[Deconstructing the Moveset] – A Year of RAW Part 3 of 4


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Welcome to Deconstructing the Moveset and Inside Pulse’s RAW year in review. Last week, we looked at the second wrestling quarter of 2004 with RAW’s from March 15th up until Bad Blodd. This week we look at the RAW following Badd Blood until Unforgiven in September. We learned the following lessons last week:

Chris Benoit had the most matches (16) between March 15th and Badd Blood followed by Flair (9), Lita (9), Batista (8) and Victoria (8)

Chris Benoit had the most wins (13-2) between March 15th and Badd Blood, followed by Kane (7-4), Shelton Benjamin (6-2), Jericho (6-2), Eugene (6-0), Molly (5-2) and Lita (5-2).

Chris Benoit had the longest undefeated streak (11, 13 if you go Wrestlemania and before) between March 15th and Badd Blood, followed by Eugene (6), still undefeated), Shelton (5) and Edge (4)

Ric Flair had the longest defeated streak (7) between March 15th and Badd Blood, followed by Batista (5) and HHH (4)

Ric Flair lost the most matches (1-8) between March 15th and Badd Blood

We’ll see who kept it up for Q3…

Q1 of RAW: January 1st – WRESTLEMANIA

Q2 of RAW: March 15th – BADD BLOOD


June 14th – Happy Birthday Jared Morgenstern

Matt Hardy/Lita d. Trish/Tomko w/Lita DDT on Trish
La Resistance d. the Superheroes in a Flag Day match w/Rosey tripped by Conway and held as Grenier pins him
La Resistance d. the fans and TV audience w/the Canadian National Anthem
Gail Kim/Molly d. Keibler/Nidia w/Gail’s Bow and Arrow on Stacy
Jericho/(WORLD)Benoit/Edge d. Batista/Orton/Flair in an elimination match w/Sharpshooter on Orton
Order of elimination:
Batista (spear, flying headbutt & Lionsault w/Jericho pin)
Jericho (RKO w/Flair pin)
Edge (RKO w/Orton pin)
Flair (Crossface)
Orton (Sharpshooter)

Not ONE singles match for the entire show….

Johnny Nitro is gone from the show’s intro.

Eric wants Kane to know that he has to name a new title contender because Kane lost. Kane walks it off, then destroys Eric’s office. Next JR calls both HHH and HBK to the ring to end their feud after the Hell in a Cell match the previous night. when they look like they’re about to shake hands, Eric comes out and says he has new info about the #1 contender. Cue Kane’s fire and brimstone as he makes his way to the ring as well. He boots HBK, looks at HHH and everyone expects HHH to come to HBK’s aid. Nope, he lets Kane kick the crap out of HBK, and eventually Pillman’s HBK’s neck. HBK is “bleeding internally” and is stretchered out. Later HHH comes into Eric�s office wanting to know what happened. “Kane is Eric’s response. Uncle Eric says that in order to get a title shot, HHH has to beat someone who is undefeated so far. Eugene.

FUCK YOU TODD GRISHAM talks to Matt Kennedy Gould, also known as Joe Schmo is some cross promotion with the second Joe Schmo. How nice.

The diva search will search for divas in LA, NC and Chicago. They’ll narrow it down to ten and then we’ll b tortured for three months straight with that crap.

Lita is in the bathroom and will be taking a pregnancy test. Later she tell Stacy and the 4 million people watching RAW and asks Stacy to keep the secret cause Matt Hardy and Kane, I mean Matt Hardy doesn’t know.

Matt Fact: Matt and Lita are not morning people.

Highlight Reel: Special Guest Eugene
Eugene comes down with regal, Jericho asks his favorite Jericho moment. It was when Jericho pissed in Regal’s tea. Eugene says he did the same thing last week. Jericho says despite that HHH is his favorite wrestler, HHH doesn’t like him. Cue HHH and Evolution with gifts for Eugene and a sense of danger for the crowd. HHH says he’s Eugene’s friend and takes a photo with him. He says Jericho is a liar and he’ll deal with the liars.

Current Vengeance card:
HHH vs. the World Champ

June 21st –

Trish d. (WOMAN)Victoria w/roll up and held ropes Victoria is later saved by a man in drag
Regal & Kane fight to a no-contest as Regal jumps Kane on the ramp but gets the “bloody hell” beaten out of him
Batista/Orton d. Jericho/Edge w/ Demon Bomb on Edge
Eugene & HHH go to a no contest after the match was re-started by Eric cause Eugene didn’t get hurt enough and interference by Evolution and Benoit.

