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Hey there. Back to the usual format this week, while also continuing on with
My Story. I didn’t see New Year’s Revolution yet, so no Asshole’s Opinions for
that, but my Raw thoughts are present. I’m also indefinitely suspending the
movie posters until I can get my act together. It’s hard enough writing columns
and reviews on weeknights, what with my job being so soul-sucking and all. Anyway,
there’s lots of news, so enjoy!


Lita did tear her ACL on Sunday Nights PPV, and will require surgery.

Eugene not only dislocated his kneecap, but he tore his patella tendon, and
will require surgery.

RVD’s knee injury has become a bigger concern, and it looks like he will also
need surgery. He did work the SmackDown! tapings last night.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Man, this sucks. Not only will all 3 people be out for an extended period of
time, but each one of them held a championship! Lita, of course, lost her Women’s
Title to Trish at New Year’s Revolution, while RVD (along with Mysterio) lost
the Tag Titles on Smackdown. Eugene remains half of the Tag Team Champions on
Raw, along with William Regal, and as of this writing, they still have the titles.
Man, what terrible timing. Not that there’s ever a GOOD time to screw up your
knee, but you get the point.

TNA star Hector Garza was freed without bail yesterday as the judge presiding
over his case ruled that the nine days he had been incarcerated covered the
set bail of $1000. Garza’s lawyer is petitioning the court to allow Garza to
travel to Orlando, Florida for the Final Resolution PPV, with the condition
that he return to Houston immediately afterwards. If that isn’t allowed by the
court, Garza is expected to be deported out of the country on Friday. Should
he be deported before the charges are resolved, it is expected that it will
be some time before he is allowed to work in the United States again.
Garza was pulled from his scheduled match this Sunday at against Scott Hall
and replaced with Jeff Hardy.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Hector, man, what are you doing? Gotta be more careful, man. I like Garza, and
it sucks that he got replaced for the TNA PPV (especially with a schmuck like
Jeff Hardy). Hopefully things start looking up.

Former WWF and WCW star Jake Roberts was arrested in Georgia this week for possession
of cocaine after a search of his hotel room turned up paraphernalia.
According to Georgia newspaper Main Street News, Sheriff Charles Chapman made
the search after a woman claiming to be his girlfriend was stopped by authorities
and allegedly had drugs in her possession. She pointed the authorities to Roberts’
hotel room, claiming there were more narcotics there. Roberts was said to have
agreed to the search.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Well, at least Garza doesn’t have the problems that Jake has. Jeez. It wasn’t
too long ago where I printed a similar story involving Jake. He may be one of
the saddest stories in wrestling history, as he just keeps trying to dig even
after reaching rock bottom.

There is a story regarding an incident that took place between Ric Flair and
IWA Puerto Rico promoter Victor Quinones backstage at the WWE New Year’s Revolution
PPV on Sunday. There was apparently a heated discussion between the two over
the treatment of Flair’s son David in IWA. According to several people, it was
a situation where Flair strongly made his points in a stated manner while Quinones
was said to be "backpedaling" somewhat and attempting to appease Flair.
Flair was said to have been upset over treatment of his son David while he was
working for Quinones. Rumor has it that David had been booked by IWA after WWE’s
John Laurinatis had promised the promotion WWE would send Ric Flair to the Island
to team with his son if IWA used David. In preparation for the father-son team,
IWA pushed David hard, but WWE reneged on the plans. David later left the Island
claiming he was "mistreated" which may not have been the case. There
were bad feelings on both sides when everything went down, which is what led
to Flair and Quinones having their confrontation.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Flair just needs to settle down, that’s all. He has to accept that if he keeps
getting all riled up, he’s going to have a stroke. He also has to accept that
David sucks.

The Shane Twins will reportedly be debuting on television within a few weeks
and will be on the road with the Smackdown crew very shortly.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Well, I remember the Shane Twins from the beginning of TNA, when they were the
Johnsons. It was a terrible gimmick, and they were just kinda "meh."
So we’ll see.

Former WWE executive Pat Patterson was backstage at the Smackdown taping in
Tampa, Florida and reportedly took part in the pre-show production meeting.
With the Royal Rumble just around the corner, a lot of workers noticed the timing
of his appearance, since he is the creator of the match. Whether he’s going
to lending a helping hand with laying out the match, remains to be seen. Patterson
retired from his position with WWE at the Taboo Tuesday PPV.
Also visiting backstage at the Smackdown taping were Dory Funk Jr., Bryan Adams,
Mideon and The Cuban Assassin Fidel Sierra as well as all the others listed
in previous posts.

One Asshole’s Opinion
No Patterson jokes from me. I think it would be great if they let him have a
hand in booking the Rumble. As for the other people backstage: Dory Funk, Jr.
= good; Brian Adams = bad; Mideon = nice guy, but bad; Fidel Sierra = who the

The verdict is in on WWE Diva Search finalist Carmella DeCesare. She was acquitted
of assaulting the ex-girlfriend of her boyfriend, Cleveland Browns player Jeff
Garcia. DeCesare was however, convicted of violating a protection order and
placed on probation for one year. She will also have to serve 24 hours of community
service and pay a $150 fine. Her former association with WWE was never brought
up in media coverage of the trial.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Frickin’ Carmella. Do not judge all Clevelanders to be like her. Yikes.

Daniel Puder will reportedly be arriving in Ohio Valley Wrestling for further
training soon.

Al Snow may soon be headed down to OVW to devote himself fulltime to training
new prospects. It is believed that if that happens, Snow will quit his announcing
duties so he doesn’t have to keep up the constant travel schedule.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Good, and good. Should be trained, and should be training.

