InsidePulse’s WWE Sunday Night Heat Report 1.9.04

LIVE from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Hosts are Todd Grisham & Johnathan Coachman

Todd Grisham and the Coach are seen outside with the wind blowing hard. They go over the Elimination Chamber, Kane/Snitsky, & Lita/Trish.

Video package covers the Lita/Trish feud.

They show a package of the 1st Elimination Chamber.

Coach and Todd argue about Maven/Benjamin, and we see Benjamin/Sylvain…We pick up with Sylvain getting a chinlock, and Grenier gets a back suplex. He hooks on a full nelson, but Benjaminfights out and gets a backdrop. Splash, but Conway distractes him, and Grenier gets a dropkick for 2. Spinning heel kick gets 2 for Shelton. T-Bone suplex gets 3.

We see the end of Tomko/Regal from last week, which I guess caused the tag title match. Anyways, we see pick up the Eugene/Christian match with…Eugene getting a millitary press and Ultimate splash for 2. Eugene goes up, but Christian yanks him down, and sends him out to Tomko. Eugene pops up and gets a Rock Bottom for…2. Airplane spin, but Christian goes for the Unprettier, but Eugene counters into a chicken wing. Tomko tries to interfere, but to no luck. Christian goes for an inside cradle with the ropes, but Eugene counter for 2. Christian eventually gets it with a sunset flip.

Video package of the 2nd EC.

Todd ties in the unpredictable weather to the unpredictability of HBK being the special ref, and ties in the contestants not being happy to Kane not being happy.

Video package of Kane/Snitsky.

We see the debate from RAW. As stupid as that was, I gotta say it was pretty heated. The only thing is that Lawler and JR aren’t exactly babyfaces I’d cheer for.

Video Package covers the events leading up to the Elimination Chamber.

And that’s it! What? No match?! I guess they have some real special set that you have buy to see like WM XX. Or maybe that there’s gonna be 14,000 Puerto Ricans is a site us americans have to see.


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