RAW Notes, Including Guest Backstage, Post-Show Match, HEAT Spoilers


According to PWInsider.com, Bill Moody (“Paul Bearer/Percy Pringle”) was backstage at RAW last night in Biloxi, MS, visiting friends. He has had gastric bypass surgery and reportedly lost around 200 pounds since the last time he was seen on WWE TV. Currently there is no plan to put him back on TV but he is still under WWE contract.

Here is a report of off-air occurances, including HEAT spoilers, from last night’s RAW event, according to Chad McAlpin and PWTorch.com:

The Place was almost completely full. They did have certain parts tarped off, and they had areas reserved for cameras, but otherwise there were no empty seats.


(1) Tajiri beat Jerry Young.

(2) Tyson Tomko beat William Regal with an assist from Christian.

(3) Hurricane beat Robert Conway.

(4) Ric Flair beat Val Venis.


(1) Randy Orton defeated Triple H with HBK as ref. Batista was kicked out of the ringside area early on and fell down as he was making his exit. Orton won with an RKO, but Triple H wrestled at least half the match with his ass exposed, the results of a sunset flip gone awry.


The crowd was pretty hot all night, and popped for just about everyone. Orton, Benoit, Flair, Batista, and Y2J got really big reactions. The largest pop of the night was for the desire video, when Austin and Rock were on.

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