InsidePULSE’s Live WWE RAW Coverage

InsidePULSE’s WWE Raw Report 01.10.05
Live from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.
Announcers are JR & The King
Report done *EXCLUSIVELY* for InsidePULSE by PK

Show opens with HHH coming down to the ring, followed by Flair. HHH laughs, and wants to hear the excuses. Is it politics? Is it favorism? He says that it’s his 10th title reign, and he is just hitting his stride. Flair then says that HHH is the man, and we must have respect for him. HHH says no, the fans are useless. However, he says that Batista is not useless, and he introduces him. Batista then makes his entrance, however, right after Orton comes out. Orton says that it is obvious that Batista has HHH’s back, but the same can’t be said the other way around. Orton says that he has footage from last night, proving that HHH doesn’t have Batista’s back. HHH down plays it, says that all the footage Orton has was taking a cheap shot at Batista to hit the RKO, so HHH wants to get out of there. Batista, however, wants to see the footage. They show the footage from last night, Orton gets the RKO on Batista, and HHH gets up, but then sits back down, and lets Orton get the pinfall. HHH starts back peddling, and tells Batista that he was hurting, and had loss a lot of blood, and Batista obviously doesn’t believe him. Orton then says that he was screwed, and he demands a Title Match. Bischoff comes out, and agrees. HHH says that Orton signed an agreement, saying he can not challenge for the title while he is the Champ. Bischoff says that when HHH lost the title, the stipulation was lifted. However, after what we just saw, Bischoff thinks that Batista deserves a title match, so we will be having a #1 Contender Match, with Batista facing Orton.


Footage from the Tokyo press conference. They will be taping RAW & SD live from Tokyo next month.

JR reminds us of Eugene’s dislocated kneecap, and says that Lita tore her ACL. Jeez..

Shelton Benjamin vs. Maven – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Maven quickly jumps Shelton. Shelton fights back, goes for a roundhouse, but Maven catches it, swings Shelton, and Shelton hits the swinging enzaguri, Maven falls back into the ropes, then bounces back into the T-Bone.
Winner – Benjamin

Christy vs. Maria in a Lingerie Pillow Fight tonight.


Muhammad Hassan talks up his win last night, and his defeat against the American Media.

Muhammad Hassan (w/ Daivari) vs. The Hurricane (w/ Rosey)
Really, what do you expect out of this match? All the offense is Hassan, but Hurricane hits a quick back elbow, but gets distracted by Daivari, then goes for the Shining Wizard, but Hassan ducks it, than nails the Flatliner finisher.
Winner – Daivari


HHH catches up with Batista. He tells Batista that he does deserve a Title Match, and that, despite what Orton is saying, he would be honored to step in the ring with him. Batista says that we all should get what we deserve.

Edge walks toward the ring for a match.


Edge vs. Rhyno – Royal Rumble Qualifying Match
Poor, poor Rhyno. Edge is clearly hurting, and Rhyno exposes it. Rhyno works on Edge ribs. Rhyno pounds down Edge in the corner, and lines up for a GORE GORE GORE, but Edge puts his boot up, and Rhyno gets a mouth full. He then lines up, and nails the Spear, then locks on the Edgeucation for the submission.
Winner – Edge

Edge gets on then mic. While he is happy that he qualified for the Rumble, he would be much happier if he didn’t get Superkicked last night. He then calls out HBK, and won’t leave the ring until he gets out there.


We come back and Edge is still in the ring. Edge says that they are back from commercial, so HBK should get out there, because we all know how much he loves his TV time. HBK comes out, and gets in Edge’s face. He starts talking about how he used to be just like Edge, and expected that stuff just should have been handed to him. The crowd gets all over HBK, saying ‘You screwed Bret’ HBK breaks kayfabe, and says that some of Edge’s Canadian friends must be here, then wonders why they move down to Florida (that’s a personal rib on Edge, btw). HBK says that Edge should do what he did, go into the Rumble, win the Rumble, then win the Title at WM. Edge says that is a pretty good idea, but he likes this one more, then he starts slugging away on HBK. Refs break it up. But they fall to the outside, then into the stands.


We come back, and Edge & HBK are still fighting, they went though the crowd, then started fighting in the lobby. They fall into a souvenir booth, and the refs finally break them up.

Simon Dean makes his way down. He starts talking about how Floridians are fat and out of shape. He says that he has new fat burning pills, and he wants to offer some to a SuperStar who weights about 300 lbs, and is known to wear a mask. Everyone expects Rosey, but KANE comes out. KANE is all polite, and attempts to eat a pill, but it’s gross, and he stuffs a handful down Dean’s mouth. He then pulls out Dean’s weight belt, but Dean grabs it and tries to take it back, this leads to KANE grabbing Dean for a choke slam, but Snitsky comes from behind, and slams KANE with a chair in the back, then across the throat. KANE is bleeding internally again.


Flair tells HHH that Batista needs to be motivated. HHH thinks it’s a good idea, and he wants Flair to remind Batista that he’s track record with Orton has not been stellar. Flair doesn’t think it’s a good idea, however HHH assures him it will work.

Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Tyson Tomko
JR says that Christian challenged Jericho & Benoit. Christian and Jericho start. My cable went out, and came back on to show that Jericho & Benoit won the match. Sorry.
Winners – Chris’s

Flair comes back and says that Batista didn’t take the motivation well. He tells HHH that Batista thinks they are not supporting him tonight. HHH is getting tired of this tension in Evo, and he will prove tonight that they are with Batista.


Maria vs. Christy – Lingerie Pillow Fight
Ugh. Candace will be the guest ref. Maria starts hitting Lillian with a pillow. All Hell breaks loose. Look at this fast paced action, and somehow Christy pulls out the win. Amazing!!! (Sarcasm…this was garbage).
Winner – Christy

Dave walks, Randy walks.


Chris Masters promo. They are call him a Masterpiece.

Benoit vs. Jericho, and KANE vs. Snitsky both next week.

Randy Orton vs. Batista (w/ HHH & Ric Flair)
A lot of brawling to start, as Batista pounds away on Orton in the corner. Orton fights back, and dropkicks Batista to the floor, and HHH and Flair go over to check up on Batista.


We come back and Batista is mauling Orton on the outside. Batista, with Orton’s head pressed against the ringpost, pushes it more against the post with his boot. Batista with a hangman’s neckbreaker for 2. Batista locks on a choke hold, and Orton finally gets to the ropes. Batista with a powerslam for 2. Orton fights back, pounding away on Batista in the corner. Flair gets on the ropes, but Orton KO’s him, and hits the C+ on Batista. Orton lines up for a RKO, but when he goes for it, Batista just shoves him down. HHH gets on the apron while Flair distracts the ref, and wants Batista to use a chair. Batista argues, and says that he doesn’t need it. Orton gets up, and shoves Batista into the chair that HHH is holding, then rolls up Batista for the win.
Winner – Orton

Show Over.


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