Who's Who in the DCU (01/06/04)


Before we jump into the jovial funfest, I urge you take a minute and be a real life hero. John Babos gives you some information on how to help out with the Tsunami relief effort and protect yourself from the real bad guys; those who would exploit humanity and set up fake charities. Please check it out.

Also Will Eisner passed away recently. It’s a true loss as Eisner’s contribution to the medium can’t really be measured. He was one of the greats and a huge influence on a myriad of creators. Sadly far too few readers are aware of his work. He will be missed.

If you’d like to share your thoughts on Eisner visit here.

Happy New Year, loyal readers. It may be a new year, but it’s the same old column, filled with the quality writing and insight that you’ve come to expect.

Oh yeah, and Tim’s here too. Tim, how’s your New Year going so far?

Personally, the New Year is going quite fine. I have my fingers crossed with the hopes of snowfall here in CT and 2005 has yet to pick me up and slap me around. Soon, I am sure.

However, beyond my life, things are kind of ugly out there in 2005. Besides the Tsunami and the passing of Will Eisner (Not meant to be equivalent events, so don’t take it that way. There are just both sad events) there was a police officer take hostage here in Newington. The afternoon of the next day, his fellow officers burst into the house where he was being held to find him dead of a gunshot wound and his captor also dead, his gunshot wound self inflicted. It was the first police officer ever killed in the line of duty in Newington, so, understandably, the whole town is a bit shook up.

So yeah…personally, all is tip top. World wise…sadly, less so.

I think it’s time for…


Music offers a look at the best that 2004 had to offer, musically.

Games also has a year end feature.

Sports as a look back at 2004, the NFL Playoffs and The Bootleg Guy?

Figures explains how Spider-Man is offering his help for the Tsunami Relief.

Movies has news on Superman casting and reviews of Anchorman.

TV has spoilers for both Lost and Alias.

DOL gets love. As does this this interesting thread

Tim anything you wish to link?

Why yes, yes there is. From time to time, everyone gets sick of being called the same old thing so here are three sites that will grant you all new names and all new identities. Enjoy The Cyborg Name Generator, The Rum and Monkey Superhero Name Generator, and The Your in The News Superhero Name Generator

Read Within the Last Seven Days!

The Monolith #11 – Unlike Tim, I dug the art this issue. Snejbjerg’s style has certainly changed since Starman, but I like it. Sadly this storyline feels rushed. I enjoyed the issue, but I wish Palmiotti and Gray had a chance to actually build up to this.

Well we might disagree about the art, we do disagree about the pacing. I can’t decide if it is just because I don’t want the title to end or it was really off.

Teen Titans #19 – Cool issue, but kind of a letdown. All of the new characters, The Titans East, and we hardly got so know many of them. I guess I wish this storyline was longer.

I really dug this storyline. Probably my favorite Teen Titans arc yet. I can appreciate wanting it to go on longer, but I don’t feel gypped by it either.

JSA Strange Adventures #5 – This book is a treat. You can tell Anderson loves the characters. It’s nice to see them in their original setting.

Superman/Batman #16 – A nice jaunt through DC’s myriad of unused characters. Is there anything creepier than a Superman with green skin? Yup; seeing Superman and Batman die over and over. But that ending is great.

Legion of Super Heroes #1 – Read my review.

Hellblazer #203 – A story tailor made for sex education continues. And I have to admit that I’m looking forward to the movie.

Superman #212 – Read my review.

Supreme Power #14 – Great issue as always. But c’mon was it really necessary for Nighthawk to get embarrassed in the end?

Adam Strange #4 Read my review.

Well since that’s all that I read last week it’s time for questions.

Chaos, do you have a series of probing questions about an oft overlooked corner of the DCU called The Fourth World?

K’ so I’ve always loved these characters… but never really understood anything about them – and man, ignorance is sometimes bliss – cause a friend gave me the Jack Kirby Collections, which I felt would answer some questions – but man… I am so completely lost on so much of this… can u help?

The new gods were born from the ashes of the old gods… in current continuity, who were the old gods?

The Old Gods were the folks who lived on GodWorld. They were people who evolved into great power, and became “Gods.” Their influence was so great that even after they died their memory lived on, inspiring some of the pantheons of Gods in various cultures on Earth.

