Update on Women of WWE Playboy Issue


The following was posted by a photographer with connections with Playboy, on the Celebrity Nude Database message board here, and pointed out today by Daniel Pena at LordsofPain.net:

From Dec. 20:

They are negotiating right now with the WWE to do a Women of the WWE issue, so far the only Divas that have agreed is Torrie Wilson, Dawn Marie, Miss Jackie, Victoria, Christy Hemme, Joy, Amy Weber, Michelle McCool, and Lilian Garcia, they are still trying to get Lita, Molly Holly, Stephanie McMahon, Ivory, and one other. Trish Stratus, Stacy Keibler and someone else said no.

On Dec. 26:

I found out this week that Stacy Keibler and Molly Holly have both agreed. But both have stipulations. Molly will only appear topless and nothing else will be shown, however, her hands will be covering her breasts in the photo. Kind of like the old Janet Jackson Rolling Stone Issue. Stacy Keibler will show her legs and butt in the pictorial but nothing else. So most likely it will be shot from behind with her turning towards the camera wearing a shirt. With Playboy okay with these stipulations it is now possible that both Trish Stratus and Stephanie McMahon will appear but with provisions like Stacy and Molly. Stephanie wants to appear but has only agreed to be wearing something sexy or see-through, and Trish said she would agree along the same lines. No word on Ivory, as of this point it looks like she will not pose at all. The pictorial is said to be over at least 10 pages, and will hit newsstands around July, not August like originally planned.


Sorry I forgot about Lita. Lita is confirmed and will appear all-nude in the pictorial.

On Dec. 27:

OK here is the info I gathered about the WWE Women:

Victoria -Topless & Full Frontal
Dawn Marie – Topless & Full Frontal
Miss Jackie – Topless Only/Lingerie
Stacy Keibler – Ass and Back only
Stephanie McMahon – See-through Nightie/Lingerie
Michelle McCool – Topless & Full Frontal
Amy Weber – Topless & Full Frontal
Maria – Topless only
Lita – Still Negotiating Poses
Joy Giovanni – Topless & Full Frontal
Christy Hemme – Topless & Ass only
Candace – Topless & Full Frontal
Torrie Wilson – Topless Only/Lingerie
Lilian Garcia – See-Through Nightie/Lingerie
Molly Holly – Topless Only/Lingerie

Please Note, that the Spread is 10 pages, however some of the Divas will only appear once, while others may get one or two pages.

And on Dec. 28, in response to other posters getting on his case about these “rumors”:

First of all, I dont care who disrespects me on this site. I am a Photographer for Maxim Magazine with very strong ties to playboy magazine.

let me make some points here, The Women of the WWE issue is not 100% complete. Just because all of the women mentioned would pose, does not secure them actuall appearing in the issue. The women of enron actually had about twenty diffrent Ex-Employees pose, same with the Women of Home depot, but only about six to eight made the cut. the same thing will happen with the women of the WWE. i dont watch wrestling. I honestly cannot stand it. I am giving you information that was given to me by employees of Playboy, including two of my close friends who will be doing the WWE shoot.

As for as Nora aka Molly Holly. Plenty of Christian or Religious Women have posed in playboy before. Tiffany, Christy Swanson, and Robin givens are all Roman Catholic who attend church. But they still posed.

Most of the information i gave you is what is rumored. there may be a chance Molly does not actually do the shoot. I mean Stacey Keibler is also not really into doing the shoot. but she said its fine as long as its just her back/ass/legs in the shot.

I dont mind you coming on this board for information. But do not Slander anyone who is just trying to help out. if you read the topic its says Playboy news and RUMORS….

so until the issue comes out, its just a rumor

These are still indeed rumors, so take them for what it’s worth. This message board poster, who goes by “photographer” on CNDB.com, has also said that there are rumors Deborah Gibson, Christina Applegate, and Women of Desperate Housewives, Big Brother, and Real World are in the works.

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