Recapped: Lost – Episode 11

Well, it’s a brand new year, but I’m still recapping the same shows. Not that I have any reason to complain of course. This is my first recap of 2005 for any show that I cover, and it just so happens to be Lost.

This episode of Lost was leading in to the two-hour season premiere of Alias, which as of this writing, I have not viewed yet. By the time I recap Desperate Housewives on Tuesday, however, I will have watched it and that is when I will share with you my opinion on the episode. So there.

Speaking of Desperate Housewives, I will be acknowledging an error in my recap during the mailbag of that recap, so stay tuned for that.

And speaking of mailbags:


I just finished reading your latest Lost recap on insidepulse. Great read as always.

I had an idea regarding your question as to why Jack “won’t let it happen again” with Ethan. I don’t think it has anything to do with Ethan at all. I think he feels responsible for letting his dad “kill” the pregnant woman in the operating room. As a result, he does not want to let Ethan kill another pregnant woman under his watch like his dad did in the past. That explains the flashbacks during this particular episode. I may be oversimplifying but that’s my two cents.

Ed Motzer”

And a very valuable two cents they are. That would be a good explanation for the flashbacks, so I don’t see any reason to get it more complicated than that. Because Ethan is complicated enough as it is.

“Awwww crap man i hate when things end on such a big cliffhanger like that. the possibilities of what could be under the steel are endless. i cant think of which way to go with this show whether its supernatural things that are occurring or if everything is finally going to be resolved with some real world based explanation.”

We’ll hopefully get more answers than questions in the next few episodes to run out this season. Especially after a long break when they went into reruns. I want answers!

On with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: Well, for some reason they didn’t provide any previously segment, which I think is necessary to catch people up from their last episode weeks and weeks ago. But if you really want to know what went down, go ahead and click on the link at the beginning of this paragraph, because honestly, even I’m having trouble remembering some of the things that happened previously.

Open on a jungle. Nothing new there, except for Kate scaling a tree in search for food in a very sexy manner. She shimmies down the very large tree branch and eventually goes back down to the foilage, as she takes a drink of some nice cave water and is on her way back…when she hears a twig snap. Womptown, USA. Kate continues walking, but the sound gets louder so Kate snags the nearest rock and gives it a hurl…pegging Un-Sawyer in the process as he emerges from the thick bushes. They both question what the hell they’re doing, as Kate wonders if the Un-Sawyer is stalking her now. Un-Sawyer blows that off and then continues to whine about his knee. Kate doesn’t think it’s that bad, but it’s Un-Sawyer’s knee, so he should know best. Apparently Kate is searching for food because everyone is chowing down and the trees are still plentiful this far out in the jungle. Wherever “this far out” is. Sawyer thinks that Kate needs protection after what happened to…that girl. Kate cuts him off before the common viewer can realize that Un-Sawyer not only doesn’t know Claire’s name, but doesn’t even have a cute name for the pregnant Aussie (like Roo or Crocodile Dundee). Kate can protect herself and whatnot, but she is charmed by Sawyer’s impression of herself. Aww, that’s so cute. Kate tells Un-Sawyer to be quiet and Un-Sawyer wonders if she smells “blood on the wind”, but that’s just silly and Kate’s concern is real. Un-Sawyer is apparently temporarily deaf and cannot hear what Kate hears, but when they rumble through the jungle brush, they discover a nice-sized waterfall. Sawyer decides to immediately take advantage of this and “soak his sore knee”. Kate seems ready to soak Sawyer’s “sore knee” as well *wink wink nudge nudge* as he invites Kate to jump into the potentially monster-infested but yet oh-so-beautiful waterfall. Un-Sawyer tries to convince Kate to live a little, and Kate finally takes the bait–er, agrees to swim with Un-Sawyer.

Now, kids, it’s time for Fun With J.J. Abrams Logic:

The Un-Sawyer wants to soak his sore knee in this water. So naturally, to appease the 18-49 female demographic only SLIGHTLY, the Un-Sawyer peels off his t-shirt, but not his jeans. Now, the last time I checked, knees usually are encased in the blue jeans.

