Larry Zbysko To Join Professional Senior Golf Circuit


Official Press Release from Larry Zbysko’s website-

Voted “Rookie of the Year” in 1974, Zbyszko enjoyed 30 “glorious” years being considered a top name in the wild and wacky world of professional wrestling. In the late 1980’s, as the AWA Heavyweight Champion of the World, he wrestled a former Japanese Olympic wrestler, Masa Sieto, at the first Tokyodome show in Japan. Over 70,000 fans were on hand to witness this scientific and brutal confrontation. This amazing attendance was more than twice the number of people to show up the following night at the Tokyodome where a championship boxing match was fought between Mike Tyson and Buster Douglas.
In the late 1990’s, Zbyszko was still at it. Now a high profile color commentator for the Atlanta based WCW, he would still put on his boots for special occasions. He saved the TNT’s number one rated show, “Monday Nitro”, from the evil clutches of the “New World Order”. Zbyszko’s appearance in back to back pay per view shows in 1998 produced the two largest buy-rates that WCW ever had.
Now with over 6,000 matches under his belt, Zbyszko, who just turned 53 and who looks a well-preserved 40, has another world that he wants to conquer. For years, during his broadcasts and various interviews, wrestling’s “Living Legend” has been bragging about his golf game. Whether fact or fiction, the sports world is about to find out. Emptying his bag of boots and kneepads and replacing them with mashies and niblicks, Zbyszko is making 2005 the year that he goes after the Professional Senior Golf Circuit.
“I’ve been planning this for 12 glorious years,” Zbyszko said in a recent interview. Asked about his physical condition after fighting 3 decades of ring wars, he replied, “I’ve been very lucky in terms of serious injuries over the years. I’ve only had three knee surgeries and one elbow surgery. When I turned 50, I didn’t feel too bad considering my very physical life style. Recently, I found an amazing product, a dietary supplement Morphoplex. I’ve been taking this product a little more than a month. I have never felt better. I am pain free; I can drive a ball 300 yards; and, I can still out bench-press Tiger Woods. There is no doubt in my mind that I can compete on a professional level.”
Zbyszko starts his professional golf career January 11th on the Hooters Senior Series Golf Tour around the Orlando area. He will also be competing on the PGA Monday Qualifiers.
It will be interesting to see the man, once voted the ‘most hated man alive’ by the same fans who would chant his name every Monday night, go from the outrageous world of professional wrestling to the opposite end of the sports spectrum, the ultimate game of discipline and honor, GOLF.
When asked if he would miss wrestling and his fans, he stated, “Wrestling fans are the most loyal and the loudest of all. I could never leave them behind. In fact, I’ll take them with me. I’m putting up a website,, so that my fans can follow my progress through the tournaments.”
If any man can transform hammerlocks and power bombs into pressure putts and power fades, it’s the “Living Legend”, Larry Zbyszko.