WWE has reportedly reached out to former ECW superstar Super Crazy about coming
in to the company. Paul Heyman initially contacted Crazy about coming in while
he was still on the creative team. Heyman apparently pitched an idea to Vince
McMahon where Crazy would win the Cruiserweight Title and be aligned with The
Big Show in some way. Crazy suffered a hand injury a few weeks ago and is rumored
to only want to come in to WWE when he feels he is 100% in order for him to
make the best impression.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Glad to hear this. I really like Super Crazy, and I think he would be a great
addition to the Smackdown roster. Not that he’ll be used correctly, but whatever.
I remember vividly many classic battles between him, Tajiri, Nunzio (Guido),
and Spike Dudley. If WWE would just let them do what they can do…oh man…it
would be great.

Hulk Hogan, was backstage at last night’s Smackdown taping in Tampa, FL. Hogan
was reportedly talking to Shane McMahon, possibly about Wrestlemania 21.
credit: Wrestling Observer

One Asshole’s Opinion
Jeez, just forget about Hogan, for Heaven’s sake.

Many rumors coming out suggest that New Jack’s idea that subsequently has gotten
him a dark match with WWE was that he, not Jesus or Carlito, be revealed as
the person that stabbed Cena. Although this seems to be a long shot to make
it to the air, there is always the possibility of WWE playing it up with their
tape library. We’ll follow this and see where it heads.

One Asshole’s Opinion
Ya know, I’m actually torn on this one. I’d be lying if I said I never enjoyed
a New Jack match. And hey, who knows, maybe he’s learned some actual wrestling
moves since we last saw him? Anyway, the storyline works for me. It would help
a lot, too, since both Carlito and Jesus are out with injuries. Plus, New Jack
stabbing someone is more than believable.

The Adventure of Links

offers up his 3 MOTY. Good stuff.

as always, is required reading…even though I disagree with her about Nightwish.

Eric is
back, and back again.

shows up!

Read Mathan‘s
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Hell, while you’re at it, check out the rest of the Nexus.
I love those guys!

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A quick little diatribe

Oh boy, Krazy Keith is at it again! This is from his Raw Rant, regarding the
Edge/HBK segment:

"Shawn’s flustered reaction the crowd totally killed any drama this might
have had."

Okay, sometimes Keith just baffles me. Was he even watching this segment? Not
only was Shawn NOT flustered, but he fed off of the crowd! I think Eric S. summed
it up best:

"Shawn Michaels made yet another demonstration why he’s one of the best
on the mic ever. As soon as the "You Screwed Bret" chants started,
he immediately went off-script and got off a few zingers to the crowd and to
Edge ("Looks like you have some fellow Canadians here tonight.").
He then returned to what he was talking about with Edge, and made it flow so
naturally that you could see there was no problem there with him. Most wrestlers
would get flustered and start breaking the flow of their promos if something
like this should happen to them. Not Michaels. I may not appreciate his ring
skills that much anymore, but when he gets a mic in his hand, I’m there."

Hmmm…sound a bit different from Keith? That would be because Keith has blinders
on when it comes to Shawn Michaels. And Bradshaw. And the Undertaker. And Smackdown
in general. Need I go on?

He also made a dumb comment about the supposed "lack of promotion for
the Royal Rumble." Now, I know I saw several promos for the Rumble, a couple
commercials for it, and two RUMBLE QUALIFYING MATCHES! Pay attention, man.

What a hack.

End diatribe.


I couldn’t be more bored by Triple H’s post-title-victory speeches. SOOOOOOOOOOO
long and dull.

Maybe Maven should be started a little lower on the food chain. Jobbing to
Shelton over and over isn’t going to help either of them.

Still hate the Hassan angle. Still hate the fact that nobody can spell/pronounce
his or Daivari’s names correctly.

Make no mistake, HBK was GREAT on the mic.

Bringing Kane out during the Simon Dean segment, instead of the expected Rosey,
was cute.

What a hell of a Women’s Division we have, eh?

I am so disgustingly sick of Orton. Even the unwashed masses were cheering
for Batista over Orton, but the powers that be seem to insist on Orton winning

How I Became a Wrestling Fan: Andy’s Story (part

Moving into high school, I fell out of the Wrestling Loop. This was for a couple
of reasons. First, none of my friends in high school watched wrestling, so I
didn’t have anyone to discuss it with. Second, and probably most important,
was the fact that my family didn’t (and still doesn’t) have cable, so I couldn’t
even watch it if I wanted to. So, being in high school from 1995-1999, I missed
a LOT: Montreal, the nWo, the beginning of Attitude, Goldberg, etc.

Just because I’d been out of the loop didn’t mean that I didn’t still like
wrestling. On the contrary. I was just biding my time. As soon as I got to college
in the autumn of 1999, I was BACK IN! I watched it all, man, because I really
needed to catch up. I watched Raw, Smackdown, Nitro, Thunder, and Heat. Oh,
and eventually, I watched ECW too.

One of my roommates LOVED Diamond Dallas Page, another like the Rock, another
liked (of all people) the Steiners; myself, I liked the cruiserweights. In my
mind, no one (especially in WCW) could hold a candle to the cruisers. It eventually
got to the point where I would watch the first hour of Nitro so I could catch
the cruisers, and then switch to Raw for its full two hours.

It was also during this time period that I discovered the IWC. The first site
I stumbled upon was 1wrestling, but the pop-ups annoyed me so much that I gave
up on them and looked elsewhere. I liked Hyatte on Scoops, as well as Scott
Keith and the Scotsman on The Smarks. And, of course, I eventually made my way
over to 411wrestling, which was of course the true precursor to me ending up
writing here for the Pulse.

The story continues next week, with my first (and only) live ECW show!

Well, that’ll do it for this week. Keep the e-mails and IMs coming, and I’ll
see you here next Friday.

AIM = GoldenAce 007

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