Saturday Evening Post

Happy New Year…it’s Flea. Hopefully you haven’t tied an anchor to your leg
in the form of a resolution(s). Surefire way to be a sucker. Take my advice
– you are better off making your own way, good or bad, than hopelessly clinging
to a queer promise made to Old Man Last Year or Baby New Year. You’ll be the
same as you were, come Next Year. I know which side I’m on…and when you get
back around to the Drinking , Smoking and Debauchery, come sit at my table –
it’s reserved. Special Meal for the failed – Crow. And no rest for the wicked,
as they say

I’m back to the columns…Friday / Saturday. Yep – on the road to Wrestlemania
and Boss has demanded FULL PARTICIPATION. No breaks…no excuses. No…pay.
No skin of my back. I’m back with a Royal Flush of Positively for everyone inclined
to read, thankfully helped by an IWC induced backwash of sludge and blues crying
that nearly broke the spine of some very good, promising columnists on this
site, and left me scratching my head. No names, no plugs. Just read everyone.
We have a good crew cultivating here, so long as they don’t wallow in the mire
(Jim?)…naw, he’s Dead…nevermind. So long as the staff here is is not sucked
into the rip-tide of alleged misdoings of what is…let me put it this way –
negativity is an earned trait for some, for others a gimmick. As is positively.
To each their own, and let the chips fall where they may…

C’mon, let’s go


Sometimes I feel sorry for the poor bastard that was appointed my Guardian
Angel. What did he do in his past life? Is this his pennence? Or did he happen
to call in sick the day FLEA showed up on the docket. Either way, he’s been
a busy guy….I figure when I get around to meeting him, I will be relegated
to the sidelines in abject ignominy, subjected to a life in Heaven of cleaning
his toilets, washing his floors, etc. Or worse – if I don’t manage to talk St.
Peter into letting me in, using my best lines this side of trying to convince
a Spanish Liquor store owner that no one in their right mind is going to "notice
the difference between 9am and 8:55am"…"sure I can wait. For what?
You to sit behind a padlocked door waiting for me to break down in a fit of
hysteria? I’ll even buy the beef jerky." Yep, St.Pete. Talked to more hardcore
bastards than you and…really? No problem…I’ll take the elevator down, thankya
verymuch. I don’t like stairs. So, I figure if worse comes to worse and I’m
damned for eternity, my old buddy Satan will have what I need…nope. That’s
my Guardian Angel’s last laugh. Cash Bar in Hell. I can respect that, I guess.
He’s earned that right

What I can’t respect and / or feel sorry for are the ignorant bastards that
have been yelling for the last two years that Vince and WWE are going broke,
sinking like a stone and it’s all due to not booking correctly. I have conveyed
my feelings on this issue enough – it’s about BUSINESS, and making money, which
has been going on – not to the extreme of the "boom" period",
but good enough that Vince owns about everything wrestling related and has a
cash reserve large enough to buy a small country. I still giggle like a little
girl that just shook hands with King Hyatte everytime some "doom and gloom"
type has the audacity to claim that "180k buys for a PPV is the end".
Do the math – and the realize that chunk of change…no just do the math. Vince
gets half of that gross, but gets to keep all of the merchandise, trademarks,
DVD, etc revenue. And WWE owns it for LIFE. I know long term thinking is a tough
concept to grasp, but …ah shit. So is common sense. The old saying is "Negativity
sells"…yeah – but so does the story of "Some hero rescuing a useless
Cat from a tree". Dumb analogy, maybe.

Instead of reading the "Best of", do a search for "what (x)
was saying at the time"…you will be shocked. I know. I used to do it
all the time for the IWC 100’s…people have a way of re-writing history when
it comes time for the "money column", thinking no one is watching,
or has the memory retention of a Useless Wino on 6th Street. But who really
cares, right?

Wrong. Vince knows where he f*cked up. And he knows what he was going for when
he did it. Flashback to March of 2001. ECW was history, WCW was bought for chump
change and Vince was King of the World!