It’s the typical story; they were great, advanced scientifically and culturally. But war tore them apart, and destroyed their world. One of the tools that destroyed GodWorld was Mageddon, which was featured in the JLA. Rumor has it that Imperiex also played a hand in it’s destruction.

Some notable Old Gods;

Arzaz – Good guy, but imprisoned on the Source Wall.

The Nameless One – Bad guy, but imprisoned on the Source Wall.

Dreggs – Zombies of Old Gods who live in a city underneath the Apokolips.

Lokee and Wotan – Both dead.

Thunderer – An Old God battle horse. He hung out with Lonar, a New God.

Sirius – A sentient wolf who lived inside Apokolips. He died protecting Orion.

Did they just magically appear, New Gensis and Apokolips, out of smoke or
Was it a gradual evolution type deal?

After GodWorld was destroyed, the energy the explosion produced made the GodWave (See the Genesis miniseries for more on that.) Anyway, after all that stuff happened, and things had cooled off the remnants of GodWorld became New Genesis and Apokolips. It’s theorized that New Genesis spawned from Balduur, one of the good Old Gods. Apokolips on the other hand was created from one of the bad Old Gods. Such is the way of life.

Also the way of life; evolution. The people of those two planets were just average mortals, who achieved “godhood.”

Tim, what’s the closest you ever came to “godhood”?

Jeez…there are just so many to count… I’ve met Senators, (Hillary Rodham, if you must know), singers (Adam Duritz, Graham Colton), and actors (Jason Robards), which all have made me feel very important and powerful. However, my most godlike moment would be my car accident my senior year of high school. It fractured my hip, but the car was so mangled that the generally held consensus was that it was pretty much miraculous I didn’t die. So, to paraphrase Jeff Bridges in Fearless, even though he wanted to, even Jehovah couldn’t kill me. Blasphemy? Probably. But I drank deeply from the cop of godliness that day. Deeply, indeed.

If Heggra was Darkseid’s mother, who was his father? And what’s the story with the brother he betrayed before taking the name Darkseid?

Ok, the guy who would become Darkseid was named Uxas. His pop Yuga Khan was the ruler of Apokolips. Uxas had ambition. He wanted to rule the planet, and eventually the universe. And he was evil, like any good inhabitant of Apokolips.

His older brother Drax, was kind of a sellout. Drax wanted to make peace with New Genesis. Since Drax was older, he was going to receive the Omega Force from the Infinity Pit. That didn’t sit well with Uxas. He killed Drax and took the force for himself. Thus he became Darkseid.

Meanwhile Yuga Khan had tried to learn the secret of The Source and got stuck on The Source Wall. Thus Darkseid was Darkseid and well on his way to becoming ruler of Apokolips.

Tim do you prefer Darkseid or Uxas?

Darkseid’s okay, but I prefer his earlier, independent stuff. So, I guess I’ve got to choose Uxas. Cause Uxas was about forward progress. Darkseid’s just all about holding on to power. Where’s the love, ‘seid? Where’s the love? (the emphasis).

Does High Father have parents? Is it true, he’s dead now and some random new guy is the High Father now?

Well that’s a tough one to answer. Highfather isn’t so much a person as it is a title, like the Pope. The Highfather that most are familiar with is Izaya, the father of Mister Miracle. (I’m guess he had parents, but I could find nothing on them.)

The current Highfather is a new guy, but he’s hardly “random.” He’s Takion, a hero from Earth, and he even had his own title. So unless you can control and manipulate matter and energy and have limitless power, I suggest you watch who you call “random.” Since he’s from Earth he also has parents.

Tim, would you rather be Highfather or Pope (and don’t factor in the Popemobile)?

Well, as Catholic my dear old mom is, the Church and I aren’t quite on speaking terms (jumping ship to Episcopalian will do that). So, Highfather it is. Plus, the whole celibacy thing? Very beat and not the slight bit boss.

Does New Genesis and Apokolips have native citizens? Or is it just the gods and their creations?

Well the native citizens are kind of gods. At least to us. They’re just a hierarchy, like the Greek pantheon or the Norse Gods. The “Primitives” lived on the surface, and were nature loving folks who didn’t dig on the technological aspects of their society. The “Flying Gods” lived on the floating city of Supertown. And Apokolips is full of natives, who fear the wrath of Darkseid!

