Ultimate Nightmare #4 Review

Reviewer: Tim Sheridan
Story Title: N/A

Written by: Warren Ellis
Pencilled by: Trevor Hairsine
Inked by: Nelson DeCastro with Mark Morales, Rodney Ramos, Simon Colbey and Tom Palmer
Colored by: Frank D’Armata
Lettered by: Chris Eliopoulos
Production by: Jared Osborn
Assistant Editor: Nick Lowe
Editor: Ralph Macchio
Publisher: Marvel Comics

So here we are, at the penultimate chapter of Ultimate Nightmare. Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t this issue supposed to out some time ago. I think it’s a few months late. Now, I don’t know why, nor do I really care at this point, because the issue was worth the wait.

This was a great comic book. I had forgotten really what had happened in the first three issues of this series, but I was able to get acclimated quickly enough, and I was taken in.

I took my time reading this book, and for the 12 minutes it took to read it, I was completely in this world that Warren Ellis and Trevor Hairsine put me in. Special accolades have to go to Frank D’Armata and his coloring. The moody atmosphere was perfect for the story, and really made me enjoy this moreso.

So what is going on? Well, I don’t know. And for once, I don’t mind not knowing. What we find out here is that the Russians were making their own Captain Americas and it didn’t work out. So they were dumped on this island that the Ultimates and the X-Men are looking around. We come across the most advanced of the Captain Russias, and he is scary. What an ego on this dude too, challenging Captain America to a fight, just like that. (I’m not even going to talk about his shield, because it really grosses me out to just think about it.) So that’s what’s up with the Ultimates.

What’s going on with the X-Men? Well, Jean is getting all angry about something. And Wolverine is antagonizing her. It’s an awkward scene with them, as Jean gets more and more angry about…something. We don’t really find out what. Colossus is there because….well, because he’s big and Russian.

The end of the issue is a bit of a let down, because we don’t really find anything out. It’s almost like Warren Ellis wanted to leave us with a surprise, but didn’t know what he wanted it to be, so he’ll wait til next month to figure it out. But nevertheless, it was a very good comic, and I am very much intrigued to see what happened as it concludes. Let’s hope we don’t have to wait as long this time.

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