InsidePULSE Indy Report 1.17.05: Clinic, Results, & SAT Shows


NEWS: EWF Hosts Tracy Smothers Clinic
MRW – 1/14 – North Vernon, IN
ECWA – 1/15 – Newark, DE
EWF – Marion, IN
TMW – Knoxville, TN
TASW – Humble, TX
XMCW – Nitro, WV
SAT Shows – 1/22:
IWA MS – Valparaiso, IN
IWR – Hamtramck, MI
NWA FL – Brandon, FL
TMW – Knoxville, TN
HPW – Culver City, CA
ASWF – Clover Bend, AK
EWF – Marion, IN
NWF – Wilmington, OH
NWA CW – Kingsport, TN
ACPW – Wilmington, DE
ACW – Charlotte, NC
AWA SCW – Madison, IN
OCW – Coshocton, OH

EWF Hosts Tracy Smothers Clinic

On February 12, current talent & students will have an opportunity to train with Tracy Smothers at the EWF Arena, 3400 S. Adams ST, Marion, IN from 4-6 pm

The cost is $30. The first 25 wrestlers to sign up will receive this opportunity to participate in the clinic. To reserve a spot, e-mail

Tracy will also be in action at that evening at 7 pm. Tickets are $8.

Midwest Regional Wrestling results
Fri, 1/14 – North Vernon, IN

*”Daredevil” Chuck McRoberts def. The SiKness
*Fuji Brown def. Melliki Torrence
*Shawn Cook def. Ryan Thunder
*MRW Tag Titles, Contenders Match: Tom & Troy Van Zant def. The Blackhearts
*”Ruff Boy” Eric Draven def. Roger Blade
*Cane vs. Slop Bucket Match: Cousin Cooter def. Vinny “Da Fat Man” Vachetti
*MRW Tag Titles Match: High Impact def. The Morrus Brothers
*MRW Heavyweight Title Match: Billy Maverick def. Donny Idol & Brad Lamen

East Coast Wrestling Association results
Sat, 1/15 – Newark, DE

*ECWA Heavyweight Title Match: champion John Walters retained against Arch Kincaid
*ECWA Tag Titles Match: champions The Valedictorians def. Scotty Charisma/Jason Blade
*ECWA Mid Atlantic Titles Match: champion Nick Malakai retained over Mega
*Mike Kruel def. Fred Sampson
*Chase Del Monte def. Mr. Ooh La La
*Johnny Maxx/Mike Fury/Mega def. The Chick Magnets
*The O.C. Boyz vs The Canadian Superstars went to a double pin
*Big Sky/Freak Nastty/Greg Spitz def. Japanese Pool Boy/Shaolin Wrecking Crew
*Andrew Ryker def. Low Ki

Extreme Wrestling Federation results
Sat, 1/15 – Marion, IN

*The New Jack Hustlas def. Xavier/Dominique Justice
*Fallen Dragon def. “Big Money” Chuck Weeden
*Superman Rob def. Perry Lynn
*Matt Shock def. “Candyman” Kevin Baker
*70’s Guy/C.P. def. Liberty Kid/Hypnosis
*Pheonix/Anarchy def. The Southern Boys
*SiKness def. Elvis Elliott by D.Q.
*EWF Heavyweight Title Match: Osyris def. Melliki, Bob, & Ryan Paradise

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling results
Sat, 1/15 – Knoxville, TN

Crowd: 120
*Howie Gibson def. The Grappler
*Christian Hayes (w/ “Cowboy” Bob Orton) def. Kid Camilion
*The Searcher (w/ Orton) def. Sammy V
*TMW Action X TV Title Match: Norton Lewis def. Donovan Cruise (w/ Orton/Terry Landell)
*Mike Hanson/Tom Pitner def. Cruizier Lewis/Howie Gibson