However, when Kate finally decides to jump in, J.J. Abrams knows that the 18-49 MALE demographic must be satisfied by Kate dropping HER pants.

Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way…the sexual tension in the waterfall is powerful enough to give electricity to the city of Ontario (Canada, not California) Kate and the Un-Sawyer are very playful as we just enjoy the scenery of Kate’s supple, wet body. Mmm, mmm, mmm. Kate and Un-Sawyer go to a somewhat high place and dive into the water, as I was praying for Kate or the Un-Sawyer to break a bone diving in. Anyway, we get an underwater shot as Kate and the Un-Sawyer continue to be festive with each other…and then the Un-Sawyer and Kate notices some bodies floating at the bottom of the lake. Two very rotten corpses weighed down by the airplane seat. Which, uh…is supposed to be a floatation device.

But that doesn’t matter, because the 18-49 year old males are LOST in Kate’s ass. Baby got back. Oh, and a criminal record.

And now, a word from our sponsors…nice job drawing out the terrible thing that everyone was hoping to find in the water. See, all that sexual tension wasn’t for naught!

Back to the water as Kate and Un-Sawyer FINALLY put their heads above water after holding their breath longer than that old lady from the Posiedon Adventure, as Kate and Un-Sawyer make sure each other is okay, since they were so close to touching that dead guy’s gross skin ewww. The Un-Sawyer wants to loot the dead folks of their belongings, however, and Kate frantically goes to stop him. However, she comes to a stop as she notices a suitcase under the sunken floatation device. Seeing that Sawyer did not grab it, she decides to swim back to surface. Sawyer did find a wallet, and Kate dismisses him as disgusting, only seconds after seeing two dead bodies rotting in this water. Mind you, they’re still swimming in it. If I was either of them, I’d definitely be high-tailing it out of there, whether I was wearing only panties or as naked as the day I was born. But Kate and the Un-Sawyer are perfectly fine with wading in water along with two rotting corpses. Anyway, the case under the seat is Kate’s so she’s going to go get it. Sawyer gives chase because anything that is salvageable he must have. Kate and Un-Sawyer wrestle the suitcase from under the sunken floatation device, and then finally get out of the water to bring it ashore. It doesn’t take long before the Un-Sawyer realizes that the suitcase definitely isn’t hers. Kate confirms this, and the Un-Sawyer thinks that is good enough reason to take it. Kate says she doesn’t care, but Un-Sawyer doesn’t think that’s the case. He asks for any information on the case she may have, but Kate just advises him to take it. And that’s the last we’ll see of Kate’s panties…at least until next week.

Cut to the beach, as it’s almost like a B-level horror movie with a shaky camera watching the survivors trying to salvage their baggage from the growing tide. That’s right, the water is moving in more and more on the island, and suddenly my theory of the island just getting flooded into nothing suddenly doesn’t sound so crazy. Sayid finds it weird that the tide would change so suddenly, washing everything out to sea. Dr. Jack is with Sayid, and notes that there’s plenty of things that aren’t normal about this island. He also notes that the fuselage will be underwater in a matter of days given the rate of erosion on the beach. Dr. Jack says that the only way they can make a difference is not by moving further upcoast, but by moving inland. Sayid mentions that people are still wary of entering the jungle, following what happened to Claire and not to mention SOME KIND OF MONSTURRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. To change the subject, Dr. Jack wants Sayid to take him to the Frenchwoman, since she said that there were others on the island. Sayid says that her mind is gone, however, and that Sayid can’t be sure of what she said. Dr. Jack is about to question this, but Sayid tells of an easy way to refute all of this:

“It was the wind playing tricks.” Yeah, that’ll work. Dr. Jack asks about the documents and the maps that she got from the Frenchwoman’s bunker, but Sayid mentions that the equations on the documents are beyond his skills in mathematics and decryption. There are notes in French accompanying the diagrams on the documents, so a translator might be able to make sense of it all for Sayid, but Sayid suggests that this could go better left untranslated. So Dr. Jack suggests that Sayid tell Charlie that, as he sits alone near one of the destroyed jet engines.