Return of the Rock! He’s in his home, Miami and asks Eugene to come out. Cue Randy Orton. Eugene’s not here, cause HHH is picking him up in his limo. But Orton says he’s the new hot 3rd generation wrestling star after beating Rock and Sock at WMXX. Rock says his dad beat up Orton’s dad and his grand dad beat up Orton’s grand dad. Uncle Eric comes out and then kicks the Rock out. On his way out, the Rock tells Trish not to look at the peoples package, tells Tomko that he loves his show – Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, pulls Molly’s wig off, asks Rosey if he says anything besides “super size”, and runs the Coach off. randy wants him to shut up and get out of the building already. Rock says Randy’s gonna get hurt in 3, 2, 1 and SPEAR from Edge out of nowhere. Cause we were all looking at the Rock, not the ring.

Benoit tells Eric that is HHH wants a title shot, he can have it and to keep Eugene out of this. No dice and the match is on for the main event. Later Regal says that it’s unfair to have Eugene fight HHH tonight. Eric says Eugene’s an embarrassment to the family and needs to leave wrestling. regal says Eric is dirt, and Eric tells Regal that his first match is next against Kane. After Kane kills Regal, he asks if that was what Eric wanted. Eric said yes and after HHH kills Eugene, he’ll be #1 contender, but Kane gets a rematch net week on RAW against Benoit.

Chicago diva search wrap up.

Matt Hardy is congratulated by Stacy for being a dad. He says that he’ll propose to Lita tonight but Stacy shouldn’t tell, neither should the four million RAW viewers. I remembering calling Lita’s cell phone that instant and telling her to ruin the surprise. Later, I guess I got her machine before she got to the ring because Matt and Lita come to the ring and Matt proposes cause they’re gonna have a family. Lita nods yes, but Kane interrupts. Kane says he’s the dad, not Matt. Lita cries and Matt flips out. Even later still, Matt finds Lita backstage and she says she did Kane to keep him off Matt. Lita says the baby MIGHT be Matt’s. Ouch. Matt leaves.

Evolution, Eugene and Eric are in the locker room and HHH says he’s not gonna kill Eugene cause they are friends. Eugene leaves and everyone laughs. Uh oh…

June 28th –

Edge/Jericho d. Batista/(IC)Orton w/Spear then Lionsault on Batista
HHH d. Regal w/DQ when Regal used brass knuckles stolen from HHH
(TAG)La Resistance d. Sgt. Slaughter/Rhyno w/Au Revoir on Slaughter
(WORLD)Benoit d. Kane w/Crossface

HHH will face the winner of Kane/Benoit, but wants to talk about Eugene. He explains last week he was only trying to toughen hi up in their match and wouldn’t lie to him or hurt him like Benoit would. Eugene’s offered an honorary spot in Evolution, cue William Regal who says it’s a trap. HHH says Regal was hired to be Eugene’s friend and was only pretending. HHH says to choose Evolution or Regal. Cue Uncle Eric who says that if Regal and HHH have problems they can settle it in the ring with a SPECIAL referee, Eugene. Later Flair rightfully questions what the hell HHH is doing with Eugene. Trips says that once he has the title, Eugene is done. After the match, HHH pushes Regal into Eugene and Eugene goes tardy on Regal. Later HHH tells Eugene that Regal pushed him and Benoit hit him with the chair, but Evolution will protect him from here on out. Even later Flair comes out of Eric�s office and Coach is walking in. Coach says he’ll be happy to be interim GM next week, but Eric says he’s gotta keep it in the family. So next week, Eugene is GM for the day.

The diva search was in NYC

Lita is crying backstage on the hone with Matt’s voicemail. Stacy ponders what Lita will do, and Lita doesn’t even know who the dad is.

JR interviews Kane in the ring, he answers a few questions. He Pillman’d HBK because he was “robbed” at Badd Blood. He impregnated Lita because he never had a normal life, so he wanted a kid to “keep on truckin'” the in the ways of Kane Bearer. Of course I’m paraphrasing. JR reminds Kane that it could be Matt Hardy’s kid, and Kane goes to attack JR but Matt Hardy beats Kane to the punch and attacks him. Uncle Eric comes out with security and has Matt taken out of the building. to make it up to Kane, Eric says that the only way Benoit can win is by submission.