Texas All Star Wrestling results
Sat, 1/15 – Humble, TX

*”Nasty” Nick Daniels def. Bubba Lee Travis
*Nayati Mattox def. Heather Devine
*”Wildcat” Scoby Gober def. “Terrible” Tim Sweeny
*”Mean” Mike Tatum def. “Wildman” Chris Allen
*TASW Cruiserweight Title Match: Justin Blaze def. Nark the Nevulon, Tony Montana, Dylan Starr, The Spector, & Chico Torres
*Mr. #1 ZenZen vs. Voodoo the XCutioner went to a Double DQ
*TASW Heavyweight Title vs. Hardcore Title Match: Heavyweight champion “The Important One” Mr. Mayhem vs. TASW champion “The Western Shooter” Bobby 2 Badd

Xtreme Maximum Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 1/15 – Nitro, WV

*Juggulator def. Ace Prime
*XMCW XIC Title Match (ref: Raw Talent): Danny Boyd def. Mister X
*Justin Sain def. Chance Prophet
*XMCW Tag Titles Match: Projekt Ego def. Kentucky Hillbillies
*XMCW Hardcore Title Match: Death Falcon Zero def. Gorgeous JC
*Box match: “Hardcore” Mark Matthews def. Cecil
*JD Escalade def. Wes the Best
*XMCW Heavyweight Title Match: Young Shane Storm def. Kris King
*Xtreme Battle Royal: Flash

IWA Mid-South
National Guard Armory, 1502 Linwood AVE, Valparaiso, IN
Sat, 1/22

*IWA Tag Titles Match: champions The Wild Cards (Eddie Kingston/”Black Jack” Marciano vs, Brad Bradley/Ryan Boz
*NWA Indiana State Title Tournament
*NWA Midwest Title Match: champion Chris Candido vs. Danny Daniels
*Anything Goes: Corporal Robinson vs. New Jack
*MsChif vs. Mickie Knuckles
*Claudio Castagnoli vs. Jimmy Jacobs
*Petey Williams vs. Chad Collyer
*Chris Hero vs. Trik Davis
*Brandon Thomaselli vs. Josh Abercrombie
*Also featuring “Sweet & Sour” Larry Sweeney, Chandler McClure, “Metalhead” Steve Stone, Vito/Sal Thomaselli, “Underwear Model” Eric Priest, Silas Young, & more

Independent Wrestling Revolution presents “3rd Anniversary Show, Last Stand: All or Nothing”
Knights of Columbus Hall, 9632 Conant ST, Hamtramck, MI
Sat, 1/22 – 7 pm

*IWR Heavyweight Title, 30 minute Ironman Cage Match: champion “The Real” N8 Mattson vs. “The Symbol of Excellence” CK3
*IWR Tag Titles Match: champions Dark Skin Productions (“Primetime” Tommy Johnson/Jerome “Do It” Pruit) vs. Bump-N-Uglies (Josh Movado/Bubba Mackenzie) vs. Popular Mechanics (“Dr. Numbers” Bobby Bambino/”The Hype” Jimmy Shalwin)
*IWR King of the Independents Title Match: champion Gutter vs. Klunk The Klown
*Eddie Venom (w/ Jade Chung) vs. Truth Martini (w/ ??)
*The New High Risk Society (Jayson Quick/BAM)
vs. Wild Stallions
*Also featuring Jaimy Cox, Gary Dawson, Deranged, Mr Insanity, Stevie Lee, Brad Martin, George Morbid, Chuck Wagon, & more

Tickets: $12 in Advance, $15 at the Door

NWA Florida presents “Winter Warzone”
Brandon All Stars, 9940 Currie Davis DR, Suite C-02, Brandon, FL
Saturday, 1/22 – 8 pm

*Antonio Banks/”Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews/Vordell Walker vs. Lex Lovett/”Iceman” Buck Quartermain/Billy Fives
*NWA FL Heavyweight Title Match: champion Bruce Steele (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi) vs. “The Dy-No-Mite Kid” James Hendrix
*”Modern Miracle” Steve Madison vs. “Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi)
*Last Man Standing: Mikey Batts vs. Josh Rich vs. Jerrelle Clark vs. Sedrick Strong vs. Aaron Epic
*NWA Florida Tag Titles Match: champions Double Deuce (w/ Cannon) vs. The Shane Brothers (w/ “Hardcore Giant” Ron Niemi)
*Luther “Bodybag” Jackson vs. “Hot Ass” Amy Love

