Full Smackdown & Velocity Taping Results [SPOILERS]

According to Patrick Lono and WrestlingObserver.com:

Dark Matches:

– Spike Dudley b Tyson Dux (announced from Montreal despite being from Toronto)

– Funaki & Paul London b Nunzio & Shannon Moore (good match, got the crowd going).


– Hardcore Holly b Robbie McAllister (Toronto indy worker)

– Kenzo Suzuki b Charlie Haas

Crowd was told to stand and prepare for the SmackDown! opening. They introduced the new WWE diva, Lauren. She did a lap around the ring and left. They then brought out Teddy Long. The SmackDown! opening was never taped.

Long stated that Kurt Angle must apologize in the ring tonight to Joy Giovanni for what he did last week or he will be removed from the title match at the Royal Rumble and will not receive another title shot in 2005 (gotta love those stips nobody believes). He also said that it will be open season on Kurt Angle after he apologizes.

JBL was shown backstage stating that he hasn’t swallowed what Angle did to him and that he would never do such a thing to a woman. He said Kurt Angle will pay and that no one will believe what he will do to him tonight.

The Basham Brothers (w/ Orlando Jordan) b Eddie Guerrero & Booker T – DQ

Eddie got a huge pop coming out. They were given a lot of time, approximately 20 minutes. Eddie ducked a belt shot from one of the Bashams, picked up the belt and nailed him with it. Nick Patrick turned around and saw him with the belt in his hand and called for the bell. Booker and Eddie argued after the match and Guerrero left. Booker got beat down by the Bashams and Jordan but Eddie returned for the save.

Big Show was shown backstage waiting by the door for Kurt Angle to arrive.

Miss Jackie and Dawn Marie were brought out to shoot some t-shirts into the crowd.

Scotty Too Hotty b Akio in a Royal Rumble Qualifier with the Worm.

Carlito Carribean Cool came out and had people at ringside sign a petition. He claimed Theodore Long was responsible for what happened to Joy Giovanni and for his arm being in a sling. This brought out Heidenreich who signed the petition. He said he did not want to wrestle The Undertaker in a casket match at the Royal Rumble. The lights went out and the gong sounded. An Undertaker promo aired, the standard pre-casket match routine we’ve heard many times before. Heidenreich exited by the crowd.

Show heard someone coming and grabbed a chair but it was only two anonymous women from the Dive Search.

John Cena promo hyping his Royal Rumble Qualifier with Renee Dupree.

John Cena b Rene Dupree with the FU to enter the Royal Rumble. Kenzo Suzuki jumped him after the match. They later showed a SmackDown! graphic with the two of them on it. I gather they will meet next week for the US Title.

JBL met up with Big Show and told him that for one night, they should team up to take out the cancer that is Kurt Angle. Show said that for once, JBL made sense.

Rey Mysterio b Chavo Guerrero with the 619 in a Royal Rumble Qualifier.

Kurt Angle came out through the crowd for his apology. Joy came out through the entrance but just stood there. Angle read an apology off a piece of paper. He said he knew Big Show wanted a piece of him so come and get him. Big Show entered but Angle ran down the aisle. JBL came out and told Angle he should be ashamed and must get what’s coming to him . . . and so should he; JBL and Angle shook hands. The Cabinet and Team Angle circled the ring. Big Show fought them off for a while but couldn’t overcome. After an Angle Slam, JBL nailed him with a chair and Show juiced. Out came the EMTs to end the show.

Dark Main Event:

Undertaker b JBL & Orlando Jordan in a casket match. Taker was the most over guy on the show.

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