After the main event Lita comes out to prevent Kane from killing Benoit (couldn’t she just sleep with him again?), and pretends like she’s on his side, when she turns, Lita gets in a low blow and goes to hit him with the title. Kane gets pissed brings Lita up to chokeslam her, but puts her down cause she’s, you know, “expecting”. He yells at her, then Benoit hits him with the title to end the show.

Current Vengeance card:
HHH vs. (WORLD) Benoit
(IC)Orton vs. Edge
Batista vs. Jericho

July 5th –

Jericho d. Stacy, Jerry Lawler, Tajiri, Coach, Tomko & Flair to win the musical chairs championship and an IC title shot tonight
Order of elimination: Tajiri, Coach, Lawler, Stacy, Flair, Tomko
La Resistance d. Rhyno/Venis with Au Revoir on Venis
Kane & Batista fight to a no-contest because of a Matt Hardy run-in
(IC)Orton d. Jericho w/RKO and Batista interference
Nidia d. Victoria & Molly in a title match on a poll match
(WOMAN)Trish d. Nidia to retain the title w/a cast shot
HHH/Eugene/Flair d. Benoit/Edge w/Eugene chair shot on Benoit, Pedigree on Benoit

Orton and Flair aren�t happy with their stations in life. Orton’s got Jericho tonight and Edge Sunday and Flair is “a 16 time World Champion, and I�m out there playing Ring Around The Rosie.� They get to Eugene’s inflatable bouncy bounce (office) and Eugene says that HHH said he would protect him. He reminds him of when Kane hurt him, and since HHH can’t wrestle Kane tonight, Batista can. He asks if Orton remembers when La Resistance beat Rhyno/Venis, Orton flips out and says it just happened, well Eugene is gonna book a tag match at Vengeance with a tag team that can beat La Resistance, Ric Flair and ….. EUGENE. Later HHH is out saying Benoit’s title reign is a miracle. Yeah, for us the fans. Edge interrupts him says that he wants Trips to give Orton a message, that one by one, Evolution is going down cause someone needs to take a stand. Helmsley says that Foley, Austin, the Rock, HBK and Benoit have all said that before, what makes Edge different? They fight, Evolution comes out and Edge runs. Even later Trips is jumping with Eugene and they have a deal. He leaves to inform flair that not only has he been jumping for 20 minutes, but it’s gonna be Eugene, Flair and HHH vs. Benoit/Edge tonight. Flair isn’t happy because he wanted their tag match on Sunday cancelled.

The diva search is in LA

FUCK YOU TODD GRISHAM interviews Hardy, who says what he did tonight is only a taste of what he’s gonna do to Kane Sunday. when FUCK YOU TODD GRISHAM asks about Lita, Matt just leaves.

Trish to Lita: “And they call ME a slut.”

Current Vengeance card:
(IC)Orton vs. Edge
(MUSICAL CHAIRS)Jericho vs. Batista
(TAG)La Resistance vs. Eugene and Flair
Kane vs. Matt Hardy no DQ
(WORLD)Benoit vs. HHH

July 11th – VENGEANCE (I was at this PPV too, got a wicked good ticket upgrade when my seats were taped off)

Tajiri/Rhyno d. Cade/Coach w/Tajiri sidekick on Coach
Batista d. (MUSICAL CHAIRS)Jericho w/sit-down power bomb, Jericho’s foot was in the ropes
La Resistance d. Eugene/Flair by DQ after Eugene did every Flair mannerism to be done during this match. Flair got the Au Revoir, Eugene beat up La Resistance and kicked the ref
Matt Hardy d. Kane w/Stairs to Kane’s face
Edge d. Randy Orton w/Spear
Victoria d. Molly
Victoria’s dancing d. Darren’s Dance Grooves
Benoit d. HHH w/chair shot from Eugene to HHH followed by a pin

HHH finds Eugene talking to Benoit, who is telling him HHH is a bad guy and aboot and blah blah blah… HHH finds Eugene and says Benoit’s a liar and runs down what Benoit told Eugene. He tells an upset Flair to get Eugene’s surprise.

