Follow Up On Alleged Harassment Story

According to several fans who were at the restaurant, there is nothing to the charges that were filed by an Alabama man claiming that Ric Flair, Chris Jericho, and Dave Batista harassed him Monday night in a Hooters restaurant.
Several fans claimed that the person who filed the charges, Dana Mixx, actually challenged Jericho to an arm wrestling match and lost. One person who witnessed the incident claimed that Mixx handed over his hat after losing, but Jericho gave it back.
The group of wrestlers were in the Hooters for over an hour, signing autographs and taking pictures with different fans including Mixx. One WWE employee who was in the restaurant also noted that no incident took place and no threats were made. Many people also said that Batista was not even at the restaurant, much less involved in the incident.

Credit- Mike Johnson &