The Monolith #10 Review


Reviewed by: Mathan “Another One Bites The Dust” Erhardt
Story Title: Everything Old is New Again part two

Written by: Jimmy Palmiotti & Justin Gray
Penciled and Inked by: Phil Winslade
Colored by: Chris Chuckry
Lettered by: Phil Balsman
Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Publisher: DC Comics

Last issue we found out that the Monolith had a metal doppelganger. It got stuck in a stasis of sorts way back in the 1930’s. But now it’s awake again, the result of an explosion at a restaurant that Tilt and Alice were visiting.

This issue sees the beast wreck havoc in NYC. It turns over fire trucks and breaks stuff. Then it turns its sights to Alice and Tilt. Shattered glass cuts both women after an attack. Right when the creature is about to close in for the kill, the Monolith arrives to save the day.

The two battle, with the Monolith losing decidedly. Finally the metallic creature actually shatters the Monolith, leaving only his stone heart intact. Alice grabs the heart, and her blood mixes with the magic allowing the Monolith to reform larger than ever.

The Monolith again battles its doppelganger, this time actually doing some damage thanks to some nifty new abilities. The evil doppelganger perishes in an explosion.

The issue ends with Alice getting an assignment from her boss, and The Monolith consoling Tilt who’s still coming to terms to living with HIV.

Gray and Palmiotti told a decent story here. It felt a bit rushed, and could probably have used a little more back-story. But I enjoyed it, bear in mind I’m a sucker for twisted mirror versions of heroes.

Winslade never fails to impress. His art is detailed and crisp. The fight scenes are delicately rendered and really convey the brutality of the battle. This is one of the best looking books out.