Tim would you rather live in Supertown or Armagetto?

Apokolips. That’s how the Gajfather rolls.

Why are they gods, they seem like smart scientists with egos or something…

Ah ha! There lots of debate about this very topic. It basically boils down to “that how their abilities are conveyed to ‘us’, in ways that we can understand.” Take the people on Earth, long ago, who thought that lightning was a tool of the Gods. That was how they interpreted the concept. We interpret the New Gods as scientists, but the consensus is that they are indeed “Gods.”

At the very least they’re immense being who possess amazing powers. Seriously, the New Gods are over 300 feet tall. The only reason that they appear to be comparable to the heroes of the DCU is because their tech (Boom Tube & Mother Box) corrects the sizes when one travels through a Boom Tube.

Don’t believe me check out Supergirl #29 (a vastly underrated series) and see what happens when you don’t travel to Apokolips via Boom Tube. Hint: you appear to be super-small!

Tim do you agree that the New Gods are “gods” or are they just heroes?

Being that there is only one true god, I’ll ride the fence here and say demigods.

The Bugs.. from what I grasped, they were some kind of bio-weapon that evolved into humanoids?

Well the original story was that Darkseid had sent the Bugs to New Genesis to consume the food supply. As with most stories, there was a bit of truth to that.

The Bugs were designed to destroy the food supply, they were created by New Genesis to destroy Apokolips’ food supply. Y’see the two planets were at war for like 1,000 years. New Genesis wanted to end the war and resorted to this measure as a quick out.

Unfortunately some Bugs escaped, set up a colony and bred like there was no tomorrow. The Powers That Be on New Genesis decided to set up Darkseid as the patsy, and thus the phony story was accepted as gospel. They also began a longstanding war to exterminate the Bugs.

That reminds me of my apartment in Baltimore. It wasn’t so much “infested” as it was I had hundreds of small roommates. Tim, how do you like your bugs; squishable or sentient?


Is Forager a New God or a Bug?

He was a Bug, but he was more humanoid than most Bugs. And in a colony setting, standing out isn’t the best thing to do. He was rejected because he was too humanlike. They even dubbed him a traitor, and accused him of trying to get a truce with the New Gods. He eventually did hook up with the New Gods, but he died during the Cosmic Odyssey . There was a new female Forager for awhile.

Any thoughts on the female Forager Tim?

Honestly…no. But I will tell you that Wizard employee and genuinely decent fella Ben Morse says, “Who’s Who in the DCU is my one stop column for all my comic (and romantic) queries. The Tim on Mathan action is tres awesome.

Why is Earth so central to their wars?

Darkseid hungered for the Anti Life Equation, which is like his white whale, and he found aspects of it on Earth. Thus he send his people to Earth to find it, and Izaya sent New Genesis folks to combat his troops.

Along the way Earth’s heroes got involved and now they prove to be a constant thorn in Darkseid’s backside.

Tim, didn’t you intern on Apokolips one summer?

Sure…if you call running $h!+ an internship! I was the mack on Apo and everybody knew it. Just ’cause D won’t recognize don’t mean nuthin’!

What’s the Cole’s Notes version of the New Gods current status?

(Wanna know what’s funny? I had to look up “Cole’s Notes.”)

Their current status is that they’re background players, if that. Darkseid (and by extension his cronies) has become an accepted member of the DCU. When you want to show how tough your hero is, (you have them fight Kalibak, if you want to put your hero in serious danger have Darkseid appear on the final page.)

Mister Miracle and Big Barda are also accepted into the DCU, but mostly as decoration (see Mister Miracle’s appearance in Identity Crisis). A Metron appearance means that a story is “cosmically important” (see JSA, Superman/Batman, JLA/Avengers).

Orion may pop up from time to time, but for the most part the New Gods stay on New Genesis and are ignored.

But every five years, at the longest, a creator decides to revisit the New Gods and convinces DC to publish another monthly. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a few years you read Wizard and find Dan Didio saying something like “The Fourth World are some of DC’s brightest characters, as well as some of the most untapped. In 200? I want to return some of the luster to these characters and put them back in the spotlight, where they belong. I guarantee 200? will be the year of the New God.”

Tim any thoughts on the bevy of New God’s questions?

