Backstage News & Notes From Armageddon


Paul Heyman was not at the Armageddon PPV last night. After being taken off of the team on December 3, one of Heyman’s responsibilities was to include him appearing in an on-air role with John Heidenreich, but he was not there when Heidenreich appeared in the main event.

A lot of people backstage were wondering why Heyman wasn’t there. With a negative feeling among many of the workers due to the direction of the company and the business of late, many were assuming that there had to be something more to Heyman not showing up.

Jesus was working with a groin/leg injury that he suffered recently ( and his neck injury. Check out my latest post on him for that info). The match with John Cena was booked last night to compensate for the injury.

Credit- Dave Scherer &