New Kids On The Blech: South Park- \"The Gift\" Review


Happy Chanukah!!! I messed up big time on Sunday night when I fell asleep at 6:00 P.M. and woke up at 8:45 to find that I missed a new episode of the “Simpsons”. I am TIVO-deprived, so I’ll just have to wait till the reruns. I apologize to any and all who missed having the review.

I’m personally relieved because tonight marks the end of another semester. I’ve actually come across a problem that might seem uncommon in the world of academia. Have you ever found yourself arguing with a teacher because you were given good grades, even though you thought you deserved less?
Let’s face it, this semester I slacked off. I was getting into my groove here on the pulse, working full-time, CLEPing out of courses, and dealing with hurricanes. I didn’t study or learn nearly as much as I should have, yet I’ve gotten A’s and B’s on papers and tests and wholeheartedly believe that the teachers are being lax in the grading. I turned in last week what I thought to be the worst essay I’ve ever written in my storied college career, and if I get anything above a C on it, I’ll be disgusted. Should I just take the grades or ask to lower them accordingly? I know what the obvious answer is, but what is the right answer morally? Aye, there’s the rub.

Enough of that, let’s get to why you’re here-

South Park, Wednesdays at 10:00 P.M. on Comedy Central

“The Gift”

The Gist of It- Cartman, like many failed geniuses before him, attempts to fly by jumping off his roof, and ends up in the hospital as a result, waking up with mind powers. The police want him to help stop a serial killer, which he does, although Stan, Kyle, and Kenny think Cartman;s sent the wrong guy to jail. When murders of the same ilk occur, the cops think that a copycat killer is on the loose, and use Cartman again. Is Cartman right about the killer or are the boys on to something?

Favorite Moments-Cartman’s historic speech, Cartman fall from grace, The choral transitions, Cartman’s face-warmer, Quadruple stuffed psychic visions, Code 6, mind music, Fried chicken sundae, Psychic detective gripes, mind music showdown, “She was considered one of the ancillary characters”, Butte’s Icarus warnings, Serial killer road trip pictures, Mind vs. Bullets, Smells like Red Dragon, “My son is a big fan of that too”, Police-mans’ montaaaaaaaaaaggggge, and the final battle.

What Flat Out Sucked- Not much replay value here, and the same four or five jokes simply get replayed again and again. They’re f*cking funny, so it’s not too bad, though this episode could have used some kind of a subplot to freshen it up. You see all the humor in the first half, and then afterwards everything is just a variation of that.

Personal Thoughts- They’ve tackled incompetent cops on this show as well as the ridiculousness of psychic powers, however the two ideas were interwoven solidly.
The movie parodies we’re pulled off successfully, though the subject-matter is a bit outdated. Red Dragon is not one of those timeless movies that needs to be parodied any more than six months after it’s made. An entertaining episode, but not up to the high-standard that’s been set in a stellar batch of recent shows.
By-far the funniest part of this show was the death of bus-driver Mrs. Crabtree, and the jokes thrown in about her uselessness on the show. She will be missed by no one.