RAW News: WWE.com RAW Preview — World Title Situation


From WWE.com:

The Return of Eric Bischoff
DEC. 13, 2004

Next week, after a month’s vacation, Eric Bischoff returns to RAW. But the show he’s coming back to is much different from the one he left. After four wild weeks under the reign of Team Orton, the Women’s Championship has changed hands and the World Heavyweight Championship has been vacated. From here on out, it’s a whole new game.

In the next installment of RAW, the long-standing rivalry between Randy Orton and Edge will reach its boiling point. When these two meet in the ring, all of their pent-up anger and hostility will be unleashed.

Also next week: Muhammad Hassan makes his much-anticipated debut on RAW. For some time now, he’s been voicing his no-holds-barred opinions and has promised that those who practice hypocrisy and prejudice in a post-9/11 world will pay a steep price. Can he stem the tide of hatred and win over the crowd in Huntsville, Ala.? Or will the revolution he has promised finally come to pass?

And, perhaps most importantly, Eric Bischoff must make a decision. With the World Heavyweight Championship now vacated, anyone could conceivably become champion. Triple H has already attempted to make his case to the returning GM. Will his pleas fall on deaf ears? RAW viewers may well see the fall of the old champion, and the rise of a new one. Tune in to RAW Monday (9/8 CT on Spike TV) to see how it all goes down.

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