Match Results For Next Two Weeks of TNA iMPACT! [Spoilers]


Before the tapings began, Raven came out on the Stage of Heelish Impact with a steady cameraman for something and then went back down the Chute of Heelish Impact.

Out next was Jimmy Hart to welcome the people in attendance to Impact, and then he was followed out by Jeremy Borash. Borash introduced the two announce teams, and making his return to the pre-show introduction was ‘The Franchise’ Shane Douglas.

Impact Results for December 10, 2004:

Match Number One: Mikey Batts versus Christopher Daniels. Batts with an arm bar, but Daniels with a punch to Batts. Batts with a couple arm drags. Batts tries for a monkey flip, but he slips. Daniels punches and kicks Batts. Daniels with an STO and then a kick to Batts’ head. Daniels has Batts up for a suplex, but drops him on his knee. Daniels with a knee and a kick to Batts. Batts with punches to Daniels. Daniels catches a cross body attempt by Batts and turns it into a back breaker. Daniels slams Batts and hits a springboard seated moonsault. Daniels with a hard Irish Whip, and then Daniels mocks the crowd’s chants for Batts. Daniels with shoulders in the corner. Batts with a missile drop kick. Daniels and Batts bump heads and both go down. Batts with a jumping leg lariat. Batts with a gourdbuster on Daniels. Batts tries for a wheelbarrow into a bulldog, but Daniels pushes him off and hits an inverted STO. The crowd chants for the BME, but Daniels says that he will not do it, but decided to consider it. Instead Daniels hits the Angel’s Wings for the three count in about 5:00. After the match, Daniels gives Batts a Roll the Dice before leaving the ring.

We go to the back where Diamond Dallas Page is on the phone and walking. He walks by Hall and Nash who stop him and they talk about some things. Page talks about how he won his match while Hall and Nash were on the losing end of their match at Turning Point.

Shane Douglas is in the back with Team Canada and they talk about their success from Turning Point and how they have won back the tag titles and kept the X Division title.

Match Number Two: Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian (with Traci Brooks) versus America’s Most Wanted. Shane and Kazarian go after America’s Most Wanted as the match begins and they focus their attack on Harris. Harris fights them off and hits a bulldog on Kazarian followed by a clothesline on Shane. Kazarian holds the ropes on an Irish Whip, but Harris sees Shane coming from behind and punches him. Kazarian with a knee to Harris followed by kicks to his injured ribs. Shane and Kazarian make some quick tags while working on the ribs. Harris tries to escape, but it no use as Shane slams Harris and then Kazarian with a leg drop from the apron onto the ribs while Shane holds Harris. Kazarian has Harris in an Abdominal Stretch. Storm tries to get in the ring, but the ref keeps him out. Shane helps Kazarian gain an advantage, and then Traci helps out. Harris finally escapes with a hip toss, but Frankie with a drop toe hold and then a phantom tag while the ref is dealing with Storm. Shane with a knee drop to the ribs. Shane and Kazarian with a double gut breaker followed by a leg drop by Shane. Kazarian with punches to Harris, but Harris fights them off again. Kazarian with a bicycle kick on Harris. Shane with a snap mare followed by an arm bar. Harris with a jumping clothesline on Shane. Storm and Shane make the tags and Storm cleans house. Storm with a power slam on Kazarian. Storm sends Shane into Kazarian in the corner and then Storm tries a rollup on Shane, but Shane rolls through and tries for the rollup. Kazarian with a blockbuster, but Harris with a cross body from the top on Kazarian. Shane with a clothesline on Harris. Shane and Kazarian try for Extreme Domination, but Storm with a super kick on Shane. Harris with a spinebuster on Kazarian. Harris hits the Death Sentence on Kazarian for the three count at 6:17. After the match, Frankie thinks that he won the match so he was looking for the ref to raise his hand.

We see a video from Monty Brown’s match with Jeff Jarrett from last Friday’s Impact.

Match Number Three: Glen Gilberti versus Monty Brown. Before the match, Gilberti attacks Brown before he can take off his leopard print jacket. Gilberti with punches. Gilberti with an Irish Whip on the jacket. Monty with the POUNCE for the three count at 28 seconds.

After the match, Monty Brown did an interview with Mike Tenay at ringside and he talked about how he was going to become the World Champion when he gets another match with Jeff Jarrett.

