HTM Comments on Foley vs. Flair



When will WWe get enough of Saggy Boy’s antics and 86 him? He is long overdue to be fired. His latest outrageous conduct against Mick Foley should be the last straw. I was in Singapore when I heard about the match of the decades that smartened the world up on the fakeness of wrestling. The one I am referring to is the Flair/Lawler match shown around the world. I heard this match was so horrible Dave Meltzer could not rate it as 1/2 a star. But matches do not make the man. Being a man makes the man.

I guess Flair is right. To be the man, you have to beat the man. Is that why he sucker punched Mick? The dirtiest player in the game was trying to be the man so he wanted to beat the man. I say Foley is the man because he found his niche outside the business. He does not have to have sh*tty matches such as Saggy Boy and Kink. Foley writes books. His books have outsold all the wrestling books written to this day. His books aren’t about his bragging rights of being the man or being the Kink.

Flair made comments about Foley that were uncalled for. Flair made comments about HTM that were uncalled for. When I had a beef with Mick over some sentences he had written about me, we settled it in a civil manner, shook hands and went on about our business. Not Saggy Boy, he has to sucker punch. His anger at himself, his saggy body, his shitty matches, his same old lame ass interviews and the fact his book hasn’t sold enough copies to pay for the printing drove him over the edge.

My critics will say Flair was doing the right thing by sticking his hand out for a shake and Foley was wrong to have commented he had rather have an autographed copy of Saggy Boy’s book. Mick is a collector of all types of memorabilia. He was not being rude at all. He really wanted the book signed. Saggy Boy cracked and all his bottled up anger came out. Why would Flair punch instead of going off to the side and hash things out over a cup coffee? Jealous anger! That is why. I have been called an angry man, but I have not sucker punched anyone over this business.

Standing naked in front of airline flight attendants, trying to punch Bischoff (that’s ok), making derogatory remarks about virgins in front of WWe advertisers, having a stinking match with the Kink, and sucker punching Foley is enough for WWe to tell Flair, “turn in your plane tickets, you are finished.”

To be the man, you need to act like the man.

Til we meet again, Merry Christmas to all.


Matthew Michaels is editor emeritus of Pulse Wrestling, and has been since the site launched.