Cut to Shannon reading a magazine as Boone arrives to get some water. Boone makes wise of Shannon being lazy again, but Shannon cuts to the chase, wondering where Boone has been with Locke, leaving before sunrise and coming back after dark for the last four days. Shannon wonders if Locke is Boone’s new boyfriend, but Boone doesn’t answer right away. Boone lies and says that they’re looking for Claire. Shannon seems to pick up on the lie and says that she heard there was no more trail and nowhere to look. But at least Boone is doing something, unlike the chocophobe Shannon. Boone and Shannon are a joke to the other survivors on the island, and while Boone is trying to contribute something, well…Shannon is useless. I wouldn’t go that far just yet. Shannon has many uses. It’s just that none of them don’t involve fantasies with ice cubes and whipped cream and other random objects. Shannon is on the verge of sobbing, but we must cut!

It’s nightfall on the beach as Kate stokes a fire and the Un-Sawyer walks on by with the mysterious briefcase. Kate is obviously infatuated with the briefcase and more obviously what’s inside the case.

Flashback time as a Mark Hutton asks “Ms. Ryan” for some ID so that they can begin the “loan app”. Mr. Hutton asks Ms. Ryan what brings her to New Mexico (by the way, Ms. Ryan is Kate, in case some of you haven’t already figured this out by reading this). Anyway, Ms. Ryan’s work brings her to this part of the area: She’s a photographer. Mr. Hutton continues asking questions as Ms. Ryan says that she’s been commissioned for a coffee table book: Pictures of old theaters and small towns. Mr. Hutton suggests an old theatre (or a small town) nearby and Ms. Ryan assures him that he will get an acknowledgement if it is used. Fun note: Kate’s hands are covering up the “Hutton” on Mark’s nameplate, which simply says “Mark”. Oh foreshadowing, we are such great friends. Anyway, Mr. Hutton says to Kate to just call him “Mark”…and then a robbery takes place out of NOWHERE. The robber shoots out the security cameras and gives a nice jab to a security guard as Mr. Hutton goes to trip the alarm but the robber warns him to not even think about it. It’s actually two robbers as the first robber hops the railing and looks for a teller to rob, going to the back. The second robber lines up Kate with the other hostages…and now I’m not sure how many robbers there are. Anyway, one of the robbers goes to ask Mr. Hutton if he’s the manager. Indeed he is, as Mr. Hutton is ordered at gunpoint to open the money cage before people get hurt bleh bleh bleh, this is nothing new to me as a movie buff. Seen it before, baby!

Anyway, back to the beach as Kate sneaks into the Un-Sawyer’s tent, finding the briefcase and making a go for it. Sawyer has it in between his legs, however, and anything in between Sawyer’s legs that Kate touches will send the Un-Sawyer into a fit. Sure enough, Kate walks right into Sawyer’s trap, wrapping his legs around her and capturing her wrists. Kinky. Kate wants Sawyer to get off her but Sawyer makes the crack about Kate being the one on top and whatnot. The Un-Sawyer begins to wonder about Kate’s lack of resistance and wonders if she’s not after the case at all, but the Un-Sawyer gets his answer with a rousing headbutt to the face as that breaks the deathgrip on her wrists, but she still can’t wrestle the case away. Sawyer breaks out another gem about “if you wanted to play rough all you had to do was say so”. Sawyer asks if Kate wants to make a third try, but Kate simply orders that Sawyer hand over the briefcase. Sawyer don’t play that game, though, so Kate just turns around and leaves.

And now, a word from our sponsors…well, there’s obviously something up with that robbery. Whatever it is. They’ll reveal it to us soon. But Kate obviously isn’t a victim of that robbery as it appears. That’s just too straightforward. Not enough swerve in that.

