Romo's World: The O.C.-Episode 7

I hope everyone had a Merry Chrismukkah. After a couple of weeks away we finally get to see the conclusion of the big bombshell that was dropped in the last episode.

Things start off with another scene of Ryan studying. Seth is annoyed with this studious Ryan and says, “Will you punch someone please for old times sake.”

Seth decides to tease Ryan by trying to see the similarities between Kirsten and Lindsay. This freaks out Ryan. Sandy tells Ryan that he probably should not continue to date Lindsay and to be sure that Kirsten does not find out anything about their relationship. Sandy never learns, yes just continue to lie to your wife who is already pissed off at you and her father for lying to her.

Kirsten walks in and talks about Lindsay and how she wants to try to get to know her better. She says that Lindsay is Seth’s aunt after all but she is really more like a sister. Seth continues to tease Ryan about him dating his “aunt/sister”

Off to school. Summer and Marissa are talking about DJ meeting Jimmy. Marissa wants her dad to like DJ. Zach goes over to say hi to Seth and they are now friends again. Zach gave him an xmas card…aww how cheesy. Zach wants to talk about confidential stuff with Seth. He admits he kissed an ex-gf while in Cabo. This girl is a former tutor who is in the middle of a divorce and has kids. Seth gives him advice to tell Summer but to leave out the stuff about the divorce and kids. Seth promises not to tell anyone as he will abide by the guy code.

Lindsay and Ryan meet up. She is cuter then ever and very happy to see him. She still wants to hang out with Ryan but they need to find a new place to hang out, somewhere neutral. She admits to Ryan that she considers them more then friends.

Over to Caleb and Sandy driving. Caleb is happy because the charges have been dropped. He is planning to go back to work, which does not impress Sandy who thinks Kirsten and Julie will not want to see him back at work.

Julie is on the boat with Jimmy. She gets a call and finds out Caleb is free and is not happy. She tells Jimmy that she thinks that they should get back together for good.

Meanwhile at school Kirsten has arrived and wants to give Lindsay a ride home. They can have a friendly cup of coffee.

DJ and Marissa go to see Jimmy but before they reach the boat they see Jimmy and Julie kissing. They both leave and we all know that Marissa is priming for another spaz attack. I can’t wait.

Seth drops by to see Alex to welcome her back. Some half-naked guy answers the door. She has actually been home for a while didn’t bother to call Seth. He is trying to be all nice, offers to make her a coffee or make her a sandwich. Quite sad and pathetic. He is like a little puppy dog. Alex is hungover and sends him away saying she will answer all of his questions at the Modest Mouse concert. She ends with “It was very nice of you to stop by.”

Back at home with Seth, Caleb and Ryan. Seth doesn’t want to be nice anymore. This leads to him trying his best to sound tough but only leads to the other two laughing at him. Kirsten comes home with Lindsay, she tells the boys that they did some shopping and decided to come back for dinner.

Marissa has finally returned to see Jimmy. He asks why her and DJ cancelled. She mentions that she say him making out with Julie. He tries to explain, says things are different. She is mad, starts crying. “I wish you would just grow up and be like a real dad,” and then leaves.

Time for a commercial.

Seth decides to borrow a wife beater from Ryan. He wants to cultivate a bad boy image. I must say he looks REALLY bad in the wife beater. He starts to talk to Ryan about Lindsay and how they had a nice family dinner. Ryan feels weird about things with Lindsay.

Off to The Bait Shop for The Modest Mouse concert. I was not as upset about this band being featured because I really like them. Also fellow IP reviewer Laura Waterhouse is a huge fan of the ban and might be violent towards me if I were to insult them.

Seth, Ryan and Lindsay arrive. Alex is working at the bar, Seth goes to say hi. He has a hip flask and takes a swig which makes him cringe.

Over at the Cohen household. Jimmy has come over to tell Sandy and Kirsten that he has fallen back in love with Julie. Uh oh he is gonna leave. He is going to work for a yacht charter company in Maui. He decides he doesn’t want to screw things up even more. Damn! I knew he was going to be written out sooner or later but this is a lame excuse to get him out. Couldn’t he have killed or at least injured Julie and then run away instead of falling in love with her?

Back at the concert. Lindsay tries to hold hands with Ryan. He gives her the pinky and says that he doesn’t like displays of affection. She says lets go and takes him aside to give him a talking to. Zach and Summer arrive. He is just about to tell her what happened in Cabo. A drunk Seth comes by. This leads to another classic Summer line, “You smell like Marissa.” Drunk Seth assumes that Zach has already told Summer about Cabo and he lets the cat out of the bag.

Ryan and Lindsay are talking outside. Ryan says, “If the Cohens are my family then you are my sister.” Just then Alex yells at Ryan to get Seth who is drunk and has puked in the bar. We then see Summer running out of the bar with Zach behind her. They are fighting about him kissing the girl and telling Seth instead of telling her. Ok how many scenes of “running out of the bait shop” do we have to see this year?