We have Jeff Jarrett come to the ring and he has something to say instead of wrestle. He says that regardless of what happened during the match on Sunday, he is still the NWA World Champion, and he will continue to be the champion. He then says that he has beaten them all. He mentions Hulk Hogan, Sting, and others. He then says that he will not defend the title at Final Resolution. From out of nowhere, Dusty Rhodes came out of the Chute of Facial Impact and told Jarrett that he was in charge, and that Jarrett will be wrestling at Final Resolution. Dusty also tells Jarrett that he will be defending the title next week on Impact. During this segment, Dusty cut off Jeff a number of times.

We see a video package from the Raven and Diamond Dallas Page match at Turning Point.

Page is in the back with Shane Douglas and from out of nowhere, Raven appears. He talks about Page and Erik Watts and something that Page does not know about Watts.

We then see Raven with Erik Watts and Raven tells Watts that he talked to Page, and Watts was surprised. Watts walks away and Raven has an evil look on his face.

Match Number Four: Hector Garza versus A.J. Styles (apparently a Number One Contenders match). Garza and Styles shake hands at the start of the match. Garza with a go behind but Styles with a standing switch. Garza with an arm drag on Styles followed by one from Styles. Styles drops Garza over the top rope to the floor and then he hits a Phenomenal Tope to the floor. Styles throws Hector back into the ring. Styles slams Garza and then he hits the Phenomenal Knee Drop. Garza with a punch to Styles. Styles with the Phenomenal Drop Kick for a two count. Styles with a forearm to Garza followed by a side slam. Styles slams Garza and then has him in an STF with crossface while Styles bridges. Styles with forearms. Styles tries for the Styles Clash, but Garza makes it to the ropes. Garza sends Styles over the top rope to the floor. Garza with a baseball slide to Styles outside the ring. Garza rolls Styles back in the ring and kicks him in the ribs. Garza with a punch. Styles sends Garza onto the apron and then he goes up top. Styles charges at the corner, but Garza flips over and rolls through. Garza with a Mexi-Bama Slam for a two count. Garza with a surfboard on Styles and he rolls Styles through twice. Garza tries for a moonsault, but he lands on Styles’ knees. Styles charges into the corner, but Garza moves. Styles with a springboard moonsault into an inverted DDT for a two count. Styles appears to go for a belly-to-back suplex, but turns it into a gourd buster. Styles goes up top for the Phenomenal Clothesline, but Garza with a drop kick and both men are down. Garza with a kick to Styles’ ribs. Garza tries for a Tornado DDT, but Styles puts him back on the top rope. Hector blocks a Styles punch with his boot, but Styles comes back with the Pele kick. Styles with a superplex, but both men try for a float over. The ref makes the three count and Garza is the winner at 9:00. After the match, Styles is shocked that he lost while the ref says that Garza got his shoulder up. Styles turns Garza around while he celebrates the victory and offers his hand to Garza. Garza shakes it as the first week of Impact ends.

Impact Results for December 17, 2004:

Match Number One: Johnny B. Badd and Sonny Siaki versus The Naturals. Badd and Stevens start things off. Badd with a side head lock followed by a shoulder block and a hip toss. Badd with two Japanese arm drags and a drop kick. Siaki tags in and they hit a double elbow followed by a flip leg drop by Siaki for a two count. Siaki with a drop kick on Douglas followed by a swinging neck breaker. Douglas slams Siaki’s head to the mat, but Siaki with a nip up while Douglas yells at the crowd. Siaki with chops, but Douglas throws Siaki out of the ring and Stevens attacks Siaki while the ref is distracted. Douglas with a high knee on Siaki. Stevens distracts the ref to allow Douglas to choke him. Siaki punches Stevens and Douglas comes into the ring and throws Siaki to the apron. Siaki dives past Stevens and Douglas and makes the tag to Badd who hits a double clothesline from the top rope. Badd with knee lifts to both men followed by a double noggin knocker. Siaki and Badd send Douglas and Stevens into each other. Stevens goes up top, but he is crotched when Badd and Siaki give Douglas an Irish Whip. Siaki and Badd with a double back body drop on Douglas. Badd tries for a Super Badrana, but Douglas holds Stevens so Badd hits the mat. Stevens gets the three count at 5:00 with the help of the ropes for leverage.

After the match, Borash brings out Dale Torborg and Jerry Lynn.

