TNA iMPACT Spoilers For 1/21 & 1/28

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TNA Wrestling Impact tapings from Universal Studios Florida on Tuesday January 18, 2005

The natives were restless after NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett used everything in his arsenal minus a stun gun to beat Monty Brown at Final Resolution. Today begins the march to the February 13th Against All Odds PPV and Jeremy Borash promised we would know the PPV’s main event. The much in questioned VIP mosh pit from Sunday got corrected by Universal when they put up extra bike racks to curtail the line. The overflow crowd that overtook the building on Sunday was nowhere to be seen this show as only the hard cam side was full.

TNA Impact matches to air on Friday January 21st:

The program began with a video recap of the Final Resolution event. It was followed by a “press conference” that announced the main event of Against All Odds will be NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett taking on the number one contender Kevin Nash??? (Guess the Kings of Wrestling gimmick is dead.) Jarrett read a statement insulting Nash’s wrestling ability followed by promotion of Nash’s upcoming movie releases. Nash fired back by reciting his wrestling resume. Don West asked Jarrett about fighting Nash, Jarrett responded. Bill Banks asked Nash about his desire to win the belt. DDP asked Jarrett if he is the King of Wrestling does that mean Nash is the Queen of Wrestling. Nash and Jarrett ended the meeting with the prerequisite push/shove encounter. The show went to commercial and came back to our opening bout.

(1) “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels defeated Buck Quartermain and then grabbed the house mic to give his gospel. Daniels said he was tired of the favoritism Dusty Rhodes had for his boys. Next he addressed AJ Styles saying Styles has been ducking him for months and he won’t defend the newly won X title against him. This of course led to AJ Styles to come to the ring area microphone in hand. Styles issued an open challenge to Daniels. Daniels said he would give Styles ten minutes to shut his mouth up and if Styles couldn’t do it, Daniels felt he should get a title shot at Against All Odds. Dusty Rhodes came out to make the match Styles and Daniels already agreed to as the main event.

(2) Jeff Hardy defeated Lex Lovett.

The crowd contained many them park patrons so they cheered for Hardy. Lovett got hit with the Twist of Fate and the Swanton. After the pin Abyss once again hit Hardy with the Black Hole Slam, then opened a table and proceeded to press slam Hardy lawn dart style through the table. During the break, Borash announced Jeff Hardy and Abyss would face off at Against All Odds in a TLC match.

Shane Douglas interviewed the six-time NWA World tag Team champions America’s Most Wanted but they were cut off by Kid Kash and Dallas, who is now being called Lance Hoyt, who claimed they deserved a NWA World Tag title shot.

(3) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) fought Frankie Kazarian and Michael Shane to a no contest

Not too sure how this got booked but I am a fan of all four men. Somehow the Naturals became the heel team in the bout and worked on Shane’s back. During the match Kid Kash and Dallas attacked Chase Stevens bringing an end to the match. The duo then jumped in the ring and attacked Shane and Kazarian. This brought out AMW who fought everyone. During the break the Naturals and Shane/Kazarian fought their way back to the locker room.

(4) Raven defeated Cassidy Reilly.

Raven wasted no time and attacked Reilly at the bell, not stopping the beating until he hit the Raven Effect to pin Reilly. During the match it appeared Reilly broke two fingers in his left hand. After the bell Raven got a chair but before he could hit Reilly, Dustin Rhodes pulled Reilly out of the ring.

Jeremy Borash brought out Jeff Hammond to provide commentary on the next match with Don West and Mike Tenay. Shane Douglas spoke to 3 Live Kru about their relationship with Jeff Hammond as well as the issues between them and Shane and Kazarian. Tenay, West and Hammond talked about something the live crowd couldn’t hear.

(5) NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles didn’t beat Christopher Daniels in the ten limit minute. By the pre-match stipulation Daniels won the bout and a title shot at Against All Odds.

