Adam Strange #4 Review


Reviewed by: Mathan “A fine line between intriguing and boring” Erhardt
Story Title: Planet Heist part four

Written by: Andy Diggle
Penciled and Inked by: Pascal Ferry
Colored by: Dave McCaig
Lettered by: Rob Leigh
Editor: Stephen Wacker
Publisher: DC Comics

Last issue ended with Adam about to be executed, by beheading, on Thanagar. Y’see he was looking into what destroyed Rann, when he was arrested by Thanagarian officers and put on trial for the destruction of Rann. Found guilty he was sentenced to death.

This issue opens immediately after the end of last issue. The executioner is about to bring axe down, when Adam Strange disappears. He finds himself in Sh’ri Valkyr’s quarters. She explains that she saved him from death because she thought that his execution would make Thanagar look more guilty for the destruction of Rann, and his search for the “real killers” could exonerate her planet. She gives Adam his gear and sends him on his way.

Strange teleports to the Hydra Nebula, the place where he thinks the Rann Supernova came from. There he finds a deserted space station. Inside the station are the Omega Men, who have been awaiting the arrival of a special person that their psychic foretold.

But of course a fight must happen Adam and Harpis tussle. But then the rest of the team enters and clears the air. They explain why they’re there (they’ve been waiting for him) and he tells how he ended up there as well.

Meanwhile back on Thanagar Sh’ri Valkyr is not what she appeared to be. Apparently she’s part of a end of the universe cult. She has a conversation with her “master” and later with a Durlan she’s in cahoots with.

Back on the space station Strange helps the Omega Men get past some security measures, and they discover the nature of the station. While that’s happening the Omega Man Doc goes to join the team, but ends up being attacked by a Durlan. To be continued.

Diggle is a good writer, but my complaint is the characters; I honestly don’t care what happens to them. I’m not really interested in any of them. Well, I’m kind of curious about the Durlan, but that’s it. The story is progressing, and the dialogue is solid. The introduction of the death cult is intriguing, but my hearts not really in it.

Ferry does his part to make the book look interesting. The tension between Sh’ri and Adam is great, as is the look of her quarters. The Omega Men look cool, which is a first for me. The mysterious villain does look scary and Ferry draws a creepy Durlan.