“umm…excellent…” he offered weakly.

Brett, do you have a related question?

What is the deal with Boom Tubes, how do they work, and who has access to

Boom Tubes are just teleportation devices. They can connect any two points in the universe and make travel instantaneous.

The Boom Tube utilizes something called X-Element. X-Element is a power source that has wormhole abilities. The element was discovered by Himon, a scientist on Apokolips. His partner Metron, being the inventor he was, realized what it was capable of, and instantly hooked up with Darkseid (before he was ruler of Apokolips) to cut a side deal.

Metron knew of Darkseid’s hunger for conquest, so he told Darkseid how it could be used to invade New Genesis. Metron then invented the Matter Threshold, which Darkseid used to invade New Genesis, which began the war between the two worlds.

Years later Metron realized the error of his ways. He hooked back up with Himon and tinkered with the Matter Threshold, resulting in the Boom Tube. He then gave the new tech to New Genesis.

Anyone can use the tech. It comes standard on Mother Boxes. Anarky even rigged up his own homemade Boom Tube, because the kid’s that smart.

On a side note I hear the Limited Edition Virman Vudabar Ipodâ„¢ comes with Boom Tube tech, so scoop up that baby if you get the chance.

Tim, is there anything in the DCU that you’d rather have more than a Boom Tube?

Hmm…Batman’s gift for ruthlessness and excellence, Lex Luthor’s two previous jobs (billionaire CEO, President), Flash’s powers, GL’s ring, and/or a Mother Box. Boom Tubes are cool though.

Juan Francisco Gutierrez Santiago I know you want to keep this New God lovefest going on, right?

Who are all the known New Gods or related (Knockout, Graven)?

All I have to say is; “Thank goodness for the Internet.” I found a cool site which actually lists all residents of The Fourth World. But I won’t be lazy and just link the site. I’ll actually take the time and add my two cents.

3g4 – He was a parademon who fought Aquaman. He not only had a mind, but he questioned his purpose, thus he was killed.

Aarden – Was a primitive warrior who appeared in New Gods vol. 3

Agogg – The was a goon of Darkseids who Darseid killed.

Akarl – A friend of Orion’s from his youth. He was killed during a bug raid.

Alba – Tigra’s former body guard.

Amazing Grace – Glorious Godfrey’s sister. She’s one of Darkseid’s better agents.

Anaxia – A random citizen of New Genesis. She was killed by parademons during Superman/Aliens II.

Anne Flaherty – She just a normal human who died in a car accident…and possessed the Anti Life Equation!

Anomalie – This kid popped up in the most recent Spectre series. She gets on Darkseid’s bad side and he sends her to Earth, where life can seemingly be just as bad as it is on Apokolips. Really good issue pick up Spectre #19.

Antagonist – One of Darkseid’s little cronies.

Antinoos – One of the folks on New Genesis.

Arnicus Wolfram – A guy how sucked the life out of others, using tech from Apokolips, to make his life longer. He met his end in Orion #24.

Artemis – She’s a Female Fury (as opposed to the male kind).

Astorr – This guy was the original Infinity Man. Before he died he made Drax the Infinity Man.

Atinai – A New God construction worker.

Avia – She was married to Izaya, but was killed by Steppenwolf.

Bane – Another of Darkseid’s agents.

Beautiful Dreamer – She’s a member of the Forever People. And the tabloids say she’s shaking up with Takion.

Bekka – She’s the daughter of Himon.

Bernadeth – She’s the leader of the Female Furies.

Big Bear – Another member of the Forever People.

Big Breeda – She’s the mother of Big Barda, thus she’s Mister Miracle’s Mother In Law!

Black Racer – He’s the harvester of souls, not only for the New Gods, but he’s shows up in the DCU sometimes too.

“Black Racer 2” – A phony, he was part of a trap for Orion by Darkseid and Metron.

Blight – Darkseid’s flunky.

Blistom & Plackk – A couple of the Big D’s flunkies. Their beat is Armagetto.

Bloody Mary – She was training to be a Female Fury.

Brimstone – Darkseid created him.

Brola – Yet another of Darkseids goons.

Bully Boy – He was a warrior on Apokolips. He showed in Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis.

Buna – Another Apokoliptian warrior.