Back to Shannon oh my god she is so hot but she’s still doing nothing, just laying on the beach. She turns over to begin the tan on her back, making sure to rid herself of the bikini first, of course. Here comes Sayid, hobbling and selling the knee as he comes up on Shannon. Sayid notices Shannon and then mentions that they’re quite close to the equator, so the sun may be a little intense for that hot little body of hers. Well, Sayid didn’t compliment Shannon’s body, but…he was thinking it. I know it! Anyway, Shannon says that she has a good base, whatever that means, and Sayid seems to be blushing(?) as he begins to ask the very topless Shannon about the whole diagrams in French thing. Sayid informs Shannon about Russo, the Frenchwoman who Shannon originally translated oh-so-long ago. Shannon wonders if Boone put him up to this, but that just confuses Sayid. Anyway, Shannon may know how to speak French, but it’s just barely. Sayid only wants her to try, at least. So we get the typical “no answer, but she’ll probably say yes” cut to…

The Un-Sawyer trying to pick the lock on the mysterious briefcase, with no success. Here comes Walt and Michael trudging along, as Michael notes that if Sawyer is able to pick a lock on a Haliburton he’ll give Sawyer a piggyback flight to LA. Sawyer suggests that Michael find a runway, since there isn’t a lock he can’t pick. Hurley wants to know what Sawyer’s up to, and he guffaws when he learns that he’s trying to pick the lock on a Haliburton. Michael says that there is a way, but he’s gotta hit it with something hard like a sledgehammer. Or perhaps the ax. Sawyer considers this…

…as Boone brings the ax to Locke, stolen. Locke grabs the ax and suggests that they go to work.

Cut to Rose making an out of left field appearance to talk to Charlie. Rose has that generic revelation of “Oops, I forgot that you’re not talking much anymore.” Just to refresh us on Charlie being silent, not a mute. Anyway, Rose doesn’t think that gives Charlie any reason to be rude, and Charlie perks up at that. Charlie decides to talk then, asking Rose to repeat herself. Rose doesn’t repeat herself, but gets to the point that everyone is helping move the camp up the beach…except for Charlie. Charlie can’t believe that Rose is serious, but Rose can’t believe that Charlie thinks he’s the only one who has something to be sad about on this island. Charlie seems reluctant to help Rose despite this, but then finally decides “Oh well, I can worry about my abducted pregnant friend that I’m infatuated with later” and decides to finally help Rose.

Axless, Sawyer bashes the Haliburton against a sharp rock in an attempt to break it open. Sawyer gets frustrated with the process and almost injures himself in the process of viciously throwing it against the rock, but then he takes a look to the sky and decides to climb up into the bamboo forest. He drops it from the very high cliff, aiming it right at the rock…and it doesn’t open as it strikes the rock. Sawyer is in shock, naturally. He’s even more surprised when Kate comes out of nowhere, picking her spot and taking the briefcase as Sawyer is helpless. Sawyer begins to climb back down as Kate chugs her way through the jungle with the briefcase. Sawyer gives chase, eventually catching up with Kate and tackling her down. This time Sawyer is on top. A headbutt connects again, as Sawyer and Kate get back up and Sawyer just dismisses this as silly as he now has control of the briefcase. Sawyer proposes that Kate tell him what’s inside and he’ll give it to her. Kate keeps lunging for the briefcase, however. Sawyer admits that he doesn’t really care what’s inside, but more about why it means so much to Kate. Sawyer offers the chance to Kate one more time, but Kate gives no answer. So Sawyer walks off into the tall, tall brush, disappearing.

Flashback time as the robber is continuing to ask Mr. Hutton for the money cage key, but Mr. Hutton knows that he’s a dead man anyway. There’s three robbers now, clearly, as one of the big burly men next to Kate announces that he thinks he can take the tall guy. He advises Kate to keep her head down and then heads off to take down one of the robbers. The gun is kicked to Kate as the burly man screams to shoot the robber, as there is much confusion in the bank as to why one of the robbers isn’t running over and taking out the big guy already. So the main robber goes over to Kate to disarm her as the big guy continues to scream for her to shoot him. The whole thing is a coup as the big guy is knocked out and Kate has no idea how to turn off the safety. She is easily disarmed as the main robber takes Kate to the back room to talk. Here comes the big swerve…as the robber and Kate laugh over Kate’s acting like she doesn’t know how to use a gun. There you go. Kate is such a conniving slut, I could see it coming from a mile away. So instead of robbing the bank the main robber and Kate decide to make out. Yeah.

