Heat On A WWE Superstar For Not Going To Iraq


– As previously reported, RVD has decided not to go to Iraq for this weekend’s Smackdown tapings to be broadcast on Thursday night.

Rumors are circulating that he was told by talent relations head John Laurinaitis to go directly to Vince McMahon with his decision about this voluntary trip, and pressured to go, but stood firm and decided not to go. The reason is likely that it was held in a warzone, something that Luther Reigns originally stated when saying he didn’t want to go (although Reigns decided to go after being convinced to change his mind).

PWInsider.com’s Dave Scherer is reporting that RVD feels that if this decision costs him his push, so be it, and that there is heat on him by the office. Time will tell how this proceeds.

Credit: PWInsider.com

– The Smackdown crew has returned from Iraq and one WWE worker told PWTorch.com that “everything went really smooth.”

Credit: PWTorch.com

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