to comfort her. Charlie promises to be by Claire’s side the whole night, and not to let anyone attack her.

Another flashback, as Thomas arrives home with groceries and notices that they have drapes on the windows now. He admits to liking them when questioned by Claire, and as Claire talks about the deeper qualities of drapes, Thomas decides to grab a cold one. Claire then announces that a “Sasha” wants to go hang out tonight. Thomas doesn’t immediately respond to this offer, and Claire wonders what could be eating Thomas, as Thomas finally breaks down and confesses that he can’t do this after all. Not only that, but Claire should know that. Claire doesn’t want to be overreacting, so she’ll just ask if Thomas is breaking up with her. Well, I’m no genius…anyway, Thomas says that for the past three months it’s been nothing but responsibility, having somewhere to go, someone to talk to. Claire is just trying to make sure that when the baby comes–and Thomas obviously has another can of worms open up for him as he wonders out loud what it will be like when the baby comes if everything is this hectic now? Claire reminds Thomas that he said that they could do this, but Thomas takes the pussy way out and says that it’s real now. I’m sorry, but I’m pretty sure that if I got my girlfriend pregnant, I’d have one frame of mind in those nine months and now matter how crazy things got, if I said that this would work, I wouldn’t suddenly realize my mistake or something ridiculous like that. Enough with my social commentary, though. Thomas wants to know how in the hell he could possibly be a dad when he wants to worry about his life and his paintings. Claire knew that this would happen, and now Thomas takes a seat and gets ready to have a drink listening to Claire’s talking about “Daddy abandonment.” She gets offensive, telling Thomas not to try and justify what he’s doing, but Thomas points out that he’s noticed what Claire is doing as well. Claire doesn’t quite understand, so Thomas spells it out for her: “You were supposed to be on the pill.” Claire is offended that Thomas could possibly think that she got pregnant on purpose, but Thomas doesn’t care. He simply starts walking away, declaring once again that it’s over as he walks right out the door. Well, I can see how Claire would be very reluctant to let a man back into his life now.

Back at the beach, as Hugo’s census reaches Locke. Locke asks who’s keeping track of him, but Hurley can keep track of Hurley. Locke was merely joking, however. Hugo already knows his name, Locke spent most of his life in Tustin, California, and why was Locke in Australia? Locke was looking for something. But did he find it? No, it found him. Hurley is satisfied and walks off, meeting up with another castaway and explaining that she’s already been added, but he just wanted to get away from Locke for a moment.

Meanwhile, Dr. Jack is walking ahead of Kate and Charlie, as Charlie asks her if she saw anyone leaving the beach last night. Kate explains that people come and go, but she doesn’t know. Dr. Jack turns and looks at the both of them, which gets Kate’s attention as she asks what Dr. Jack’s drama is. Dr. Jack has a new theory for them to chew on: He’s not sure anything actually happened. Charlie is quick to question that, but Dr. Jack explains that Claire testified to Michael and himself that the attacker tried to inject her with something in her stomach, but there’s no evidence of that anywhere. Furthermore, she’s woken up two nights in a row screaming, the first sleepwalking. Charlie doesn’t think there’s any way that Claire could be making it up since she was terrified. Dr. Jack explains that the guy was apparently trying to hurt her baby, why try that with everyone else sleeping 20 feet away? Dr. Jack doesn’t think she’s lying, since they have extremely lucid anxiety nightmares. Charlie slaps Dr. Jack’s B.S. medical description aside and asks if Dr. Jack really knows about everything that’s going on with everyone. Kate interrupts this, however, and asks Dr. Jack what to do. Dr. Jack mentions that Claire is due in perhaps a week, maybe two. But if she has another panic attack, it’s early labor time. And a premature birth would pretty much be death for that baby on the island. Charlie can’t get off the previous subject, however, insisting that it’s not all in her head as he walks off.

Hugo walks up to a man in the jungle but mistakenly calls him Lance. That’s Ethan. Lance is the skinny guy with red hair and glasses, Ethan is the skinny guy with dark hair and no glasses. Lots of names and faces on the island, though. So Hugo decided to make a list of names, addresses, and such. Ethan’s last name is Rom, Ethan Rom is from Ontario (Hugo’s a big fan of Canada), and that’s all the information Hurley needs. It’s not for anything special, Hurley just thought it’d be a good idea.

