Auditory Assault

” “I’m going to be really honest with you, I just think this is all really rushed.”
— Tommy Lee talking to Metal Edge about the Motley Crue reunion

Intro …

This week’s column was created for you while exclusively listening to Killswitch Engage’s “The End of Heartache.”

After getting that quote from above, I thought you might get a kick out of this little gem from 2002. When Tommy Lee was asked about a Motley Crue reunion back then by Hard Radio, his tune was a little different:

“No. For two reasons. On a creative level I can’t see myself playing that music anymore. It’s just not where I’m at. I can’t see myself doing that, and creatively, if I’m unhappy I get miserable (laughs). And on a personal level, Vince (Neil) and I are cordial to each other when we see each other, but we don’t like each other (laughs). At all.”

Hey Tommy, any other thoughts on Vince?

He has changed. He’s definitely gained a lot more weight (laughs). I was like, holy sh.t! But no, I can’t see myself doing it. Man, I really can’t.”

What a difference a couple of years, failures and a truckload of money makes. I know someone from the band recently admitted it was all about the money, but I can’t find the quote anywhere. I did find an MSN Chat with Vince Neil — featuring the following horrifying comment:

Q: Your vocals are the best they have sounded in years. Have you been involved in any type of vocal training?

What?!?!?!?! Has this person seen the performances recently? He’s never sounded worse. Hey, Motley Crue, it’s over, hang it up, before you break Mick.

Note: I am a diehard Crue fan, but I can see the writing on the wall.

Check out more of the “interview” here, there’s a great part where someone asks Vince about the meaning behind the latest single… you know, the Simple Plan cast-off. Ugh!

Let’s just get to this week’s column…

Coming soon …

So, this is by no means a complete list … but I scoured the net looking for some notable upcoming releases for the new year and there’s some pretty good ones in there.

Going down the list chronologically:

Killswitch Engage’s self-titled debut on Ferret (packaged with the band’s original demo) will hit shelves on Jan. 11. I have this and it’s a really solid outing. I’ll have to pick up the disc again for the extra demo material, though I heard the remixing makes this worth the purchase anyway.

The Black Maria offer up “Lead Us to Reason” on Jan. 25. It’s a Victory Release, so I’m imagining some re-hashed hardcore. Hopefully the band proves me wrong.

Anberlin’s sophomore release “Never Take Friendship Personal” (I’m assuming this is decidedly not metal) is out Feb. 1. The following week Open Hand and Unwritten Law release new discs. Open Hand is my early pick for album of the year. I haven’t heard anything new from the band since 2003’s “The Dream,” but I know this band has the ability to put together a killer album. Keep an eye out for “You and Me” out on Trustkill.

American Head Charge will finally put a new album out following the sick debut “The War of Art” that was released way back in 2001. “The Feeding” will be out Feb. 15.

March 1 sees some eclectic releases: new stuff from The Mars Volta (“Frances the Mute”), TRUSTCompany (“True Parallels”), Trivium (“Ascendency” out on Roadrunner) and Norma Jean (“O God, The Aftermath”).

Though I don’t care for the band at all, Queens of the Stone Age will release “Lullabies to Paralyze” on March 22. The following week sees releases from Mudvayne and Thrice (sweet!). System of a Down is scheduled to release the first of two new albums in 2005 sometime in March too.

A Static Lullaby will release “Watching the Sunlight Burn” April 5. I’ve been waiting for new material from this band. Speaking of bands I’ve been waiting for, the new Still Remains disc “Of Love and Lunacy” will be out May 17.

Looking even further out, expect new albums from AFI, Avenged Sevenfold (on Warner no less!), Brand New, CKY, Coheed and Cambria (the lengthily titled “Good Apollo, I’m Burning Star IV, Volume One: From Fear Through The Eyes Of Madness”), Deftones, Disturbed (a band currently recording), Every Time I Die (hot off the Ozzfest stint), Finch, Funeral for a Friend, Hatebreed (woo-hoo!), Life of Agony (featuring the original line-up), Nine Inch Nails (does anyone still care?), Thursday and Tool.

