[Beats] Chingy Drops Nelly Diss Track

The feud between St. Louis rappers Chingy and Nelly continues to know no bounds.

Chingy released a new diss track this week called We Got, which issues the usual array of threats to his former friend. The cut was leaked online this week and even refers to Nelly’s recent feud with Hip Hop Legend KRS-One:

Better keep my name out your mouth, boy
I been discovered, boy…that’s why you hatin’, boy

The media hyped you, boy/ KRS crushed you, boy
Put up the chains, bars and the platinum teeth, boy

And bring the drama beef, trouble to the streets, boy
You started it, boy/ Well, I’mma finish, boy…

The origins of the feud appear to be rooted in a cut from Nelly’s Sweat album called Another One. In it, Chingy swears that Nelly is taking a verbal shot at him.

In addition, Chingy and former mentor/boss Ludacris have been beefing over management and dollars and it’s believed that Nelly has sided with Luda in that feud.

[Source: MTV.com]