Another journal entry is being penned by Claire as she sits in the cave, looking very paranoid as Dr. Jack arrives. She wants to know if Dr. Jack has caught the attacker yet, but Dr. Jack says that’s a negative. Claire is scared for the potential that he may come back, but Dr. Jack sits down and tells her that the situation they’re in with the plane crash and the possibility that no one may ever come for them, it has a potential to make things happen that aren’t really there. Dr. Jack knows that her visions are very real, and since the baby is coming soon, it must be unbelievably scary for her. However, the more she remains upset, the more dangerous it is for not only Claire, but for her baby. Could Claire be the first to go because of a very terrible birth? Because of this, Dr. Jack wants Claire to take a sedative, very mild and common for situations like Claire. They won’t harm the baby, but Claire finally realizes that Dr. Jack doesn’t believe her, that he thinks she’s making this up. Claire begins to pack her things up to leave for the beach, getting freaked out again, but Dr. Jack attempts to convince Claire that doing this would not be good for the baby. Claire is sick of everyone telling her what to do, and she stomps off, as Charlie arrives, turning and asking if Claire is okay, before turning back to Dr. Jack and asking what he said to her.

Claire is on the run in the jungle, as she dives right into another flashback…

…as she meets the psychic, wondering if he would be willing to give her a reading now. She hands him a fistful of dollars as he counts it, and Claire wonders why he would have to count it if he’s a psychic. He assures her that’s not how it works, but Claire was only joking. They repeat the palm process again, as the psychic says that not even he knows how it works. The psychic asks Claire when Thomas left her, and Claire explains that this was last week. That’s not what the psychic saw in her future, however, he saw a blurry thing. Blurry’s bad? Blurry’s bad. The psychic asks if he’s sure she wants to go on now, and she confirms that yes, she wants to move on. Eerie music hits and the psychic’s breath begins to turn ragged. He tells her that this is important, and that it is crucial that she herself raises the child. The father will have no part in this, however, so forget Thomas. What the psychic is saying is that Claire’s qualities must be an influence in raising the child, for if the child-bearing falls into the wrong hands…well. Claire tells the psychic that if Thomas and her don’t get back together, she’s going to put the baby up for adoption to give it the happiest life, but the psychic assures her that there is no happy life. Not without her anyway. Claire has heard enough and thanks the psychic for taking her 200 dollars, but he doesn’t even want that money. He tells Miss Littleton that she must consider raising the baby herself, but she can’t do it herself. The psychic screams that the baby needs her protection, but Claire can’t listen to that, and she leaves.

And now, a word from our sponsors…man, this episode is going very well so far. As a big fan of The Dead Zone, I love this whole psychic thing. But the added mystery comes in the fact that so much strange crap happens on this island that there’s no telling what horrible, horrible thing could happen should Claire and Charlie decide to raise the child together instead of Claire raising it alone. Could Claire’s child see the Charlie Horse side of Charlie? Although there’s no possible way that Charlie could find the heroin again unless a drug plane crashes on the island or something. I’m rambling.

We return in a flashback, as a phone rings in the middle of the night and Claire answers it. She’s much further along in her pregnancy now. It’s the psychic, and Claire is already ready to hang up the phone. However, the psychic has a plan, something that will make it all better. Claire wants him to stop calling her, since she’s going to see adoptive services tomorrow. The psychic once again tells her that she cannot do that, but that’s none of his business. He insists that great danger will befall her and the baby, but Claire rebukes by saying that great danger will befall Mr. Malkin if he does not cease the constant calling of Claire. The psychic knows that Claire is having doubts about giving the baby and he assures her that she should not do it. Mr. Malkin wants her to at least her his plan first, but she hangs up on him.

Back to the open space in the jungle, as Charlie arrives and Claire tells him that she’s going back to the beach. Dr. Jack tried to dope her with sedatives, because he thinks she’s making it all up. Charlie realizes that Claire is trying to prove her sanity by going through the jungle alone. Claire tells Charlie that she’s not crazy, and walks off. Charlie follows behind, at a small distance.