And now, a word from our sponsors…Kate/Sawyer is pretty good, but the Kate flashbacks are predictable and boring so far. Shannon’s sexiness and the appeal of eventually being told what Locke and Boone are looking for is the only thing that’s keeping me around.

Back to a secluded area of the beach as Sayid and Shannon are looking over the diagrams for the French notations that she is to translate. Shannon whines about the math in the diagrams, but Sayid wants Shannon to worry about the French: He’ll handle the math. Shannon doesn’t believe that she can pull it off, but Sayid has faith in her, whether genuine or not. Sayid asks where Shannon learned to speak French, and Shannon reveals that she knew this guy. Sayid decides to stop doing the math that could answer a lot of questions and decides to instead listen to Shannon’s boring story. Anyway, Sayid/Shannon relationship is building and whatnot. Shannon goes back to the French and gives it another shot.

In the cave, Dr. Jack tries to start conversation with Sun, asking Sun what the plant that she has is for. Sun tries to convey it in Korean but Dr. Jack don’t know no silly Korean and so Sun plays charades with Dr. Jack, as Dr. Jack figures out that it’s for a headache. Here comes Kate, as she announces to Dr. Jack that another problem has arisen. Dr. Jack wonders if everyone has a problem or if it’s just Kate who has the problem. Kate looks over at Sun and assumes that Sun doesn’t know English, so she decides to continue, mentioning to Dr. Jack that she’s the only one who knows about her true self. Kate explains that the Marshal that was escorting her on the plane had a silver case. The airline wouldn’t allow the Marshal to carry the briefcase onboard, however, since it was enough of a concession to let him have a gun on his ankle. Kate knows that the case contained some traveling money and some of the Marshal’s personal stuff. Oh, and four 9mms with boxes of ammo. Forgot about that part. Sun continues to listen in unbeknownst to them as Kate continues talking. Sun finally walks off as Kate mentions that Sawyer is now in possession of the case. Dr. Jack finds it lucky that he hasn’t opened the case, but Kate mentions that he will sooner or later. Dr. Jack wants to know what Kate wants him to do, and Kate reveals that the Marshal’s wallet contains the key. The Marshal is already buried, however. Kate just wants to know where the Marshal is buried. Dr. Jack smells something fishy, and it isn’t Kate’s *whistles*. Dr. Jack wants to know what else is in the case that is so interesting to Kate, but Kate says that it’s just the guns that she’s interested in keeping away from Sawyer. Dr. Jack wants to open the case together if she wants him to help. Kate agrees to this, so Dr. Jack is cool.

Charlie and Rose are dragging some more stuff along as Charlie asks why Rose is smiling. Rose doesn’t even notice that she’s smiling, however, but assumes she must be if Charlie says so. Charlie doesn’t see how Rose could be happy since things are awful, they’re stranded on an island and no one’s coming for them. Rose says that Charlie doesn’t know that for sure, but Charlie admits that what he does know is that there’s something in that jungle that eats people. Now, I take objection to that, since the pilot wasn’t eaten, he was merely gnashed at until dead. Charlie also knows that there’s a person or group of people attempting to hurt the survivors of the plane crash. Rose finally cuts Charlie off, and says that no one blames him for what happened to Claire, since he did everything he could do and was very close to dying himself. Charlie wonders if he should have died, but Rose thinks that Charlie needs to ask for help.

“Who’s gonna help me?”

Cut to the burial site of the Marshal, as Kate wonders why he wasn’t buried with the others in the fuselage. Dr. Jack says that he needed to be buried, and nothing more. Dr. Jack gets a shovel and hands it to Kate. Kate is almost prepared to start digging…but first!

Flashback time as the main robber and Kate get ready to finish off the robbery. Finally. Before they go back out, though, it has to look like something rough happened, as the main robber backhands Kate, but not before calling her Maggie. Nice. Here comes Maggie back out with a fat lip, as the crowd of hostages is still scared and it’s obvious that Mr. Hutton is not giving up yet. Kate keeps playing along, telling Mr. Hutton not to give up the key to the vault since they’re going to kill each other anyway. Mr. Hutton is so infatuated with Kate, however, that he doesn’t want her to die. So before the robber can pull the trigger, he finally agrees to give up the vault key. X spots the mark.