Captain Hathak – Tigra’s former beau, Darkseid killed him.

Celestia – Lives in Supertown.

Chessure – Malice Vundabar controls this creature.

Christine Little – The daughter of Oberon, illegitimate that is.

Claudia Shane – Possesses the Anti Life Equation.

Commander – He was a leader of the New Genesis battle forces. He died in combat.

Commander Tusk – He was Darkseid’s commander, but when he failed Darkseid, he was killer.

Concord & Harmon – A couple of Apokoliptian soldiers.

Control – One of Darkseid’s communications experts.

Cyborg-87 – One of Darkseid’s goons.

Dave Lincoln – Yet another of those blasted humans with the Anti Life Equation.

Deep Six (Gole, Pyron, Jaffar, Shaligo, Slig & Trok) – Aquatic minions of Darkseid.

Desaad – A loyal confidante to Darkseid. He’s Darkseid’s most trusted ally.

Desdemona – Metron’s ex.

Devilance the Pursuer – This flunky of Darkseid was killed in a fight with Infinity Man.

Dispatcher – Another dead fluky of Darkseid, he was killed by Orion.

Don Bradford – Another puny human with that wacky Anti Life Equation.

Drax – Y’know, Darkseid’s older brother. Darkseid killed him, he became the Infinity Man.

Dr. Bedlam – One of Darkseid’s Elite, a reliable enforcer.

Dr. Jinn – This poor Apokoliptian scientist was killed when he came down with a case of Alien. Check out Superman/Aliens II.

D’Vo – This guy likes to cause trouble on Apokolips.

Ellis Ames – Guess what this guy from Earth had? I’ll give you a hint, it’s initials are A.L.E. He killed himself rather than let Darkseid get it.

Enkar – This monster lives on New Genesis. It guards Hadis.

Esak – This poor kid became disfigured. This turned him from Metron to Darkseid. Orion killed him. Read The Hunger Dogs.

Ericht – This an Apokoliptian drone, that’s way loyal.

Eve Donner – Lightray was cool with this girl from Earth.

Fancy Goodbody – An old friend of Scott Free (like 1800’s old). Dead now.

Farley, Lynn and Richard Sheridan – The Deep Six sunk their boat. Richard was killed and Farley was lost at sea.

Fastbak – A fast New God from New Genesis.

Fiona Leeway – Shilo Norman’s “lady friend.”

Flashy Funkman – Conman (modeled after Stan Lee) and agent of Mister Miracle.

Fyre – Controlled The Dark. (I want to point out that at this point I’m going to bed for the night, and It’s obvious that I should have just linked the page. This has got to be one of my worst ideas…ever!)

(And I’m back right around 20 hours later. Sure I could have returned earlier but I had other things to do like; file my taxes, pluck my body bald, watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy. But finishing the column is inevitable. So let’s get on with it.)

Geridath – Darkseid freed this creature. This Promethean Giant was part of his plot to destroy Earth. But Orion stopped him by using the Anti Life Equation to negate the threat of the giant.

Gilotina – This is another rookie Female Fury.

Glorious Godfrey – This dude played a huge role in Legends. But when he tried to wear Dr. Fate’s helmet, he lost his mind. He’s has tenure at Granny Goodness’ orphanage.

Gorgon – Darkseid lackey.

Granny Goodness – She runs the Orphanage, where all of Darkseid’s most loyal with the most potential are trained. She’s ruthless. She’s the “Max Lord” to the Female Furies “JLI.”

Grayven – This guy claims to be Darkseid’s illegitimate son. But that’s yet to be proven.

Hagdar – *yawn* yet another of the underlings of Darkseid.

Harvey Lockman – If he’s from Earth, then he must possess the Anti Life Equation.

Heggra – Darkseid’s mom. She was killed by Desaad.

Hoogin – This Darkseid flunky was killed by Mister Miracle.

Hydrik & Klepp – These two worked for Virman Vundabar.

Infernius – An agent of Darkseid.

Infinity Man – He’s really Drax. He’s also associated with the Forever People.

Iota – Down with Darkseid.

Ixix – Anaxia’s husband. He also died in Superman/Aliens II

Jezebelle – This one fought for New Genesis, and died for it too.

Jigundus – Another of New Genesis’ warriors.