Match Number Two: Bobby Roode (with Scott D’Amore) versus Jeff Hardy. Roode pushes Hardy at the start of the match. Hardy pushes Roode and then hits the mule kick and double leg drop. Hardy climbs the ropes, but Roode pushes him off the top turnbuckle onto the guardrail. While Roode distracts the ref, D’Amore punches Hardy and rolls him back in. Roode kicks Hardy in the head and then hits a clothesline. Roode pulls Hardy down with the help of the hair. Roode with a neck breaker and then he chokes Hardy. Hardy with a jawbreaker on Roode followed by a Tornado DDT. Hardy punches Roode and then he hits the inverted STO followed by a flying clothesline. Roode with an Arn Anderson Spinebuster. Roode sets up Hardy for a powerbomb, but Hardy gets out of the hold. Hardy with the Wind in the Willows on Roode. Roode with forearms to the neck. Roode tries for a suplex, but Hardy escapes and he hits the Twist of Fate. Hardy goes up top, but Roode crotches him. Roode tries for a superplex, but Hardy pushes him off. Hardy with the Swanton for the three count at 5:05.

Match Number Three: Johnny Swinger versus Dustin Rhodes. Swinger attacks Dustin as the match begins. Swinger chokes Dustin in the corner and then spits in his face. Rhodes with a spear on Swinger followed by a drop kick and an arm drag. Rhodes goes up for the punches of ten, but on the tenth, he hits an elbow. Rhodes with a flying clothesline. Rhodes tries for a cross body, but Swinger ducks and Dustin rolls outside the ring. Swinger goes outside and drops Dustin on the guardrail. Swinger with a catapult into the bottom ropes. Dustin with a back slide, but Swinger comes back with a clothesline and then he chokes Rhodes while talking to the ref. Rhodes with punches to Swinger followed by a sleeper. Swinger responds with a sleeper of his own. Swinger and Rhodes exchange punches. Rhodes with a clothesline on Swinger. Swinger with a cross body on Rhodes. Swinger with a Cobra Clutch Side Russian Leg Sweep for a two count. Dustin with a power slam for a three count at 4:50.

After the match, Dustin is interviewed at ringside by Mike Tenay. Dustin talks about challenging for Jarrett’s title.

Match Number Four: Scott Matthews versus Erik Watts. Before the match can begin, from out of nowhere, Diamond Dallas Page comes out and gives Matthews a Diamond Cutter. Page waits in the ring for Watts, but he does not enter.

Match Number Four (Take Two): Hector Garza versus Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett with a hip toss. Jarrett with a go behind followed by a side head lock. Jarrett with a slam on Garza and then Jarrett rests on the top turnbuckle for a few seconds. Jarrett with a shoulder block, but Garza with a hip toss. Jarrett with a drop toe hold on Garza followed by a float over and a few slaps to Garza’s head. Jarrett slaps Garza again. Garza with a drop kick followed by a drop toe hold of his own and a slap to Jarrett’s head. Garza clotheslines Jarrett over the top rope to the floor. Garza tries a tope to the floor, but Jarrett moves and Garza stops short. Garza hits a tope to the floor and then kicks Jarrett. Jarrett slams Garza into the guardrail. They move to the announce table as Jarrett continues the attack. (Meanwhile at ringside, the guitar wrangler switches guitars so the one Jarrett ‘might’ use does not have the pyro attached) We have the commercial break, and Jarrett continues to work over Garza at the announce table. Garza with a hotshot on the guardrail. Garza tries for a missile drop kick, but Jarrett swats him away. Jarrett does the Garvin Stomp. Jarrett with the splash on the ropes. Jarrett puts Garza in the Tree of Woe and hits a running knee to Garza followed by a choke. Jarrett with a sleeper on Garza and the ref checks Hector’s arm but he does not go down the third time. Garza with a flying clothesline followed by a slam. Garza with a kick to Jarrett followed by a flying forearm. Garza appears to go for a move off the turnbuckle, but he slips. Garza slaps Jarrett and hits a Tornado DDT. Both men are down. Garza misses a charge in the corner, and then Jarrett gets the guitar. The ref sees Jarrett with the guitar, but he does not grab it from Jarrett until he starts to swing. Garza with a rollup. From out of nowhere, Hall and Nash come to the ring. Garza slams Jarrett and hall and Nash enter the ring. Garza with a drop kick on Hall, but Nash punches Garza. Garza hits a double drop kick on Hall and Nash. Garza with a powerbomb, and then he goes up top. Jarrett gets up and grabs his guitar. Garza tries for a moonsault from the top, but he gets hit in the chest with the guitar as he comes off. Jarrett gets rid of the evidence and gets the three count at 10:55. After the match, Jarrett, Hall, and Nash celebrate in the ring, and I think Impact ends there. After the tape stops running, Jarrett cuts a promo while Hall and Nash comment on a fan’s sign about Nash.