July 12th –

Batista’s posing d. My heterosexuality
Diva search contestant introductions d. PK’s desire to live
(IC)Edge d. Batista w/roll up and the top rope
Rhyno d. Conway w/Gore
Tomko d. Maven w/the Big Boot
(MUSICAL CHAIRS)Jericho d. Kane w/DQ after a low blow to Jericho
Flair d. Hurricane w/Figure Four
Benoit & Eugene go to a no contest as Evolution crashes the party

Evolution’s mad at Eugene. Batista had to take him to Chuck E. Cheese’s, he stole Flair’s moves and robe, Orton lost his title and HHH lost his title shot. HHH forgives Eugene because friends are friends. HHH starts calling Batista Dave in this segment. Later Uncle Eric says Eugene is cut out for the wrestling business after all an that tonight, it’s Eugene vs. Benoit for the title. After the match, Benoit ad Eugene get a beating from Eugene.

FUCK YOU TODD GRISHAM interviews Flair who says that he wishes Eugene the best of luck. Flair says he hates encountering freaks, and cue the Hurricane with a whoosh. Hurricane wants an autograph, but that’s not gonna happen. Flair says since Gregory Helms has been in the wrestling business, he’s become a joke. Hurricane says his book was good, but not as good as Rock, Hogan or even Chyna’s book. Nor was it #1 like Foley’s book. Hurricane gets punched for that one.

We’re introduced to the Diva Search girls all night

Highlight Reel:
Jericho says that since they have no privacy anyway, Kane and Lita might as well settle this in front of all the Jericoholics. Lita says Kane won’t touch he because of the baby and it must be Matt’s cause he’s more of a man than Kane will ever be. Kane flips out and tries to destroy Jericho’s set. Jericho does allow this but gets thrown out of the ring as he leaves to the back. Jericho says that Kane got punked out by a girl and they need to cancel the diva search cause Kane wins cause he has no balls. then they fight…

July 19th –


Grenier d. Tajiri w/face buster
Tomko d. the Hurricane w/Thrust kick
Benoit d. Batista via DQ when Batista wouldn’t let the ref untie Benoit from a Tree of Woe. Benoit gets Demon Bombed after the match
(MUSICAL CHAIRS)Jericho d. Kane via count out. oh snap.
Kane d. Jericho after Eric makes it falls count anywhere and Batista beats on Jericho a bit
Edge d. Orton w/a Backslide and feet on the ropes.

HHH starts the show saying he felt bad about what he did last week. It started to make him question himself, then he farted and felt better. Then he says to Eugene “I HATE YOU”. Evolution does like him and they’re not his friends, he was never in Evolution (duh, he was an honorary member). Eric come out to say that his sister called to say that Eugene is not wrestling anymore. This brings Regal out and he hates HHH. Eric says HHH’s reward will be a 60 minutes Iron Man Match on RAW next week.

Highlight Reel:
Jericho has the divas from the diva search on. Looking for an immunity envelope they eventually tear Eric’s office up. Later the divas are in bikinis. PK’s pick from the beginning was Carmella. My pick from the beginning was death.

After the Hurricane match, Trish confronts Stacy (who was at ringside) and hits her with the cast, Tomko goes for a powerslam, but a Superhero Rosey makes the save! New costume.

Lita finds Matt backstage (shouldn’t they get there together?) and says she’s having the baby with or without him.

FUCK YOU TODD GRISHAM interviews Orton, who says Edge’s first title reign was one day, his was seven months. Cue Edge who says that Orton has issues, but Edge would also if his dad was Roddy Piper’s bitch.

July 26th –

Orton d. Regal, Tomko, Chuck, Venis, Matt Hardy, Hurricane, Stevie Richards, Rodney Mack, Rosey, (TAG)La Resistance, Tajiri, Flair, Rhyno, Kane, Maven, Batista, (IC)Edge & (MUSICAL CHAIRS)Jericho to win a world title #1 contender match

Regal (Evolution)
Tomko (Edge/Jericho)
Chuck (Edge/Jericho)
Venis (Kane)
Matt Hardy (Kane)
Hurricane (Steven Richards/Rodney Mack)
Richards (Rosey)
Mack (Rosey)
Rosey (Edge/Jericho)
Greiner (Tajiri)
Conway (Tajiri)
Tajiri (Kane)
Flair (Maven)
Rhyno (Batista)
Kane (Orton/Batista/Jericho/Edge)
Maven (Orton)
Dave (Edge/Jericho)
Edge (Jericho)
Jericho (Orton)

