More Notes From RAW


Chris Benoit was knocked out legit last night due to the chair shot from Triple H. He received a few staples and was later said to be OK.

Referee Jack Doan was also knocked out and busted open by Triple H. He reportedly had to be helped to the back by other referees.

Just before the Lita/Trish Stratus match, WWE staff needed 6 towels to clean the blood off the mat, leaving them completely soaked afterward.

Lita is reportedly well and has had no problems after the frightening bump she took delivering a tope . ( Lucky for her, because the last time I saw a back bend like that was after Vader folded some poor bastard like a lawn chair and broke his back)

Gene Snitsky’s opponent during the Heat taping was Caprice Coleman.

Matt Hardy was backstage last night.

David Flair was also backstage, while the rest of Ric Flair’s family was seated in the front row.

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