Ryan takes Drunk Seth home. He is trying to be “stealth” but insteas crashes into garbage can, Sandy comes out and sees his drunk son in all of his glory.

After some adverts we see Marissa and Jimmy talking. He tells her he is going to end things with Julie and that she was right. He tells her that he is leaving and going to Maui. She is not too impressed and tells him, “You were the last thing keeping me sane so it should be interesting to see how things go.” Yikes, nice guilt trip.

The next morning we get Hungover Seth who goes to thank Ryan and apologize to him. He finds out he violated the guy code by telling Summer about what Zach told him. Ryan tells Seth that, “You wanted to be bad, you were bad.” Which leads to Seth saying, “But not in a good way.”

Kirsten drops in and says, “Oh if it isn’t my son the wino.” Nice! Sandy is pissed at Seth and refuses to let him go see Alex because he is grounded.

Zach goes over to see Summer. She is mad at him and throws out another great summer line, “She (the girl he kissed) could have at least been a hooker and helped you get into Princeton.” FYI, that’s a nice joke in reference to Risky Business staring Tom Cruise.

Caleb and Julie show up for Jimmy’s goodbye party. Seth tells Ryan that he is gonna sneak out to see Alex. Ryan tries to dissuade him but it doesn’t work.
Julie finds Jimmy and tells him that she isn’t happy about having to find out he was leaving from Kirsten. Ryan and Lindsay bump into each other at the party. Just then Caleb runs into the two of them leading to an awkward exchange of, “Nice to see you,” before he runs off. Lindsay quietly says, “Bye dad.” Aww.

Julie and Jimmy discuss his decision to leave. He doesn’t think they have a future. Julie starts to cry. Kirsten walks in on them. They say their goodbyes to each other.

Summer is stuck at the party alone. (Why is she even there again?). Ryan and Lindsay come to sit with her. Just then Marissa and DJ show up. She is drunk and not holding back any punches. She sees Julie and says, “Well if it isn’t the wicked witch of the west coast.” She then turns to DJ and says, “Let’s go before she tries to sleep with you,” and calls her mother a whore. Things are just getting good as she makes a huge scene and wants to tell everyone why Jimmy is really leaving. Julie is trying to stop her but Marissa throws out another gem, “I’m the daughter of a thief and a slut.” Marissa was really on fire but it all collapsed with a horribly last line “I just hate you so much,” and some weak acting.

On that dramatic note we head to commercials once again.

Jimmy and Kirsten are talking about Marissa’s outburst. Jimmy wants Kirsten to go check up on Marissa to make sure someone is watching over her. She agrees to do that.

Caleb and Julie to go leave and are waiting for car from valet. Ok so the Cohen’s have a party and hire valet guys at the last minute? Wow! I can only suspend my disbelief so many times. The valet returns and says that his car has been stolen. Uh oh what did Seth do?

Seth shows up to see Alex with what must be his grandfathers Aston-Martin. Which he tells her is stolen. She assumes he is trying to impress her. Alex tells Seth that he is not a bad boy. He gives up and starts to walk away. She stops him and says that she likes him because he is a good guy. Cough..bullshit..Cough. Just then the Police show up.

Zach has waited in Summer’s room while she was at the party. Actually it happens that Summer’s step-mother has blocked his car in. She was asleep and he could not wake her up. He asks how the party was which leads to Summer saying, “Maybe I should hire a tutor and she can catch you up on things.” Another good one Summer! She tells Zach that she is mad he told Cohen first and not her.

Ryan and Lindsay go to pool house. She wants to find out if kissing each other would be as weird kissing a sibling. They decide to “experiment.” They start kissing and seem to be doing well. Lindsay comes in almost catches them. She leave and they start to kiss again.

The doorbell rings and Seth shows up with Police.

Over to the famous pier of desolation with Marissa and DJ. Jimmy walks up to find her and DJ. DJ has called him and leaves the two of them to talk alone. Jimmy apologizes to Marissa. She starts to cry and tells him not to go. She is the WORST crier this side of Kelly Kapowski.

The next morning Sandy opens door to see Marissa. She brought bagels. Sandy tells her that that is the secret password. As it turns out Marissa has now essentially become the second daughter of the Cohen household. Ryan puts arm around her.

Ok let us make a quick rundown of Ryan’s love triangle.

He is dating a girl who is his adopted (not officially though) mother’s sister and his best friend/adopted brother’s aunt. Now his ex-gf, who is the step-daughter of his adopted grandfather, now will be under the direct supervision of his adopted mother. Both girls are probably going to be hanging out all the time at the house. Poor guy should have stayed in Chino. He is going to be seeing a psychiatrist very soon.

Next Week on The O.C.:

Seth and Alex hanging out. Lindsay and Seth get caught making out by Kirsten.
Julie offers DJ $5000 to stay away from Marissa. The cops are around the Cohen household, obviously tied somehow to Seth’s auto-theft.

The big question everyone is asking, when is Marissa going gay? I suspect they will wait until February sweeps to let that bomb drop. Maybe Ryan could really mess with his head by having a Marissa-Lindsay threesome…lol.

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