Benoit d. HHH in an Iron Man Match 4-3
1-0 Benoit Crossface into a pin
1-1 HHH Pedigree into a pin
2-1 HHH throws Benoit into the stairs, into the ring, into a pin
3-1 HHH Spine buster into a pin
3-2 Benoit Sharpshooter submission
3-3 Benoit Crossface submission
4-3 Benoit after a chair shot to HHH by Eugene into a Benoit pin

Ivory, Stacy and Linda are at the Democratic National Convention

Julia is eliminated from the diva search and tonight they attempt to seduce Kamala.

Current RAW Summerslam card:

(WORLD)Benoit vs. Orton

August 2nd –


Rhyno/Tajiri d. La Resistance in a non-title match w/Gore and sunset flip on Conway
Tomko d. Rosey w/the Big Boot
HHH & Regal go to a no-contest when HHH hits regal with brass knuckles
Kane eats Maven w/chokeslam
Batista/Flair/Orton d. (WORLD)Benoit/(IC)Edge/(MUSICAL CHAIRS)Jericho w/RKO on Benoit

HHH complains about losing the Iron Man Match and blames it on Eugene. Regal comes out and says he’s he one who let Eugene into the building last week and HHH has made a mistake in taking advantage of a disadvantaged boy. HHH was Regal’s student in WCW 11 years ago and they were a tag team and they acknowledge that and regal goes on to cut a great promo on HHH that I can’t do justice to, but I’ll say that the phrase “violent venom” was used and that’s cool in my book. After their match, HHH drills regal with a sledgehammer and announces Eugene’s next while regal is being stretchered off. HHH vs. Eugene is set for Summerslam

Camille is eliminated from the diva search. Where’s my gun….

Matt hardy wants to be with Lita no matter what. Later, Kane gets a Summerslam match of Matt Hardy vs. Kane, winner marries Lita.

Highlight Reel: Edge
Y2J announces that at Summerslam it’s Edge vs. Batista vs. Jericho, but tonight Orton and Jericho are teaming up. They begin to fight if you could imagine.

Current RAW Summerslam card:

(WORLD)Benoit vs. Orton
(IC)Edge vs. Batista vs. (MUSICAL CHAIRS) Jericho
HHH vs. Eugene
Matt Hardy vs. Kane, winner marries Lita

August 4th –

Chris Jericho had not defended his Musical Chairs Championship in 30 days and his title had been stripped and vacated due to the 30 mandatory defense clause.



Nidia/Stacy/Victoria d. Gail Kim/Molly/Jazz w/Nidia roll-up on Molly
Jericho d. (IC)Edge in a non-title match w/missed Spear, rollup using the ropes, Batista comes out and destroys Edge while Jericho looks on
Rhyno/Tajiri do not complete the two minute match to get a title shot at Summer Slam against Albright/Cage due to a distraction by La Resistance at the :15 left mark
(WORLD)Benoit d. HHH/Orton via DQ when Flair ran in the ring and attacked Benoit while Orton was about to tap out. Benoit gets a Pedigree, Eugene comes out to chase off Evolution

Chandra the Diva is eliminated. Orton does the honors. then he talks about destiny and being the youngest world champion. Benoit comes down and Orton has them replay the footage of Orton pinning Benoit, Benoit tells them to play the footage of Orton tapping out. When Orton realizes he never has to Benoit, Benoit straps the Crossface on and then they replay THAT footage!

Post-Women’s match, Trish comes out, talks to all six of the women and they walk out together. Later, the 7 Women challenge the 7 Diva wannabes to a game of Diva Dodge ball.

Eugene and Regal are in their hotel, Regal’s busted up pretty good from last week and tells Eugene to stay in the hotel until Eugene’s match, Eugene slips out anyway. Later in the arena, Eugene calls out HHH but Trips is in Eugene’s hotel room with Regal and Eugene should have listened to Regal.

Lita reveals to Matt that Kane is the daddy. Later they sign the contracts for their match, JR goes over the rules and eventually Matt hits Kane with a briefcase.