Hugo’s census reaches Shannon, whose last name is Rutherford, and at 20 years old, is currently living on a craphole island. Hurley asks where she was last night, and gets the obvious answer of the beach. Boone asks about the interrogation, and Hurley can’t believe that so many people are having problems with answering a few questions. Boone suggests that it might be because Hurley is trying to set up his own little Patriot Act, but Shannon informs Boone of the obvious: “He’s a liberal.” Hurley explains that the list is there to find out about all the people there since there was an incident in the cave last night (which is now being referred to as the valley for some reason or another). Anyway, Hugo explains that Claire was attacked last night, and Shannon reacts badly to this, telling Boone that she is definitely not moving to the Rape Caves. Ahahahahahaha. Boone tells Hugo that his job will be much easier if he can find the manifest, since they crossed out the names of all the dead after burning the fuselage, so everyone left would still be there on the roster, uncrossed except for the lady who drowned. Hugo wonders who could have it, and Boone asks a rhetorical question in response…forty minutes in, and it’s about damn time.

Sure enough, the Un-Sawyer is resting under some wreckage in some very nice sunglasses. Hurley arrives and gets right to the point, talking about the manifest. Hurley needs it, and wants the Un-Sawyer to give it to him. Now, of course, Sawyer could do the usual when someone asks for some of his stuff and tell him to “screw off”–which gets a chuckle out of the Un-Sawyer–or he could just give it to Hugo. Since, of course, he could use the brownie points. The Un-Sawyer sarcastically compliments Hurley on knowing how to butter up a man, and gives him the stereotypical name of Stay-Puft. That’s too good for words. Hurley explains that it’s a gift, and the Un-Sawyer chuckles and tells him that the manifest is in the brown suitcase and invites him to take it. Wow. Hurley gets through to the Sawyer-man. At least now we can figure out Sawyer’s real name so I don’t have to keep calling him the Un-Sawyer.

Back in the jungle, as the trek to the beach continues for Claire. Charlie offers to carry Claire’s bag, but Claire is fine and asks why Charlie even bothered to follow her. Charlie confesses to liking her at this point, and Claire doubts that, she just assumes that Charlie wants to rescue her because of the baby, but she doesn’t need rescuing. She doesn’t need–but she doesn’t finish that sentence, as she holds her stomach in pain. Charlie is right there, and asks Claire what’s wrong. Womp womp.

And now, a word from our sponsors…good stuff with the Un-Sawyer, finally making an appearance when I thought that he wasn’t going to be able to sneak in. Shannon doesn’t look quite as hot as she did last episode, but that’s not saying much. Note that an Alias preview runs during this commercial break, complete with Lenny Kravitz song. The new season looks good, but can it hold up in the J.J. Abrams Variety Block Party? Anyway, check it out on Wednesday, January 5th. Special two hour event. Failure to do so will result in immediate deathage.

Claire is having contractions, and Charlie realizes that he needs to start timing them. Well, Charlie, I’m afraid it doesn’t matter, because Dr. Jack was just explaining earlier that an early labor is bad no matter which way you cut it. Anyway. Charlie tries to calm down Claire but ends up just making himself worried. Claire tells Charlie to go get Dr. Jack, but Charlie wants to stay by Claire’s side. After all, if he can kick drugs, he can deliver a baby. That’s news to Claire, and he explains that he was a drug addict, he’s off the drugs now. “Get Jack!”

Sure enough, off goes Charlie, complete with suspensful music.

Flashback time, as they’re in a big, big office with Claire on one side and potential parents for Claire’s baby. The mediator of this conversation explains that the couple will pay for her medical and living expenses, and they gush about an apartment that they found for Claire in Melbourne. But as discussed, once the baby is born and handed over to the Stewarts, she’ll have no right to see the baby again or correspond with it, and it will be entirely up to Arlene and Joseph Stewart if anything is even revealed about the baby’s true mother. Claire understands, and is told that she will be given an extra twenty thousand dollars upon her discharge from the hospital. Wowzers. Claire just wants to make sure that they’ll take very good care of the baby, and the Stewarts assure her that they will. Claire is ready to sign and date the papers, but she asks the Stewarts first if they know Catch A Falling Star. The lullaby. She wants to know because she wants them to sing it to the baby once in awhile. Mrs. Stewart assures her that she will, and with that, she signs and dates the paper–where indicated. The pen isn’t working, however, and she gets another one. But that one isn’t working either. The Stewarts give it a try…but Claire can’t do this. She ends up at the psychic’s house and asks him what his offer is.

Back in the jungle, Charlie runs into Ethan–but not without asking his name first–and tells him to go run and get Dr. Jack because Claire is having the baby. Note how Ethan recognized Claire’s name, but Charlie didn’t recognize Ethan. Anyway, Ethan drops the wood he’s carrying and runs off, as Charlie makes tracks back to Claire. The suspensful music continues as he rejoins her. Claire is in pain, as Charlie puts her through the breathing exercises. Claire says that she’s not supposed to be here, and Charlie explains that we all feel like that sometime. Claire was promised that it would be different, however. Charlie says that he must have been wrong.

