Looking To The Stars: Thoughts on the New Year


I can’t help but wax eclectically at this time of year. And unable to think of any one cohesive thing to write this time of year, here are a few thoughts that have occurred to me over the past week.

There is some small irony in this. I write an article about how Spider-Fan.org (the biggest and, for my money, best Spider-Man history site on the web) were slacking off on their responsibility to objectively review Mark Millar’s “Spider-Man” title. I expect to get all manner of angry mails from Spider-Fan readers and Mark Millar fanboys alike. All I get is a few short letters of thanks, saying it was about time that someone said everything I had said.

And yet, I am apparently the Anti-Christ because I didn’t know that it was wrestler Kevin Nash and NOT Triple-H who played “The Russian” in “The Punisher”. Well, I’m willing to admit when I made a mistake, so fine. I made a mistake.

I should point out two things, in fairness. First, my mistake was based off an article I looked up that incorrectly identified Triple H as The Russian and I figured the source was trustworthy and that I didn’t need to double-check imdb.com. Second, with my non-existent background in wrestling, you’re lucky I knew who Triple H was.

Regarding my recent writings on Green Lantern: Any and all updates to my “Green Lantern: One Ring To Confused Them All” thesis will wait until AFTER “Green Lantern: Rebirth” is finished. As those of you who read issue three can attest, a WHOLE lot got changed and it looks like a whole lot more is going to change. So there’s no point in me publishing the revisions on a monthly basis.

Oh, and on that note… if you haven’t been reading “Green Lantern: Rebirth”, do yourself a favor and pick up the reprints of One and Two along with Issue Three that just came out. This may just squeak through to win my personal Book of the Year award.

One formal announcement. Inspired by the example set by society columnist for the New York Daily News, Lloyd Grove, I too have decided to take his pledge. Henceforth, my New Years resolution this year is that I resolve not to write anything about Paris Hilton in my column.

Okay, I’ve never written ANYTHING about Paris Hilton in my column before and am unlikely to ever do so”¦ thank every pantheon of gods that ever existed. But if it comes to pass that Paris Hilton does wind up in a comic book or writing in a comic book, you have my solemn that this reporter WILL NOT COVER IT! Giving away free press to stupid, spoiled whores who produce nothing of value for society starts at home and it starts here and now. I hope that the rest of the writers of The Comics Nexus will join me in this pledge and bring you all Paris Hilton free news throughout 2005.

Sorry to keep this short, but… it’s almost Christmas as I write this, and I have stuff to do.

Tune in next week. Same Matt time. New Matt year.

He stands at the center of the universe, old as the stars and wise as infinity. And he can see the turning of the last page long before you’ve even started the book. He’s like rain and fog and the chilling touch of the grave. He is called many names in a thousand tongues on a million worlds. Heckler. The Smirking One. Riffer. The Lonely Magus. Wolf-Brother. The God of Snark. Mister Pirate. The Guy In The Rafters. Captain. The Voice In The Back. But here and now, in this place and in this time, he is called The Starman. And... he's wonderful.