BILLIONAIRE VINCE walks out. Heyman compares Vince to Alexander the
Great. Vince calls over Garcia..then grabs her mic. "Stop the music –
cut the music – a man of my distinction deserves a great deal more respect
than this – announce me again. I SAID ANNOUNCE ME AGAIN – WHEN I GIVE YOU
THE CUE." Back goes Garcia – and back up the ramp goes McMahon. The music
starts up again – Vince points to Garcia – she intros him again – and a smiling
McMahon saunters, swaggers, struts up the steps and into the ring. "For
the first time ever, for the first time ever in sports entertainment history,
this broadcast is not only being seen here on TNN and Cleveland, Ohio…it
is also being seen across TNN (oops) – Turner Network Television." Cut
to a shot of Nitro…and Vince’s picture being broadcast on the big screens
and the "LIVE" Nitro chyron. "Now there’s only one way that
that can happen – there’s only one way, and one man who can make history like
this happen. Obviously, you all know I have acquired WCW. (mixed reaction)
That’s right, I bought my competition! Now then, it’s not exactly final –
well it is and it isn’t, you see…the only thing is, Time-Warner can’t sell
this property to anybody else because nobody really knows what to do with
it, so therefore this is what’s gonna happen. Time-Warner is practically BEGGING
me – they’re practically begging me to buy WCW, and I have agreed. There’s
only one small caveat they’re hearing for the first time, and that is this.
Time-Warner…they’ve signed the contract and I will sign the contract but
I’ll sign it this Sunday on pay-per-view at WrestleMania. And I’ll sign it
when Ted Turner himself walks down the aisle at WrestleMania and delivers
the contract in front o’ me. Now then, some would say, ‘geez, Vince, how did
you do it? How did you do it, Vince? I mean, you were up against this media
conglomerate, Time-Warner. You were up against a billionaire. I mean, how
could you possibly do this?’ Well, some might say I had a little help along
the way with certain WWF superstars and things of that nature, but quite frankly,
I did it all on my own. It was my effort, it was my money, and it’s like,
okay Vince, how can you possibly beat a billionaire? Well, there’s only one
answer to that, and that’s become one yourself. So now, you have to understand,
when Ted Turner walks down the aisle at WrestleMania and practically begs
me to sign the contract, I’m gonna do it and then I’m gonna reserve a seat
for Ted – I’m gonna put him right over here, right in the corner, because
I want Ted Turner to see what I’m gonna do to my very own son Shane. Some
would say, come on now, Vince, don’t boo me, some would say ‘Vince, you can’t
do that to your own son – he’s your flesh and blood!’ But you gotta understand
what it means to be a competitor – NOBODY understands that better than I do.
Because you have to grab your competition by the throat and you’ve gotta squeeze
the life outta your competition – just like I did to WCW! And just like –
just like I’m gonna do to my son Shane this Sunday – and by the way, may I
add in my corner will be my charming and lovely daughter Stephanie, will also
be my companion Trish, and Trish will wheel down…in the wheelchair, Trish
will wheel down my very own wife, Linda, and we’re gonna park Linda right
over here in this corner. And Linda’s gonna watch what I do to Shane McMahon
this Sunday at WrestleMania. Now then, what should I do with WCW? Well there
are a lotta things I could do with it. I might like to have some input from
some of you here in a moment. I mean, I could take WCW and just kinda like
put it on the shelf….I could do that. I mean, I could sit back and watch
those videotapes of Hogan doin’ that ridiculous (flexes like a chicken) whatever
you call that – I could watch that over and over, them talkin’ ’bout how they’re
gonna bury the WW– oh, I’d get a great deal of pleasure just sittin’ there
watching night after night, sittin’ there watching the videotapes, backwards
and forwards, because you see, there’s an old expression: they used to laugh
at the WWF – there’s an old expression about…he who laughs LAST laughs BEST.
And you can see, I’m not exactly laughing, but I’ve got a real big smile on
my face. Then again, if we don’t take WCW and put it on the shelf, we could
do something else with it – we could take WCW and, perhaps, turn it into this
huge media conglomerate much like World Wrestling Federation Entertainment
is today – we know how to do that. But if we do that, I’m wondering, uh, well,
who should be a part of this WCW, and maybe you can help me out here – umm…when
I give you a thumbs up or a thumbs down, I want you to react, maybe you can
help me out a little bit, assuming we wanna acquire some of those ‘stars.’
Let’s start with Hulk Hogan – up? Hogan down. All right. Let’s go to, uh…Lex
Luger up? Lex Luger down. How ’bout, uh, Buff Bagwell up? Bagwell down. How
about, uh, let’s see, Booker T. up? Booker T. down. You guys are a mixed group
up here. How about Big Poppa Pump up? Poppa Pump down. Well…well, I– I
don’t know that you’ve necessarily helped me except, let me just say this…
["Goldberg!" Sign: GOLDBERG] There are a few others, all right –
Sting? You want Sting? All right, uh, Goldberg? Well, this is very interesting.
You see, I had a choice to make tonight, and that choice was coming here before
you in Cleveland, and – and quite frankly gloating…which I think I’m doing
a very good job of at the moment…or, or I could do this, instead of gloating,
what I could have done was get in my plane, and assuming they have an airport
there, fly down to the redneck Rivieria, Panama City Beach, Florida…and
walk out there and give every WCW star a piece of my mind, ’cause that’s what
I really wanna do, but how appropriate is it that WCW’s last broadcast is
in a beer hall? How appropriate is that? Surrounded by a bunch of beer drinking
rednecks! There are obviously a few here tonight. But nonetheless, I’ve opted
to come before you here, as opposed to walking in the ring and lining each
and every one of those stars up – every single one of them – so I could look
right in their face and say Goldberg, Booker T, and all the rest of them,
to look them right in the face and say… YOU’RE FIRED. And that’s exactly
what’s gonna happen because WCW *is* going on the shelf – it’s going nowhere
– WCW is BURIED. WCW will remain BURIED. Just like anybody here in this arena,
or anyone in the world that gets in *my* way. Every single one of you, when
you attempt to compete with me, and that includes my son Shane. And I’m not
too proud to say it: every single one of you will be BURIED. Just like WCW
is buried. Don’t start with that. I deserve more respect than that! Dammit,
I’m Vince McMahon! Dammit! I own WCW – I own the WWF – and you will treat
me with respect! Or I’ll walk outta this arena–" The music fires up
and this time it’s for Shane – Vince faces the EntertainmentTron and dares
his son to bring it on – I’ll bet he ends up behind him…whoops, I’m wrong.