Tickets: $12 Advance, $15 at the door, FREE Under 10

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling
National Guard Armory, Knoxville, TN
Sat, 1/22

*TMW Tag Titles Match: champions Bob & Scott Armstrong vs. Tom Pitner/Ric Cannon
*TMW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Chris Powers vs. BG James
*Sammy V vs. Mike Hanson
*Dirty White Boy vs. Grappler

Hybrid Pro Wrestling presents: “No Mercy, No Fear”
American Legion Hall, 5309 S. Sepulveda BLVS, Culver City, CA 90230
Sat, 1/22 – 8 pm

*The “RockSuperstar” Kaos vs. Messiah
*Mike Rayne/Dave Drexler vs. Dante/Lil’Cholo vs. TBA
*King Faviano vs. “The Hardcore Homo” Angel
*Johnny Nightmare vs. Charles Mercury
*Joey Dynamite vs. Bigg E. Biggz
*Halo vs. Mr. Instant Replay
*Also featuring Cyanide, Marcus Riot, El Mongol, Dr.Mollock, BJ Samson, King Fuji, Diamante, Kriss Kloss, & more

Tickets: $10 Adults, $5 Kids

Clover Bend Gym, Clover Bend, AK
Sat, 1/22 – 7:30 pm

*Tracy Brooks/Jamie Jay vs. Austin Lane/ODB
*Marcus O’Neil/Scott Fury vs. Dirty Lil’ Dave/Midnight Special
*Heartbreaker vs. Jeremy Blaze
*Deadly Dale/OZ vs. Reno Diamond/Chris Lexx
*Ron Horn vs. Titanic
*Corporal Punishment vs. Dre Black

Extreme Wrestling Federation
EWF Arena, 3400 S Adams, Marion, IN
Sat, 1/22 – 7 pm

Tickets: $6

Northern Wrestling Federation
Expo Center, Clinton County Fairgrounds, Wilmington, OH
Sat, 1/22 – 3 pm

*Tables Match: Chad Allegra vs. Matt Parks
*Ryan Stone vs. Jay Donaldson
*Street Fight: Weird Science vs. Jesse Hyde/Pompano Joe
*Christopher Michael Lotus/Ice vs. Mack The Knife/The Zodiac

NWA Championship Wrestling presents “House Party 2005”
National Guard Armory, Kingsport, TN
Sat, 1/22

*NWA CW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Ray Idol vs. “The Cold” Alex Winters
*SSW Tag Titles, Ladder Match: champions Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy vs. Cruel Intentions (Super Destroyer/Josh Cody)
*Wayne Adkins/Nick Hammonds vs. SSW Heavyweight champion “Handsome” Beau James/Mike Cooper
*NWA CW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion Clay Connors vs. Jowad Wayne
*Also featuring Bryan Wayne, The Freak, Chris Gilbert, Thorn, “Mr. Wrestling” Adam York, & more

American Championship Pro Wrestling
Cranston Heights Fire Hall, 3306 Kirkwood HWY, Wilmington, DE
Sat, 1/22 – 6 pm

*”The Solution” Scott Fowler vs. “Prime Time” Teddy Fine
*Glen Osbourne vs. “Mack Daddy” Ron Starr
*Also featuring Drew Blood, Sabian, Don E.
Allen, Onslaught/Tyger Wylde, Crazi Shea, Danny Demanto, & more

Tickets: $10 advance, $12 at the door

First Ward Recreational Center, Charlotte, NC
Sat, 1/22

AWA-Supreme Championship Wrestling
821 W. Main ST, Madison, IN
Sat, 1/22 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: $5

Ohio Championship Wrestling
Hopewell School, Coshocton, OH
Sat, 1/22

*OCW Title Match: “Big Guns” Jeff Cannon vs. “Hot Commodity” Matt Mason
*OCW Tag Titles, 2/3 Falls Match: Team Hottness vs. The Rootin Tootin Buckeroos
*OCW Cruiserweight Title Match: “Wild Card” Jack Diamond vs. Kid Kaos vs. El Raza vs. Jonny Attitude
*Christie Ricci vs. Tasha Simone
*Also featuring Beastmaster, Joe Joe Little, Lexie Lane, & more