InsidePulse’s WWE Smackdown! Report 1.6.05

Happy NEW YEAR! I’m your new SD! recapper, as Brad now has classes on thursday nights, so I’ll be covering this show now till the day I die. Or until the semester’s over, whichever comes first.

There are so many people who give their opinions on SD! and RAW, so I wont, unless it’s good or REALLY bad. I also have been cutting back on spoilers, to help boost my interest.

Oh, I also do Heat recaps here too.

Taped from Mohegan Sun Casino
Hosts are Tazz & Michael Cole

Eddie Guerrero vs. WWE Tag Team Champion Rey Mysterio
Joy is our special bell ringer. Eddie grabs a hammerlock, and gets Rey in a side headlock. Rey gets out with an amrdrag into a headscissors. Test of strength, which Eddie wins, but Rey flips it around into a sunset flip for 2. Rey gets another tilt a whirl headscissors, but Eddie counters what seems to be a hurricanrana, and drops Rey on his face! It gets 2. Crowd chants “619”. Eddie gets back on the hammerlock, and gets Rey’s shoulders down for a quick 2. Rey gets his foot on the rope to get out of the hammerlock. Rey goes for some sort of sprinboard move, but Eddie catches Rey, and sets him up in a tree of woe. Eddie misses a kick, crotching himself, and that leads us to:

Commercial break.

We’re back with Rey having an armbar on Guerrero. Fans chant “Eddie”. Eddie tries to get out, but Rey DDTs him for 2. The two trade sleepers, and the crowd gets back behind Eddie. Eddie gets out, but Rey kicks him down and gets a 2nd rope moonsault for 2. Crowd gets back on Rey’s side. Rey gets out of a powerbomb, and sets up Eddie in the 619 position, but Eddie escapes. Eddie counters a bronco buster with a kick to Rey for 2. Rey monkey flips him, and sets him up for the top rope hurricanrana, but Eddie holds on to the ropes. Eddie comes off with a sunset flip, but Rey rolls out and kicks him for 2. Ref gets knicked down inadvertently, and Eddie gets the tag belt and sets it on Rey. Rey puts it back on him, and Eddie treis to hide the belt. The ref asks Eddie if he hit Rey with the belt, and catches him red-handed. As Eddie talks to the ref through the ropes, Rey goes for a 619, but Eddie ducks it, and goes for a small package, which Rey counters for 3.

Backstage, Heidenrich is shown talking to Paul Heyman, thanking him for coming to help him. Paul says the casket stipulation is unfair, and says he’s going to take care of this right NOW.

Later tonight, Cena faces Kenzo in a battle rap.

Commercial break.

Carlito comes out to do commentary for…

WWE Cruiserweight Championship: Funaki(c) vs. Akio
Carlito has a petition to get rid of Teddy Long, and goes around trying to get people to sign it. The two tie up and Akio lands a kick. Funaki grabs an armdrag, and gets a quick rollup for 2. Backslide for 2. Enzuigiri for 2. Carlito tries to get the ref to sign the petition, as Akio takes over. Enzuigiri to the back of the head gets 2 for Akio. Funaki gets a backdrop, and bulldog gets 2. Funaki comes of the ropes, but Akio gets a kick for 2. Corkscrew misses, and Funaki gets the Rising Sun for 3.

Afterwards, Joy wont sign the petition, so Carlito spits in her face.

Commercial break.

Backstage, Heyman pleads with Long to change the match at the RR, and he will…if Heyman and Heidenrich beat the Undertaker.

Backstage, Amy talks with Kurt, and tells him to meet her aftwerwards.

Commercial break.

Kurt Angle vs. local guy
Kurt just beats on him and makes him tap to the Ankle Lock.

Backstage, Jackie and Torrie are talking to Puder. Puder gets rude, so the girls brush him off.

Cena/Suzuki Battle Rap, NEXT!

Commercial break.

Cole’s in the ring, and introduces Kenzo and Cena for the battle rap. Cena gives his jersey to a kid at ringside, and also brings in a Chain Gang sign. Cole says next week Cena will defend his title against Suzuki. Kenzo says Cena is about to get served. Kenzo’s is pretty pedestrian. Cena gets in some lines about Kenzo eating trouser trout, getting a pole by going on a date with Cole, and helping Hiroko with the white face. Kenzo fires back, and lets Hiroko sing some Beyonce. Cena brings out some of the newer divas. Kenzo admires the divas, but Hiroko jumps one of them. Cena tries to help, but Kenzo attacks him. John manages to get the last punch in however.

Commercial break.

They also announce RVD/Rey vs. Eddie/Booker vs. Reigns/Jindrak vs. The Bashams for the tag titles next week.

WWE Tag Team Champion Rob Van Dam vs. Doug Basham
Rey, Jordan, and Danny are all at ringside. The two exchange holds, but Doug goes outside and gets in a fight with Rey, sending the cruiser to the back. Rob knocks Doug with a baseball slide, and gets a top turnbuckle moonsault. Back in, it gets 2. Back out, and the Bashams double team, as the crowd gets behind RVD. Doug looks to go for some splash, but RVD gets his legs up. Jaw kick gets 2 for Van Dam. Thrust kick sets up the Rolling Thunder, which sets up the Frog Splash, but Danny stops that. Orlando gives Doug a little pipe, but RVD takes it. The ref argues with Rob, as Dannny switches with Doug. He creeps up on Van Dam with a small packge for 2. Brain Damage gets 3 for “Doug”.

Backstage, a snazzy Angle enters Ms. Weber’s room.

Commercial break.

Kurt’s shown sitting on a coach, and it looks like he’s waiting. He slowly opens the bathroom door, and hears the shower running. He undresses some, rubs his nipples, reveals his speedo, and finds…Joy. Joy runs out to…the Big Show. Angle tries to explain, but Show wont listen, and chases him out to the ring. Angle tries to fight him off. Reigns tries to help, but get clotheslined. Jindrak brings in a chair, but gets Chokeslammed. Angle tries to fight with a cahir, but Show just shakes it off and punches him.

Commercial break.

We see a replay of what just went down.

Backstage, JBL is shown gloating with Jordan and Amy. He unveils that Amy’s nametag over Joy’s.

RAW Rebound.

Heidenrich is shown punching a wall, and Heyman says their up next. Heyman says he would have volunteered to fight alongside Heidenrich, because he believes in him.

Commercial break.

Heidenrich & Paul Heyman vs. The Undertaker
They lockup, and Heidenrich knocks Taker down with a shoulder. Again, but Taker gets a couple armdrags. Heidenrich stops what looks to be Old School, and gets a scoop slam. A couple of elbows get 2. Heidernrich gets a boot for 2. Taker gets a clothesline, snake eyes, and a big boot. Old School connects, and Taker calls out some dudes with caskets. There’s two. Taker opens them, and John tags in Heyman as he runs away. Tombstone, and Heyman gets rolled into the casket.


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