[Rock] Former Member of Pantera Killed in Nightclub Shooting

According to an NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, at least three people died and four others were wounded after gunshots erupted at at Alrosa Villa, a local club, shortly after 10pm EST. The band Damageplan, consisting partially of former members of Pantera, was playing at the time. A man apparently ran onto the stage and began shooting, firing several shots before being tackled by a bouncer and killed.

Two members of the band were reportedly shot and killed, including Dimebag Darrell, guitarist of Damageplan and former guitarist of Pantera. Rumors have been circulating as to whether the second victim was indeed Vinnie Paul, the drummer of both bands as well.

More to be reported as details are available.

Credit: NBC4I.com and inside sources

Update: 1:45am EST

Blabbermouth is now reporting eyewitness reports of the shootings. Four people are reported dead and at least two others are wounded, according to Columbus police spokesman Sgt. Brent Mull.

One witness states that the gunman climbed onto the stage, started yelling and shot the guitarist five or six times at close range, as well as the bouncer who pulled him off. The gunman was shot and killed by a police officer.

Authorities have not yet provided the names of the remaining victims.

Credit: Blabbermouth.net

Update: 10:30am EST

According to Blabbermouth, police have released the name of the gunman: Nathan Gale, 25, of Marysville.

Several news sources have also verified that Vinnie Paul, Darrel’s brother, was unharmed.

Two other fatalities, assumed to be audience members, were also named: Nathan Bray and Erin Halk. Names of others injured have not yet been released. The fray after the event which led many concertgoers to flee also complicates the tally.

No additional reports regarding the status or condition of the remaining two band members have yet been released.

Credit: Blabbermouth.net