SKIPPY is actually entering the ring back in Panama City Beach –
with Nitro chyron, even! "Shane! Where are you?" "What’s up,
Vince?" Vince gulps. "Surprise, Dad – you’re in Cleveland, Ohio
– and I’m here in Panama City Beach, Florida – standing in a WCW ring. And
as usual, Dad, your ego has gotten the best of you. Your ego has gotten the
best of you, I mean, Dad, you wanted to finalise this deal – WCW at WrestleMania?
You wanted, you have the audacity to ask Ted Turner himself to come down and
to finalise that deal? Well Dad, that’s just the opportunity that I was looking
for – because, Dad, the deal *is* finalised with WCW – and the name on the
contract DOES say McMahon…however, the contract reads SHANE McMahon. That’s
right! I now own WCW! And Dad – just like WCW did in the past, how it kicked
your ass in the past, and it will again. That’s exactly what’s gonna happen
to you this Sunday at WrestleMania."

– RAW / NITRO – 3.26.01, End of the line for WCW. Recap courtesy of CRZ.
(Real quick – if you visit, the link back there do not be an asshole. Thanks
in advance. Flea.)

Ah, the good old days, when we actually had faith in the wrestling business
and it looked like all would be right! Interpromotional Wars! Dream Matchups!

Vince’s first order of business was to turn Austin heel. All downhill from
there…end of story.

Not much of And Another Thing, is it? Of course, I don’t say motherf*cker every
other word, anything that is a "a parody of Flea" that doesn’t not
include the word "cocksucker" has no business being written…especially
by an alleged writer in a half assed column. Besides. Both know I don’t drink
scotch. Not without losing a bet anyway…

What the hell was that? Sorry…a cruel flashback to a time when I had fun
and believed in things. Luckily I have wrestling. Which, despite the obvious
creative downfall since that beautiful time pre-March 2k1, is still alive and
semi-well. Like me. But these types of things have a way of working themselves
out – on all levels.

No, Vince has not gone broke. The wrestling business isn’t in shambles – case
in point; one of the biggest stories of the year was the near two year title
reign of Samoa Joe, a once upon a time mid-carder in ROH…a promotion nearly
sunk by the alleged pedophile behavior of one Rob Feinstein, who has yet to
be charged / absolved of the sick, perverted and twisted charges bestowed upon
him. What I do remember is Samoa Joe saying the following:

Rob please do not allow yourself to EVER enter my sight. My anger for you
and your actions far surpass anyone or anything imaginable. Your heinous, terrible
acts are beyond excuse and explanation. Your shame is YOURS alone and forced
upon us by your arrogance and lies. Though others formerly close to you are
holding their tongue and focusing their efforts on salvaging what your sick,
selfish and stupid actions have caused, I have the luxury of telling you that
I hope you get exactly what you deserve. My gut instinct tells me I hope you
are found one morning without breath, but in reality as a DECENT human being,
unlike you I hope you find some help for your sickness"