The diva’s eat ice cream

Current RAW Summerslam card:

(WORLD)Benoit vs. Orton
(IC)Edge vs. Batista vs. Jericho
The Divas d. the Diva wanna-bees, Carmella no showed and is a whore
HHH vs. Eugene
Matt Hardy vs. Kane, winner marries Lita

August 15th – Summerslam

Kane d. Matt Hardy to marry Lita w/a chokeslam
(IC)Edge d. Batista & Jericho to retain the IC title w/a spear on Batista
HHH d. Eugene w/Pedigree
Orton d. (WORLD)Benoit to win the World Title w/RKO

Benoit yell at Orton to “Be a man” and shake his hand. Orton does.

August 16th –


Rhyno d. Grenier to win a tag title shot at Unforgiven
Victoria d. Gail Kim w/Widow’s Peak
(IC)Edge d. Kane to retain the title w/Spear and Lita/Matt Hardy distraction
Jericho d. Batista via DQ w/Ric Flair’s intervention
Orton d. Benoit w/RKO and an Evolution distraction

They’re in Canada and after showing an HBK promo the crowd chants “you screwed Bret”

During Orton’s celebratory speech, Benoit comes out and says that he’s getting his rematch TONIGHT!

Moll/Jazz/Trish/Gail Kim hold a bridal shower for Lita, gifts include condoms, a photo of her and Kane’s first kiss and a vibrator.

Trish and Tomko attack Victoria after her match and the guy in the red dress comes out to save Victoria

Michelle is voted off the Diva search and the Diva’s all voice their distaste for the Whore saying she doesn’t like the WWE, doesn’t care about wrestling, missed Diva Dodge ball, and only wants the money.

HHH tells Orton “Evolution is your solution” about his match with Benoit tonight. After the main event, Batista puts Orton on his shoulders and with HHH’s command he drops backwards and they all beat on Orton, Batista gets the demon bomb and HHH gets a Pedigree and tells Orton that that title is his.

Current Unforgiven card:
Rhyno/Tajiri vs. (TAG)La Resistance

August 23rd –


The Rock d. the boredom of usual diva segments
Edge d. Jericho via DQ after Jericho dropped Edge crotch first on the top rope
Regal d. Flair w/brass knuckle punch

The Rock is in attendance and is there to spice the diva competition up and runs Coach out of the ring. The wannabe’s eat pie and Tajiri brings the pie. Rock also says that Lillian used to work in a sperm bank, but got fired for drinking on the job. Afterwards Coach comes back with La Resistance. They attack, Rhyno makes the save, La resistance leaves the ring, Coach gets a Gore, spine buster and the People’s Elbow.

Kane wants Lita to wear white to shot the purity of their child. He gives her a white wedding dress, he knows her dress size and had it altered already?

HHH says Orton picked success by running with Evolution and he was chosen to be HHH’s successor, but he beat Benoit when all he was supposed to do was soften him up for HHH. Cue Orton who brings his title down, HHH wants Orton to hand it over, instead HHH gets a huge loogey and then a title to the face. Later, Eric makes HHH vs. Orton for the title at Unforgiven

Lita and Kane have their ceremony, Lita’s in a black dress. Kane’s music is played by a cello and a piano, which was cool. Eric has requested to speak and reads from the bible. they play a video to a song that includes the line “You’re having my baby, what a great way to show you love me.” They made their own vows, and Kane’s includes that she’s his property until the day she dies. Her’s include that she has loved, still loves and will always love Matt Hardy. Trish comes down to say she’ll be the maid of honor and she wore white because she knew Lita couldn’t (didn’t she say she put out on the first date with Christian after Wrestlemania?) and they fight and roll down the stairs leading to the ring. Then Matt Hardy crashes the party attacks Kane and tries to take Lita away, but when he gets to the top of the ramp – WALL OF FIRE! They can’t leave, Kane kick Matt’s ass, drags Lita back to the ring and they are married.

Current Unforgiven card:
Rhyno/Tajiri vs. (TAG)La Resistance

August 30th –

La Resistance/Coach d. Rhyno/Tajiri w/Au Revoir
Batista d. Regal w/clothesline and a Flair punch to the guy with brass knuckles
Benoit d. Flair via DQ from Batista’s interference
Nidia/Victoria d. Trish/Gail Kim w/roll up after the man in the red dress distracts Gail Kim
Eugene d. HHH in a no DQ match after Orton RKO�d HHH and keeps Evolution back with a hammer

Evolution rants about Orton, Orton comes out and shows photos with him in Evolution, saying they were protecting HHH, then him beating Orton by himself and then him spitting in HHH’s face. He pulls a sledgehammer out from behind photo #3 and clears the ring with it and continually missed HHH. Later, Eric kicked Randy out of the building, and Randy drops the hammer of Eric’s toes.