Flashback time, as Claire goes over what the psychic just told her. She doesn’t have to raise the baby after all, as he’s foreseen a couple in Los Angeles who are very eager to adopt and in who the baby would be in safe hands. Claire scoffs at this “foreseeing” business, and turns to leave, but the psychic assures that despite what Claire thinks of him, this is what must happen. The psychic is giving her $12,000 to fly to Los Angeles, have her baby and give it off to a couple in Los Angeles. $6,000 before she goes, $6,000 when she arrives in LA. They’re not strangers. They’re good people.

Charlie questions the psychic business as well, as it turns out that Claire actually told him about this flashback. Claire dismisses it as embarrassing, because after everything, he was full of it. Charlie pauses…and wonders if the psychic wasn’t totally right after all. He wanted no one else to raise her baby, so perhaps the psychic knew that the flight to Los Angeles would crash and leave Claire with no choice but to raise the baby alone. Charlie believes that he probably knew, since he believes that some people are indeed psychic.

The psychic hands her the flight ticket and confirms what Charlie’s thinking as he insists that Claire go on this flight, as it can’t be any other. They’re already scheduled to meet her when she arrives, flight number 815.

Claire realizes that there was no couple in Los Angeles. He knew about the plane. “Oh my god, he knew.”

And now, a word from our sponsors…yeah, sucks, don’t it Claire? I blame Thomas for all of this. Home stretch, by the way.

Sayid appears for the first time, 57 minutes into the episode, but only for a brief moment as some suspensful music plays and Sayid looks behind him, perhaps running from something.

Claire and Charlie are still sitting together, as Claire doesn’t feel another contraction coming. Charlie wonders where the hell Jack is, but Claire thinks she might be all right, because that could’ve been the last contraction. At least, she pleads that it is. Charlie tells Claire that stress could cause a false labor, according to Jack. Claire is fine, though, and Charlie knew that he could take care of her. Claire thanks him for his help, and Charlie asks if she wants to back to the caves. Charlie assures again that nothing will happen to her, because he won’t let it happen. Claire finally agrees, and they’re off back to the caves.

But here comes Sayid. Dr. Jack notices him arriving, but Sayid tells Jack to listen to him. Kate is there, and Locke emerges from the brush. Sayid explains that he found the French woman, and Jack calls for some water. Sayid explains that he had to come back because of the woman on the island. Dr. Jack goes to take a look at one of Sayid’s wounds, but he snatches Jack’s hand and tells him famous words: “We’re not alone.” Kate, Dr. Jack and Locke all look different states of surprised at this…

…as we go back to the jungle with Claire and Charlie. Oh no. As they make their way back to the caves, Claire gasps at the baby kicking, and invites Charlie to feel it.

Here comes Hurley rumbling through the jungle, as he announces a problem. He interviewed everyone on the manifest, all 46 of us. But there’s one. One that wasn’t on the list. Dr. Jack perks his head to this…

…as Charlie and Claire meet Ethan. Ho-lee shit. Charlie asks Ethan where Jack is, but Ethan has a dark look in his eyes, and Claire is startled.

End show! Sweet baby jesus! And if any of you saw the preview for the next episode, this could be HUGE.


What else could the psychic have known? Surely he couldn’t just know about the plane crash. Perhaps he knew more about what would become of the baby, Claire meeting Ethan and recognizing him as the danger that surrounds his baby, perhaps?

What is the deal with Locke’s reaction to Sayid’s return and the announcement that he’s not alone? Is Locke more despicable than he seems, and not in a good way? Could he have already known that there are others on this island? Does he want everyone else on the island to figure it out? There’s something wrong with Locke, and I’ve got a feeling that we might be seeing a massive heel turn for Locke in the making, as he’s looking very wicked coming out of nowhere and not being at certain places at the certain time. And appearing in Claire’s dream also has to account for something.

Are the French woman and Ethan in cahoots? Probably. Perhaps Ethan’s real name is Alex. But I don’t know how much more “Hahaha, my real name isn’t that, you fools!” stuff I can take. First Sawyer, now Hurley and hopefully not Ethan now. Or perhaps Ethan is related to the French woman in some other way.