There way also a threatening quote of "melting down the ROH title and
turning it into a golf club"…well, needless to say, as I predicted way
back then, it was easy money that RF was still involved. Which, he was. And
Joe didn’t shoot or hurt anyone, much less card a 9 handicap with an up and
coming Indy Belt as a sand wedge. But when all was said and done, ROH survived,
Samoa Joe was declared the savior and validation of a promotion that needed
such and…heh – Vince’s company is still "in the toilet", with no
respect given for anyone but the shareholders. Odd times, with more to come.

New Year’s revolution is a RAW only PPV, predictably created to take all the
heat away from one of the four PPV jewels, The Royal Rumble. Will the loyal
following shell out $34.95 in the month of January to have their intelligence
insulted by HHH regaining the belt? Will this "One Match PPV" draw
a buy rate on par with FOUR TIMES what any other offering is out their? Will
the IWC bitch? Is the IWC Dead? Who will turn? Who will win? Why do we care?

Maybe it’s because RAW has put on the best shows back to back to back to back
in years…maybe we are dreading the Smackdown Only PPV that centers around
an "off the charts" JBL vs. Big Show PPV BARBED WIRE MATCHUP…no
souls will be saved, maybe no dollars earned. But you can never go wrong with
BARBED WIRE….or a gimmick match that’s puts all eggs in one basket. Which
bring me to this weekend’s PPV offering…


Before the preview, how about some insight from the unnamed (at least I couldn’t
find a thing) CHAMBER ENGINEER


I think I mentioned my version of hell somewhere about 8 paragraphs ago, so
I’ll take his word for it. The last two have been pretty damned good, one featuring
RVD showing why he is still in the midcard by nearly crushing HHH’s throat with
an 2 star (but 3 bong hit) frog splash…the other sawr Goldberg amaze the crowd
by being a monster, only to job out to a HHH Sledgehammer blow to his bald head.
TWO CLASSICS! So why should this one be any different? Let’s see what’s up…along
with the rest of the hastily thrown together …wait, that’s ain’t right – Kane
v. Snitsky has been going on for months, right? Much the one sided feud as Kane
was off being a star in the ill-timed, ill-named "Eye Scream Man".
Remind me to tell you why they changed the name of that movie.

Here’s the card as of 1.7.04


HHH v. Batista v. Edge v. Orton v. Y2J v. Benoit…special ref – Good

I would like someone to explain to me how the writing is not all over the wall
with this one. Benoit will make everyone look like a million dollars, HHH will
bleed like a stuck pig…the end will be a classic face off between HHH and
Orton, blows traded, crowd popping waiting for the release of the monster Batista…who
will promptly murder Orton. This will force HBK to show his true colors and
Sweet Chin Music that Tattooed Freak into a j.o.b. on the p.p.v. and into a
face turn as HBK realigns himself with HHH. And all is swell. That’s how I would
do things, but then again, I view the forest through the trees more often than
not. The money matches at WM21 are Orton vs. a heel HBK and HHH vs. Batista.
Let Benoit make a star out of Edge and let Y2J…hmmm. Kinda left out in the
cold agayn, ain’t he? Blame Rock for that. Matter of fact – have Rock fight
Y2J over the burial that begat Jericho becoming nothing more than Some Other
Guy straight out of his debut. Yeah, that’s how I see it. they have to start
building WM21 somehow, and why not as described above? It ain;t like anyone
is buying Orton’s 2nd rate Rock impression anyway, so get the idea of him magically
winning the title out of your heads rat naw. I would like business to be good
next year. And by good, I mean everyone shutting the f*ck up about how WWE is
going down the tubes. Above is the way to do it. At least from my point of view.
In a sidenote, I loathe fantasy booking just because…yeah, just because.