Looks nice so far. I’ll give you guys more information as it becomes available.

In brief …

..:..The new Priest single..:.. So, I never was a fan of Judas Priest, but I listened to the new single, “Revolution,” the other day — Launch Radio had initially posted the song as an mp3, but have since pulled it (sorry, no links for YOU!). It’s not that bad. The song reminds me of listening to a brand new Great White or Warrant or Motley Crue track way back in the day … that sort of excitement. It’s hard to explain. That the problem with the Internet and advance in technology: back then we’d be psyched to hear something new from a band we love on the radio … nowadays it seems to be a rush to try and get the thing before we’re supposed to and I think, with that sort of mindset, some sort of fundamental sense of excitement gets lost. Oh well, the track isn’t that bad and makes me question picking up the new disc, “Angel of Retribution,” when it comes out March 1.

..:..That’s one “determined” video..:.. So Mudvayne have finally posted the final version of the video for the groups latest single, “Fucking Determined,” here. It’s available in a bunch of different formats, so knock yourself out. The song is the first single off the group’s third album, “Lost and Found”, due on March 29 via Epic Records.

..:..Wanna join a band?..:.. It looks like there’s a bunch of openings if you feel like joining a band … in Norway! First up, Octavia, an all-female “gloom metal” band, have a vacancy behind the drum kit. Sex is not an issue, but it’d be nice if interested parties were 20 or older. Check out the band’s official Web site for more information or e-mail and make sure the subject line is “drums.” In the same vein, the vocalist of Arcturus up and left the band after the group was confirmed for Norway’s Inferno Metal Festival 2005, set to take place in March.

..:..Closer to home (wanna join a band?)..:.. It looks like the Arizona-based death metal band Vehemence is also in the market for a new vocalist. “[Nathan] will be missed, but at the same time we are excited to have some new blood in the band,” the group said in a statement. The group is looking for someone fully committed to shows, practices and tours and someone with a great stage presence. Interested parties should e-mail or visit

..:..Raising money for a good cause..:.. Personally, I’ve grown tired of all the benefit shows that have popped up since the murder of “Dimebag” Darrell last month. However, it seems a radio station in Columbus is having a benefit show for the victims of the Alrosa Villa tragedy this Friday at the Newport Music Hall in Columbus, OH. The only band of note on the bill is Volume Dealer, the band that opened for Damageplan the night of the murder. The cool part of the show if the silent auction being held throughout the night that included interested “shwag” from the station, including autographed guitars from Mudvayne and Disturbed, a Frisbee disc signed by all of the original members of Pantera, autographed posters from Drowning Pool and Sevendust and more. For more information on the show, go here and to anyone in the area that wants to pick me up the autographed Frisbee: I won’t turn a belated Christmas gift like that down!

You (and I) need to hear this…

Here’s some CDs I want, recently picked up or already have that I haven’t listened to nearly enough (you should check them out too):

Diecast: “Tearing Down Your Blue Skies”

Fordirelifesake: “Dance. Pretend. Forget. Defend.”
Poison the Well: “You Come Before You”
Demon Hunter: “Summer of Darkness”
Gwar: “America Must Be Destroyed”

In closing…

I just got my hand’s on the new Diecast album … finally. “Tearing Down Your Blue Skies” has to be one of the best albums of 2004 overlooked by me for the simple fact that I took too long to pick it up. Big mistake. It’s an insane mix of hardcore (in the vein of Hatebreed) and metal (in the vein of Killswitch Engage), a nice mix of metal and melody. When the lead singer sings, he reminds me a little of Corey from Living Color. You will not regret picking this album up. It definitely would have made it on my “best of” last week. Oh well.

Keep an eye out for new material all over Inside Pulse in the coming year. I know the music zone will be chock-full of solid reviews, columns and features. (That’s my plug for all my fellow writers.)

And that’s that. As always, drop me a line. Until next time, I’ll be here at Inside Pulse making sure no metal news falls through the cracks. Happy new year!

Take it easy…

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