Tapings Thoughts:

While waiting outside the soundstage when the wrestlers walked through the back, Kid Kash suggested to the fans that they were ‘Number One’. . . When Shane Douglas came around the ring when he was introduced, I told him that I liked the fact that he came out after the cage match on Sunday to applaud Triple X’s performance, and he said that they deserved it. I had a lot of respect for Shane prior to doing that on Sunday, and have even more for what he did and his comments about why he did it. . . I think TNA did the right thing by having one of the members of Triple X come out for the first match. . . I don’t know if Daniels’ attack after the match was for some of the moves that Batts appeared to miss? . . .Daniels, Harris, and Storm were all bandaged up from their match on Sunday. . . What did Glen Gilberti do to get stuck in that match? . . . The Jarrett promo during the first show taping was painful to listen to, and he did not play off the crowd that well. The only thing that saved it was Dusty Rhodes. . . For some reason, they had to restart the second show of Impact, so they sent Johnny B. Badd and Sonny Siaki to the back to come out again. At least Badd had a second Frisbee to throw into the crowd. . . Rudy Charles did not have a good night. First, I blame him for costing Shane and Kazarian their match. Next, he got a lot of heat from the crowd for giving Garza the victory in the week one main event when Styles definitely had his shoulder up (obvious from where I was standing in the Pit). Finally, he moves into position to make the three count in the opening match on Impact Episode Two and he slid over Stevens who had his feet on the ropes for leverage. . . Shouldn’t Jarrett have slammed Garza’s head on the Spanish Announce Table? . . . As soon as Jeff Hardy’s match was over, his ‘alleged fans’ ran for the exits so they could be with their hero. Of course this was during the second match of the second episode of Impact. They missed two full matches (one a World Title match [I think]) and a no contest. They did the same thing at Turning Point after the Five Man and a Macho run in match meaning that they missed the Six Sides of Steel Match. Why do these disrespectful punks even come to the shows and stand on the rail because they do it every time that Hardy wrestles? You are an insult to the other wrestling fans that stay for every match at the tapings. You missed one of the best performances on Sunday and you missed a decent match between Garza and Jarrett. I have mentioned this on other forums, and I hope that with this being on that someone with TNA will notice this because I am sure that if the wrestlers don’t already know, they will realize that these punks should be treated with the same lack of respect that they treat the wrestlers. . . While I usually do not appreciate the stuff that Hall and Nash do because it sometimes shows a lack of respect, in my opinion, there was a funny bit with a fan at ringside. The fan had a sign with Nash’s prior wrestling gimmicks, and Nash commented that he had made a few mistakes on the list, and then Scott asked him to show them the other sign he had, and Nash commented on how it was his dentist’s phone number. . . The following wrestlers were in matches on NEITHER show taped tonight: Ron Killings, Brian ‘Mahi Mahi’ James, Konnan (though still ‘injured’), Chris Sabin, Petey Williams, Johnny Devine, Eric Young, Kid Kash, Sonjay Dutt, Abyss, Alex Shelley, Raven, Diamond Dallas Page, Elix Skipper, Randy Savage (I guess Mike Johnson posted the reasons why), Pat ‘Simon Diamond’ Kenney, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash, Dallas (if he is still on the roster), Amazing Red, Shark Boy, D-Ray 3000, and Jerrelle Clark. (Most of them were at the tapings because we could see them while we waited to get inside). . . While they did a good thing by having Christopher Daniels and America’s Most Wanted in the first two matches to get the crowd to acknowledge their performances on Sunday, there was no Elix Skipper on the show. . . Why didn’t they have the X Division champion on the show for more than an interview segment? . . . What about Chris Sabin? . . . Will there be an X Division rematch at the pay per view or before it?

Credit- Richard Trionfo &