WOMEN’S CHAMPIONSHIP: Lita vs. Trish Stratus

These two certainly have the Flair v. Steamboat vibe. Minus Lita coming to
the ring with her newborn baby and spouse (she miscarried and her old man is
booked in another match) and Trish being flown in by private helicopter (she
won’t return Hef’s calls)…other than that – a million matches against each
other, the only viable competitors for a belt that * really needs * some validation
at this point and a weird chemistry that hides faults and accentuates the positive.
A crazed Christy Hemme should step up from ringside post match and ask for a
title shot from the winner…only to be told that "While you were winning
$250k in some Diva Search, rubbing shoulders with the FATSOS from Trim Spa,
*I* was defending the Chamionship Belt!! We have a Top 3….I respect you, but
you just stand in line"….Christy: "awwww, helll…I was only joking…then
WHAMMMMM!!!!!! SUCKER PUNCH!!!…kick ass female brutality, culminating with
a vicious piledriver through a table and ear spltting screeching by Christy
– "there’s you champion! How do you like that false titted bitch now JIM
ROSS!!!….ha! that would rule. Cornette says "seven years" is the
litmus for gimmick theft, and by my count it’s been about 16 years since that

Kane vs. Gene Snitsky

Say goodbye to the ugliest freak in wrestling today. And I don’t mean Kane.
Drew Deuce needs to contact me re: OVW…I like Sntisky and that’s where he
will be…sooner rather than later. "It wasn’t my fault"…no, it
wasn’t. But they needed the weirdest cat they could find to pull this angle
from the drudgery of false pregnancies and the main player needing time off
to do a movie. Good job. Later, Rich


Once in a blue moon a soon to be rising Superstar must prove his worth by carrying
a chump to a decent PPV match. Now is Mistah Benjy’s chance to shine. Maven
has one move….a dropkick. Wait, he has another move – preening to the crowd
like a low rent version of Lanny Poffo, without the poems. Shelton is very good,
and could be a playa…but trust me…if he allows this match to stink up the
joint, he’s gonna have some splainin to do…and it will be on Heat. Or Velocity.
I’m betting he does it. I’m hoping he does it. And yes, the brotha will win,
Hi-Rate. Good Call.

WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP : Regal and Eugene vs. Christian and Typecast

Peeeeyeeewwww. Comedy Central here, Ladies and GRUT’s. I hate to break it to
you, but 1) Regal’s "Unorthodox style is better know as "boring",
2) Eugene continues to regale the crowd with "old school" moves when
half the crowd can’t even spell JYD, much less Jimmy Valiant…3) Christian
rules, but only gets to prove it about twice a year and 4) Tim Tipsy…have
I ever seen him wrestle? Shit, the guy knows "yelling the the ref"
and "boot to the face". Although he does have a better look than Test,
who carted around the same moveset until they sent him Packing. And a way cooler
name. Test? Good Lord. Typo Typist lives the gimmick

Jerry "The King" Lawler vs. Muhammad Hassan

And here will be your ***** classic, but not in any way that is fathomable
to anyone that can spell workrate. Name of the game = draw money and make the
crowd care. Foley is the best in the world at this point at both, but for whatever
reason (they wouldn’t pay him), he ain;t here. So who do you turn to? The King,
by gawd. Yes, it will be "bowling shoe ugly", but that’s not the point.
JR and King did a BRILLIANT job of getting this Arab kid legit heat and look
for more of the same. King HAS to bleed…he has to get his ass kicked. But
in an "old man fighting for his country way" that will make the Puerto
Rican crowd absolutely want to feed what’s left of Hassan to the sharks, after
they brutally feed his extremities, one by one to tick infested dogs prowling
the San Juan streets. Not a cop in sight (at least not one that hasn’t been
paid off)…and no one to care, as they KNOW Memphis, like brutality and love
what the IWC calls "cheap heat". Hey, it’s heat, and people are going
to pay large money to see Hassan get his comeuppance. Some Day. If it happens
at this PPV, all bets are off and King should die a brutal death in the arms
of another man’s wife in a seedy hotel outside of Knoxville. Lawler will do
he right thing and this will be the Match of The Night.

Hey! That’s the whole card? Looks like someone needs a Plan B, or we are in
for a bunch of backstage skits. But I’m getting it – you should too. This is
the first stop on the Road To Wrestlemania and I think we all need to take the
ride. The worm is about to turn in the popularity of the wrestling business
and if you don’t get in now, the columns you write in June about the decay and
destruction about the wrestling business will sound awful, short-sided and mean
spirited. and Wrong. Just saying.


