Jesus Injury Update


Well it is official, Aaron requires surgery. Following the results of a CATSCAN and MRI he has a massive herniated 6/7 disc in his neck which is causing nerve problems resulting in lose of feeling in his left arm and left pec. He also has minor damage to his 5/6 disc which also requires treatment. The surgery is scheduled for January Monday 17th and the doctors have told him he has a 90% chance of full recovery. Please keep Aaron in your prayers at this time and hopefully we’ll have good news to report soon.
This injury couldn’t have come at a worse time for Aaron who was finally getting to live out his dream as a WWE star. Aaron definitely won’t be able to compete at the Royal Rumble and Wrestle Mania 21 looks unlikely unless he can be part of the show in a non wrestling capacity with Calito. Recovery is expected to take three months if he follows doctor’s orders with regards rehab and therapy and he has told me he will and hopes to come back quicker than anyone thought possible because of his desire to return to WWE.
Aaron has asked me to thank everybody at WWE for paying for his surgery and paying him whilst not on the road. A special thank you to Tommy Dreamer as well for all his support. Aaron promises to be back soon and repay everyone’s faith in him.
We all at wish Aaron all the best and encourage fans to leave message of support on the comment board, Aaron will read them all and reply to as many as possible.