Jingles Jericho – This guy was a Intergang Boss. He was during a battle with Orion.

Joatt & Saraday – These two lovebirds live on New Genesis.

Jovita – Here’s another agitator on Apokolips.

Justeen – Desaad’s underling.

Kalibak – Darkseid’s son. Darkseid’s vicious, bitter, brutal son.

Kalibre – One of Apokolips’ trained assassins.

Kalkus – He’s Darkseid’s engineer.

Kaninsky – Darkseid brought the head of this Hunger Dog back to life in an attempt to understand his people a bit better.

Kanto – This dude is Darkseid’s personal assassin (because everyone needs one of those.)

Kanto 13 – Darkseid killed this predecessor to Kanto. He too was a personal assassin.

Karn & Deeben – These two poor souls live on Apokolips.

Karreev – She was supposed to marry Darkseid, but Doomsday arrived on her planet, which kind of put the wedding on hold. Check out Doomsday Annual #1

Killroy – This son of Steppenwolf appeared in Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis.

Knockout – This former Female Furie and former partner of Superboy is assumed to be dead, but you know comics.

Krassus – This guy fought in Kalibak’s army, but was killed by Kalibak.

Kreetin, Auralie, Weldun & Zep – Protector Willick killed all three of these student of Himon.

K’zandr – New Genesis’s Oracle needs a keeper, and who better than K’zandr.

Lakutha – This was Tigra’s midwife. Apokolips’ health care is so messed up that not even Darkseid has any insurance, thus Tigra had to have a midwife. In order to keep Orion’s parentage a secret Tigra killed Lakutha.

Lar-El – Somewhere in Hypertime this son of Superman and Beautiful Dreamer exists. Check out Superman/Batman Generations III.

Lashina – Female Fury.

Ligea – One of those people who are imprisoned on The Source Wall.

Lightray – Orion’s buddy. He’s a hero on New Genesis and Earth.

Lonar – This retiree used to fight for New Genesis, but now just lives there.

Lorraine Hampton – Guess what formula she possesses? If you said the Anti Life Equation, you were correct.

Lucifar – This guy works for Darkseid.

Lump – Lump’s got great mental powers, but he’s deformed. Still Darkseid uses him sometimes to do his bidding.

Lurker – This one works with Killroy, which means he can be found in Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis.

Madame Nature – She’s chief of security on New Genesis.

Mad Harriet – Female Fury.

Magnar – Yet another who is willing to fight for New Genesis.

Malice Vundabar – She’s a wannabe Female Fury.

Mantis – This weirdo worked for Darkseid, until he was killed by Orion.

Mark Moonrider – He’s one of those Forever People.

“Marvelous” Marno – He’s one of Apokolips’ finest inventors.

Master Mayhem – Worked under Steppenwolf, but he was killed by Doomsday in the Doomsday Annual #1

Maxwell Torch – Is he a minion of Darkseid or a human who possesses the Anti Life Equation? He’s the latter.

Melissa – She lives in Suicide Slum.

Merritz – This one of Darkseid’s brawlers was killed by Brimstone.

Meteorra – There’s a chance that this is a young god from New Genesis.

Mister Miracle (Scott Free) – Izaya’s son who was sent to live on Apokolips as part of the peace treaty between the two worlds. He escaped to Earth and any true success as a character.

Mokkari & Simyan – These two scientists from Apokolips are based on Earth. They conduct experiments and such with the populace.

Mortalla – This is a woman who was transformed by Darkseid to resemble his lost love Suli. (And y’all thought he had no heart. Shame on you!)

Mother Herrae – This original New God served as a leader for the Primitives who lived on New Genesis.

Myt – Big Barda killed this loyal Darkseid underling.

Necromina – Not only is this warrior faithful to Darkseid, but Necromina can control and raise the dead.

Nomak – Possessor of Anti Life Equation or New Genesis soldier. It’s the former.

Nurse Maggit – She’s the assistant to Desaad.

Oberon – He’s the bald short guy who’s always around Mister Miracle.

Orion – Darkseid’s son who was sent to live on New Genesis as part of a peace pact between the two worlds.

Pharzoof – A parademon who went rogue.

Plackk & Blistom – These two encountered a mysterious “Green Flame” on Apokolips.

Poet – Orion brought this serial killer to justice.