In TNA news, the ship continues to sink….Everyone is reporting that Abyss,
Resident Monster, turned comedy figure, is done. On his way to WWE, say some,
others will not commit either way. has this to say:

01.07.05 | Abyss News

Chris Park a.k.a. "Abyss" is no longer with Total Nonstop
Action Wrestling. TNA Wrestling wishes him luck in his future endeavors

Well, you know you can stick the guy with a fork, he’s done, when they "break
kayfabe" and tell you his real name. And while they are wishing him luck
now, they should’ve realized what they had on their hands before the turned
him into a goof whose only remaining ability to get a "pop" from the
crowd was his willingness to roll around on a big pile of thumtacks. So dumb.
I liked the guy almost from Day One of TNA – a weird monster, in the vibe of
a Kane meets Early Mankind. He was green, yes, but there was a hell of a lot
of potential there, which did develop, until they – well, it’s the Jarrett show,
pay a ton of money to drunks and washed up roid freaks…and not give this guy
a dime more to stay…the story that is being reported is that he asked for
a raise and was pretty much told to get bent.

Remember when Meng defected to WWF (at that time) and most of the IWC said
"well, that’s the end of the war…goodbye WCW". Big mean mid-carder
jumps ship, it’s all over but the crying. I didn’t buy into that for reasons
that I think are very obvious in hindsight, but if TNA is not willing to keep
a credible, albeit misbooked monster on the payroll, but have no problem with
the aforementioned washed-up relics, I think it speaks for itself. If WWE does
not make an example out of him (and I have no idea why they would – it ain’t
like TNA is competition by any stretch of the imagination), this guy could be
a legit star. Just don’t let him talk. And don;t remove the mask – or the shirt.
Best of luck to him and I hope Monty Brown follows in his footsteps.

Also in the news is one of my favorites, Hector Garza. He got busted…oh yeah.
Tried to cross the border with drugs I would never do, much less try to spell.
By the names of them, it sounds like steroids, which makes him….heh, guilty,
not matter what his lawyer says.

The whole story is
. I think he should have never shaved the mustache, but that appears
to be the least of his worries at his point. Funny how life works. That skank
freak Chyna beats the f*ck out of X-Pac and probably will make a million dollars
off a sex tape that borders on bestiality, and a great wrestler sits in jail
for "performance enhancement" smuggling. If it comes out the real
reason that Abyss left TNA is because he by gawd refused to quit sucking Bob
Ryder’s cock, I give up.


Brock Lesnar has announced he is marrying Rena" Sable" Mero, which
would explain why Mark Mero…a.k.a. Johnny B. Badd is running around Orlando
in total fruit mode. The guy ain’t even an abuser of illicit…you know…just
heartbroken. Imagine if you were Mark Mero, sitting in an unnamed strip club,
sucking down Coors Light as quick as the cute chick who ain’t uninhibited enough
to be "on stage" can bring them , spilling his guts to a known drunk
and good listener, explaining in detail how, which way, which position and what
a woman like Rena would do of she was yours, if only you would promise her fame
and money and guarantee she would not have to sleep her way to the top. "I
protected her as much as I could"….it’s the business…the business.
Now she is with a broke bridge burner who is wrapped around her finger. A SUCKER
THAT FUCKER IS , I tell you!!!!"…loud noise is made by the overturning
of a table…. popcorn and beer spilled…bouncers jump from their appointed
positions to make sure everything is "cool". The listener says, "yeah…nevermeind
the mess, the next round is on me…poor guy has had his heartbroken by a woman
who deserves everything she gets". "Understood…". In the end,
everyone agrees life works in strange ways, but those with the gold usually
do not have to beg. The listener did not ask why those with the gold wear eye
shadow, but attention gets you the girls that will take your pain away for the
night. Especially if you are someone…in their eyes anyway


I haven’t got around to plugging this ( I don’t think)…but the best thing
going on the IWC at the moment is a series by Glenn Harrison that has counted
down the 100 Most Influential Figures in Pro Wrestling. Absolutely fabulous
– he is down to Number 3.

Sorry I have to send to you to Pop Up Land of…PWINSDER.COM…but here
is the link

All of what he has done is top notch – I rated him on the last IWC 100, and
if I ever did another one, Harrison would for sure be Top 10. Check it out,
please. Tell him Flea sent you. As a side note – I know a majority of you "work"…which
means you surf the net for good reading….this is perfect. Glenn is always
willing to except opinions, etc…but fair warning. If you end up being a flaming
asshole, and I find out, you are f*cked. One of the nicest guys I have talked
to, and he has done a hell of a job with a very controversial subject. Read,
enjoy…just don’t be a dick.

and that’s is that…it’s on like neckbone from here to WM21

Thanks for Reading


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