Kate and Dr. Jack are still digging in the dirt to exhume the Marshal’s body, working hard. Kate and Dr. Jack begin to cough at the smell of his rotting corpse, needing some fresh air to continue. Kate volunteers to wrestle the wallet out of his back pocket, finally doing so after a struggle, going off and coughing as they move away from the body. Kate opens the wallet to find maggots inside and drops it in shock. So Dr. Jack picks it up…and there’s no key. Kate looks frustrated…but Dr. Jack catches her by mentioning that it was good sleight of hand to distract Dr. Jack with the wallet. Sure enough, the key is in Kate’s hand, and Dr. Jack takes it right out. Dr. Jack is near tears from the smell and the betrayal as he doesn’t want to hear another word, walking off.

And now, a word from our sponsors…okay, I’m really digging how in past episodes, Dr. Jack decided that he didn’t want to know the truth about Kate, and now he’s slowly finding out that there’s no way that Kate can be trusted, which breaks Dr. Jack’s heart and reveals to him a side of Kate he didn’t want to know about. Good stuff. I’m a little creeped out by Sayid/Shannon, though, since Sayid seems to be a little old for Shannon. Hopefully this doesn’t really come to pass and Sayid was really trying to motivate Shannon and not hit on her.

Speaking of Shannon, the French Tickler begins to do her thing as she reads through the French notations. Shannon begins to translate them, and notices that it’s the same as the last one. “The sea of silver sparkles.” Or something like that. Sayid wants to know if Shannon is sure, since the equations are different so what Shannon is saying doesn’t make any sense. Sayid picks up one sheet and wants Shannon to translate it since it should say something about longitude and latitude. Shannon needs some room to do some of this translating, and a frustrated Sayid backs off as Shannon struggles through it: “Next to the pond…blue…blue infinity.” Sayid is not impressed, but Shannon thinks that everything looks familiar. This is surprising to Sayid, since he thinks it’s a bunch of nonsense for the past hour. Shannon did say that her French sucks, however, and also it’s quite plausible that the nonsense may be coming from Russo and not Shannon. Sayid thinks the translation mission was a mistake, and so Shannon decides to throw a pity party by reminding Sayid that word on the island is that she’s useless. Shannon, is of course, very close to sobbing at this point, as Sayid begins to dial back his anger a bit, going silent as Shannon storms off.

Dr. Jack comes up on Sawyer, who’s cleaning up to move upbeach. Dr. Jack motions to the briefcase as Sawyer figures that Kate would get the Doctor to do her dirty work. Sawyer wonders if they’re going to wrestle over it, and Dr. Jack denies that: Sawyer is just going to hand it over. But that’s not the way Southerners roll. So Dr. Jack mentions the antibiotic that he’s been giving Sawyer for his knife wound. Should Sawyer be cut off from the pills, he’ll start to itch and see red lines in a couple of days’ time, at which point he’ll be begging Dr. Jack to take the case, just so he could have his arm cut off. Sawyer doesn’t think Dr. Jack could do it, but Dr. Jack assures Sawyer that he’s wrong in that assumption. Dr. Jack wasn’t told what’s inside, like Sawyer. Sawyer is about to hand off the case, still unaware that Dr. Jack has the key, but he has some parting words for the Doctor: Whatever Kate told Dr. Jack to put him up to this…Kate lied. Dr. Jack snatches the case and says nothing, walking away.

Over to Kate with the case, as Dr. Jack is ready to open the case together. Dr. Jack walks off and Kate gets up to follow(?)…