Prime One – Out of all of the Bugs, this was the wisest. But when the colony was destroyed, so was Prime One.

Prodigan – Yet another of those stuck on the Source Wall.

Protector Willik – This guy had to protect an entire district on Apokolips. That is until Himon killed him.

Pythia – Darkseid’s oracle needs a keeper. Thus Pythia got a sweet gig.

Queen-Widow – She was queen of the Bug colony, until she died when it was destroyed.

Randall Rodman – Yup, this guy has the Anti Life Equation.

Ravok the Ravager – This poor chap was killed by Darkseid, and he worked for the guy. To find out more read; Marvel & DC Present: Uncanny X-Men and New Teen Titans

Red-One – Meteorra needed an assistant and Red-One landed the job.

Reflekktor – The Dark’s manifestation.

Rip Roar – This dude, from Apokolips, was stuck in a mountain on Earth for a couple of millennia. He was freed in Young Justice.

Runt – If the guy was an underling of Killroy, then he must have appeared in Superman & Savage Dragon: Metropolis.

Seagrin – This New Genesisian was killed by the Deep Six.

Seera – She abandoned Granny Goodness and a future with the Female Furies to hang out with Al Bizarro. Only in the funny books.

Serifan – He’s one of the Forever People.

Shilo Norman – He used to fill in for Mister Miracle, back in the day.

Sister Sunlight – This healer valiantly gave her life to save a kid.

S’ivaa – What happened between the death of the Old Gods and the birth of the New Gods? S’ivaa was created. But S’ivaa was beaten by Superman and Orion.

Skrok – This is just a resident of the Armagetto.

Sleeth – Orion killed this dog warrior. Where was the ASPCA?

Sleez – This dude, loyal to Darkseid, allegedly shot an “unrated” film starring Superman and Big Barda.

Speed Queen – She’s training to be a Female Fury.

Sserpa – A true warrior, but a primitive one.

Stanga – Even New Genesis has hermits. Stanga’s one.

Stayne – Darkseid created this out of The Source to act as a balance for Takion.

Steel Hand – This is the guy who killed the original Mister Miracle. Scott Free apprehended him.

Steppenwolf – He’s Darkseid’s uncle. He also died, killed by Izaya. But Darkseid brought him back to lead Apokolips’ armies.

Sting – Former lead singer of the band The Police… wait, that’s not right. This is just a spider like creature from Apokolips.

Stompa – Geez, will we ever run out of Female Furies?

Sturmer – Orion’s dog. He gave his life to stop Mageddon.

Suli – Darkseid’s first wife. She was killed by Desaad because Heggra told him to do it. She is Kalibak’s mother.

Targa – One of those darn Armagetto rebels.

Tatheta – A confidante of Tigra, she was killed.

Ted Brown – Thaddeus Brown’s son. He’s chummy with Mister Miracle and Oberon.

Teledar – A science officer on New Genesis.

Thaddeus Brown – The original Mister Miracle. He was killed.

Tigra – Darkseid’s second wife and Orion’s mother. She died, but not as mischievously as the Darkseid’s first wife did.

Titan – A warrior for Darkseid.

Topkick – He’s a drill instructor for the parademons.

Trainee X & Trainee Z – They were students of Granny’s orphanage. They tried to escape Apokolips, but were killed by Darkseid.

Turmoil – Superman destroyed this huge robot from Apokolips.

Twilight – This hero, who appeared in Supergirl was born on Apokolips.

Tygar the Tearer – Tygar is a gladiator in Darkseid’s coliseum, that resembled a saber tooth tiger.

Tyrus the Tracker – Darkseid’s goon.

Valkyra – Kalibak killed her. She was Vykin’s mother.

Vayla – Scott Free’s mother. She was Izaya’s second wife and she died during childbirth.

Vek – Big Barda killed this goon of Darkseid.

Victor Lanza – This dead guy once possessed the Anti Life Equation.

Virman Vundabar – This guy was a member of Darkseid’s inner circle. But Darkseid still killed him when he found out about some deceit on Virman’s part.

Volka – Big Barda killed this goon of Darkseid as well.

Vykin – He’s a Forever Person.

Wilson Gilmore – This human possessor of the Anti Life Equation died in one of Desaad’s contraptions.

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