This began as a mat wrestling bout but Styles hit Daniels with a dropkick to the face. Daniels retreated to the floor and Styles followed out but walked into an STO into the bike racks and an STO backbreaker. Daniels returned to the ring and worked on Styles’ back but not getting a pin or submission. Borash announced five minutes was left in the match and Daniels hit Styles’ back with a springboard moonsault followed by a neck vise/STF. Styles fought back but Daniels was too strong at three minutes left in the match until Styles hit an enziguri. Styles hit two clotheslines, a leg lariat and a spring board punch to the face but got two. He hit the float over slop drop but got two. Daniels hit a Blue Thunder Driver and got two. Styles went for multiple pins but time elapsed on the stipulation. Dusty Rhodes came out and said that at Against All Odds, Christopher Daniels will face AJ Styles in a thirty minute iron man match.

TNA Impact matches to air Friday January 28th:

(1) Kid Kash and Lance Hoyt defeated Jeff Hardy and Chris Sabin.

Hardy was still smarting from Abyss using him as a javelin. Sabin hit Kash and Hoyt with body blocked but Hoyt caught Sabin and hit a fall away slam. Kash and Hoyt made frequent tags beating on Sabin’s neck and back. Sabin fought back hitting Kash with a Catatonic into a backbreaker. Sabin thought he tagged in Hardy but Abyss came out, grabbed Hardy off the apron and they fought their way around the building. This left Sabin alone and he fell to the Kash Money Clip piledriver.

During the break Christopher Daniels joined Mike Tenay and Don West for commentary during the next match. DDP talked to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash backstage about the Final Resolution elimination match.

(2) Chris Candido defeated Sonny Siaki.

Candido jumped Siaki at the bell. Siaki’s attempted shoulder tackle only met the steel ring post. The two had a chest chopping contest which Siaki won. Candido hit a Davey Boy Smith suplex but missed the top rope flying headbutt. Siaki got his second wind and hit a cross body block but Candido floated over and pinned Siaki with help from two feet on the middle rope.

Dusty Rhodes spoke to Traci Brooks and Trinity about the new tag teams they would be bringing into the next TV taping.

(3) Monty Brown defeated Team Canada’s Johnny Devine (w/Scott D’amore)

Devine jumped Brown at the bell and hit a top rope Matrix drop kick but his chest chops had no effect. Brown power bombed Devine, caught Petey Williams in mid flight, and tossed him into the arms of Bobby Roode. Then Brown hit Eric Young and Devine with POUNCES!!! After the bell Scott Hall joined Team Canada in beating down Brown until DDP saved Brown. Kevin Nash came out to back up Hall but TNA officials ordered all the men to the back.

Mike Tenay was joined in the ring by the NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett to discuss the Against All Odds title defense against Kevin Nash. Jarrett seemed to proclaim the Kings of Wrestling dead. The crowd chanting BORING didn’t help matters. Jarrett said the NWA World Heavyweight title was his life and Nash wanting money from a title reign would lead to his downfall. Jarrett called Hall the human barstool before wrapping up the interview with more threats towards Nash.

(4) The Naturals (Chase Stevens and Andy Douglas) defeated Cassidy Reilly and Erik Watts.

Despite the injury, Reilly’s left hand was taped up. Watts came to the ring with his right arm in a sling, so an unannounced Dustin Rhodes came out to partner with Reilly. The Naturals attacked Reilly’s injury for most of the match. During the course of things Raven came out and attacked Watts with a garbage can, which led Rhodes away from the match. The Naturals hit Reilly with the “Natural Disaster” to win the match.

Jeff Hammond came back to commentate on the main event with Mike Tenay and Don West.

(5) “Primetime” Elix Skipper, Michael Shane and Frankie Kazarian defeated 3 Live Kru.

3LK started out hot and they didn’t cool off even as their opponents stalled for time on the floor. Shane and Kazarian’s teamwork slowed down Ron Killings so Skipper could use him as a kicking speedbag. Killings was able to tag in BG James who hit Kazarian with a pump handle slam. But as Mike Posey tried to break up Konnan’s STF he had on Skipper, Shane hit BG with a top rope elbow and won the match. After the match Jeff Hammond scared several people by taking his shirt off and challenging Shane and Kazarian to a fight.

Against All Odds PPV matches announced so far:

NWA World Heavyweight champion Jeff Jarrett vs. Kevin Nash

NWA World X Division champion AJ Styles vs. “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels

Jeff Hardy vs. Abyss in a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match.

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