Linda, Ivory, HBK and Mark Henry are at the Republican National Convention

Regal tells Eugene to stay in the back for his fight against Batista

Maria’s kicked out of the diva wannabes and flips off the Whore on her way out. They are given 30 seconds to talk trash at each other, Christy tells Whore that she’s a “cum guzzling gutter slut”.

Kane’s got a wedding gift for Lita and brings out Fat, Rat, Nat and Pat Hardy and kills them in a 4-on-1 match. He says Eric gave him an open contract at Unforgiven, but Lita’s already put HBK’s name on the contract for him because she owns him like he owns her.

Highlight Reel: Edge
Edge is hurt but says when he’s healthy, Jericho will get the first shot. Edge walks up the ramp and Christian returns to kick the hell out of Jericho, Edge just looks on.

Current Unforgiven card:

(WORLD)Orton vs. HHH
Rhyno/Tajiri vs. (TAG)La Resistance
HBK vs. Kane

September 6th –


Regal/Tajiri/Benoit/Rhyno d. La Resistance/Flair/Batista w/Sharpshooter on Grenier
Trish d. Nidia w/Chin Kick after somehow tearing her shirt or something
HHH eats Eugene in a steel cage match
Tomko d. Jericho w/the Problem Solver and a Christian distraction
Kane d. (WORLD)Orton by DQ, the match is restarted as a cage match
(WORLD)Orton d. Kane in a cage match after hitting Kane with a chair and escaping

Eric announces HHH vs. Eugene in a steel cage for tonight. And Edge has a torn groin and can’t compete and his 30 day mandatory defense clause is up. Christian comes out says he should be champ. Jericho comes out to say they should fight for it, Eric says it’ll be Jericho vs. Christian for the IC title at Unforgiven. Jericho wants a cage match, Christian wants a no count outs match. Jericho suggests a ladder match, Eric likes it.

Trish talks trash to Lita, Lita takes it and leaves. Nidia goes off in Spanish on her, Trish says she doesn’t understand German and Nidia pours a cup of something on her. I hope it was Skinner’s chaw. Nidia is announced as from Puerto Rica from the first time.

Edge says it’s time Uncle Eric stopped kissing Evolution’s ass.

Stacy�s got the wannabes in the ring for an arm wrestling contest. Christy d. Amy, Carmella d. Joy, and Christy d. Carmella. Christy gets to pour Texas slop on the other 3 but doesn’t get any on their faces or heads. When the hell. Oh, and Amy is voted off.

Current Unforgiven card:

(WORLD)Orton vs. HHH
Rhyno/Tajiri vs. (TAG)La Resistance
HBK vs. Kane
Victoria vs. (WOMAN)Trish
Jericho vs. Christian for the IC title
Benoit/Regal vs. Flair/Batista

September 13th – Unforgiven (or mixed up it’s Frog Uvein)


Benoit/Regal d. Flair/Batista
(WOMAN)Trish d. Victoria
Jericho d. Christian to win the IC title in a ladder match
HBK d. Kane w/Sweet Chin Music
(TAG)La Resistance d. Rhyno/Tajiri w/foreign object shot
HHH d. (WORLD)Orton to win the World Heavyweight Title

Interesting Stats between June 14th and Unforgiven

Chris Jericho and Chris Benoit had the most matches (13) between June 14th and Unforgiven, followed by Edge, HHH and Randy Orton (11), Sylvan Grenier and Batista (10), and Robert Conway, Kane and Rhyno (9)

Chris Benoit and Edge had the most wins (8) between June 14th and Unforgiven, followed by Chris Jericho and Sylvan Grenier (7) and Rob Conway and Randy Orton (6)

There were no large undefeated streaks between June 14th and Unforgiven

Kane lost the most amount of matches (7) between June 14th and Unforgiven, ollowed by Chris Jericho and Dave Batista (6) and Randy Orton (5)

Next week we tackle the last quarter of 2004 and I have my take on the year as a whole. Hope your Hanukkah was a good one.