But I can’t tell since it’s flashback time. Mr. Hutton is fumbling with the door to the vault, as the robbers make sure to bring Kate into the vault to keep Mr. Hutton on his toes and also because Kate/Maggie is in on the whole thing. The robbers begin collecting the money, and Mr. Hutton suggests letting Maggie go. But the robber then reveals the big scam about Maggie picking Mr. Hutton as a mark, not to mention the selection of this bank. It’s all her idea. Maggie is uneasy at what he’s doing, so Kate grabs a gun and points it at the main robber. Now things are confusing, as the main robber wants to save Mr. Hutton’s life. The agreement was that no one gets hurt, but the main robber doesn’t think that she’s up to it. Sure enough, she is as she takes out all of the robbers with swift shots of the gun. Very easily. The robbers complain that they knew she wasn’t supposed to be trusted, and Mr. Hutton is just plain scared. The main robber’s name is Jason, by the way. Just so you know. Anyway, Kate turns to Mr. Hutton and asks for the key to safe deposit box #815, but Mr. Hutton explains that the bank key and the customer’s key is necessary. But Kate brings up the customer key in her hand, and Mr. Hutton wonders about that, but Kate makes it clear that she’s not on the signatory card. Jason is pissed that he went through all of this for a safe deposit box and wants Maggie to kill her so he doesn’t have to do something drastic. But Jason finds out that her name isn’t Maggie. Ugh. Does anybody have a genuine first name besides our friend Mr. Mark Hutton? Anyway, Mr. Hutton is sent to go get the bank key, but if Mr. Hutton is smart, he’ll pull the silent alarm while he goes to get the bank key so that Kate is busted. This doesn’t seem to be the case as she opens the box and finds an envelope inside. What’s in the envelope?

Nevermind that, as we go back to the beach where Dr. Jack still hasn’t opened the briefcase yet. Dr. Jack gives Kate one last chance to tell the truth before he opens the briefcase. And with that, the briefcase is opened…and there’s money, ammo, guns, and an envelope marked “PERSONAL EFFECTS”. Dr. Jack opens the envelope and grabs what’s inside, taking the envelope out of the Personal Effects and handing it over to Kate. Kate opens the envelope and pulls out a toy plane. Dr. Jack asks Kate what it is, but Kate blows him off and gets ready to leave, but Dr. Jack wants the truth about the toy plane. Kate says that it belonged to the man she loved, but Dr. Jack insists, and Kate finally admits that it belonged to the man she loved…and later killed. Kate breaks down crying as Dr. Jack finally gets the cold truth. Dr. Jack shoves everything back into the briefcase and locks it, walking away and shaking his head as he takes the briefcase with him.

And now, a word from our sponsors…home stretch time. That’s about it. This stuff with Kate is just strange.

It’s a mass exodus of people moving up the beach, dragging their belongings with them as they begin to set up camp right next to the entrance of the jungle. The sun is setting on another day, as Charlie goes to talk with Rose. Charlie knows that Rose’s husband was in the tail section of the plane, but Rose knows that he’s still alive. Charlie finds this fascinating, and wants to know how. Rose just knows, though. “It’s a fine line between denial and faith…it’s much better on my side.” Charlie begins to sob after this, asking Rose for help. But Rose can’t help him. Charlie can’t stop sobbing, so Rose decides to turn her head to the sky and pray. The camera pans over the various camps of people on the beach, as Shannon walks through it all, sitting by Sayid as she looks dejected. Shannon tells a story about the guy. He had a kid who was a real snot, and hated Shannon. They watched this movie every day and all day. It was the one with the computer-generated fish. Finding Nemo, of course, but you can’t say that. Sayid wants to know why he’s hearing this, and Shannon explains that it was dubbed in French and there was a song at the end. Is it time for the J.J. Abrams closing video package? Nope, Shannon just explains that the notations are song lyrics, written over and over again. Sayid asks what the song is, and Shannon begins to sing it with Boone looking on. Dr. Jack walks along, turning to look at Kate and then walking past. Kate keeps the plane in her hand as she twirls it against the background of the fire, looking somber…

End show. Yeah. That’s it. Seriously.

Shannon/Sayid is an interesting pairing, and certainly against what I was thinking that Sayid was going to make it a fatal four way of love with him, Jack, Sawyer and Kate. Not necessarily the men loving each other. But you get my drift. Anyway, Shannon is the obvious breakaway star of this episode. The stuff with Kate was kind of silly, and all of this being over a toy plane is kinda weird, even if it belonged to the man she killed.

There is actually a checklist of things that was sent to me by a faithful and analyzing reader, which I will post at the mailbag of Episode 12 so we can all discuss.

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