Plastic Man #13 Review


Reviewed by: Mathan “This issue is for JohnBritton” Erhardt
Story Title: The Most Evil Book of All Time!

Editor: Joey Cavalieri
Everything Else: Kyle Baker
Publisher: DC Comics

The issue begins with Plas and his partner Morgan getting reamed by the Chief for not doing their duty. They then decide to apprehend a major felon; a kid who illegally downloaded 10,000 songs.

When they try to bring her in, she makes a break for it. Plas chases her but loses her. Before they can find her, Morgan and Plas get called in on a murder case. It seems someone murdered a man who was in possession of “The Book of Ftthpthktksk” rumored to be the most evil book of all time. There are two other known books in existence.

Just as they get a lead on the case, Plas remembers he has to pick up Edwina from the mall, sidetracking the agents. Sadly when they get back on the trial they find another body. He gives them a clue with his dying breath. But Plas being the hero that he is, gives the man mouth to mouth to bring him back.

They try to use the Patriot Act at the library to get access to the person who checked the book out, but the librarian is also a libertarian, and she won’t give the info up. Eventually they find the book, as does the killer. There’s a race and a dash, but the book ends up the right hands. Woozy even manages to help bring the evil downloader into custody. And she ends up behind bars, where she belongs.

Baker is still doing great things on this book. The visual puns are funny. The sound effects are hilarious. This book is a great example of a humor book. It’s well written and perfectly illustrated. Baker continues to astound me.