Romo's World: 24-First four episodes


Recap of first four hours (7 a.m. – 11 a.m.)

I was just hired Tuesday night to recap 24 so I will try my best to go over what happened in the first four episodes.


A man rides on a train with a briefcase attached to his arm. The train runs into a truck parked on the tracks filled with explosives causing the train to derail. Unknown individual drives motorcycle through wreckage to find the man with the briefcase and shoots the man and takes briefcase.

Chloe O’Brien at CTU discovers that a known Turkish terrorist, Tomas Sherak, is in L.A. and believes this may be tied to a credible threat of an attack at 8 a.m. Most of CTU thinks the 7 a.m. train attack is the attack mentioned for 8 a.m.

Jack is working for Secretary of State Joseph Heller and is shagging his co-worker and Heller’s daughter Audrey Reines. Jack is set to go to CTU on behalf of Heller for a meeting with the new boss Erin Driscoll.

The Araz family of father Navi, mother Dina and son Behrooz are tied into whatever plan the terrorists are tied up into whatever Sherak is up to. Navi and Dina are upset at Behrooz for dating an American girl named Debbie. Behrooz is ordered to take the briefcase to the warehouse when it arrives.

A hacker/computer programmer Andrew Page discovers an internet virus that contains language he does not understand which he suspects is Turkish or Arabic. He contacts former schoolmate Chloe O’Brien. Chloe tells Driscoll who tells her to pass the info along to the FBI.

Audrey and Secretary Heller stop off to see Heller’s son to persuade him not to take part in a protest that might embarrass him.

Jack shows up for his meeting with Driscoll. She is busy because CTU is going over to arrest Sherak. Jack watches the incident with Driscoll and notices the man being interviewed is hiding something. Jack’s instincts help CTU take down Sherak.

Andrew Page goes to work only to discover that people have broken in and killed his co-workers. He overhears one of his co-workers tell the people who broke in his name. Andrew runs out of the office.

At CTU Jack recognizes Sherak as a big-time player who is someone who would not be involved in a simple train bombing. After talking to Chloe Jack is convinced something is set for 8 a.m as the intel indicated. Jack calls Heller to see if he will force a reluctant Driscoll to allow him to interview Sherak. Jack decides to take things into his own hands. He bursts into the interrogation room and shoots Sherak in the leg. Sherak tells him that the attack is against Secretary Heller.

Jack calls Audrey to warn her but it is too late. Heller’s secret service unit is whipped out. Heller and Audrey are taken away.

The briefcase arrives at the Araz house.

Heller’s son, Richard, is the only survivor of the kidnapping and is taken away to be questioned. Heller and his daughter meanwhile are taken away by van blindfolded and gagged.

Andrew Page calls his mom to warn her to get out of the house but a terrorist Kalil is already there. Andrew then talks to Jack who is helped by Chloe. Jack arranges to meet Andrew at Union Station. Kalil has taped the phone and hears the plan. Kalil gets instruction from Navi Araz to kill Andrew.

Driscoll allows Jack to work in the field temporarily to help find Heller.

Behrooz leaves to go drop off the briefcase. His girlfriend Debbie calls and is upset that he is avoiding her.

Jack and the field leader Ronnie leave to go pick up Andrew.

Heller and Audrey have arrived at the compound and are put in a cell by a man named Omar.

Behrooz drops off the briefcase but Debbie has followed him. One of the terrorists spots Debbie. Behrooz manages to convince Debbie he is not cheating on her and gets rid of her.

CTU’s Curtis begins to interrogate Richard Heller who is very angry to have to submit to a lie detector.

Behrooz gets home to find his father has gotten the call about Debbie showing up at the compound. His dad smacks him and orders him to call Debbie over. Navi mentions they have been planning this day for over five years.

Jack and Ronnie get to the train station but Kalil has gotten to Andrew first. Kalil takes Andrew by gunpoint to his car but is spotted by a rent-a-cop at the station. Jack and Ronnie plan to take Kalil out when he exits the parking lot. Jack wants to let Kalil go so they can follow him. Ronnie wants to capture him now. They struggle and Ronnie handcuffs Jack. Ronnie comes out behind a car to arrest Kalil but is immediately shot. Before he dies he gives Jack the keys and Jack drives off looking for Kalil and Andrew.

A web broadcast begins with Omar introducing Hellar and announcing they are going to try him for war crimes and if he is found guilty they will kill him.

Jack calls Driscoll and tells her about Ronnie and that he is following Kalil hoping he leads him to Heller. Driscoll wants him to arrest Kalil now but Jack refuses.

Omar insists that Heller sign a confession. Heller only agrees after Omar threatens to kill Audrey.

A new CTU employee Maryanne talks to Curtis about not being involved in the investigation and believes it is because they previously had an affair. She has an evil way about her and is up to something.

Jack gets Chloe to help obtain a satellite to help track Kalil.

Dina and Navi discuss what to do about Debbie. Behrooz is worried they will kill her.

Kalil stops the car under an overpass and takes Andrew out where 2 other guys are waiting. Jack witnesses these two guys beat on Andrew through a sniper rifle. Chloe sees everything from a traffic camera and urges Jack to save her friend. He cares more about finding Heller and of course Audrey the new love of his life.

Kalil tells Omar that Andrew was not able to figure out what the code was for. Omar orders Kalil to kill him. Jack shoots the other two guys before they kill Andrew, Kalil has already left. Jack goes to follow him.

Chloe is still not able to get the satellite to follow Kalil and gets another CTU tech guy Edgar to help out.

Curtis continues to interrogate Andrew through a sensory deprivation device.

Jack decides to hold up a gas station convenience store that Kalil has entered into as a way of “slowing him down” until Chloe can get satellite coverage.

Driscoll tells the staff including Chloe about Andrew’s beating and how he is in serious condition. She suspects that Chloe already knew about it and asks another CTU techie to monitor Chloe to see if she is talking to Jack.

Heller makes an escape by faking a heart attack. Audrey and him subdue the guard and take his gun. The shoot their way through several terrorists before being trapped by Omar and several others.

Kalil is doing his best to stop Jack the robber. A policeman comes to the store and Jack has to take him hostage as well.

Debbie shows up to the Araz house where she is offered drinks and shown pictures of Behrooz as a child. Dina tells Behrooz to take her to the basement and shoot her. Behrooz tries to help Debbie escape but she collapses because Dina has poisoned her. Dina is upset at Behrooz for being a coward. He is still holding the gun but does not turn on his mom. The boy has no balls.

The policeman held by Jack gets a call and the store owner yells for help. The police arrive at the gas station and surround it. Jack gets a call from Chloe that they finally have satellite coverage. Jack takes Kalil as hostage to get out of the gas station and they take Kalil’s car and drive away.

Driscoll’s schizophrenic daughter is off her meds and wants her to come home. Turns out the neighbours have made a complaint because she was harassing their child. The cops are going to pick her up but Driscoll gets them to back off so someone from CTU can pick her up instead.

Curtis figures out that Chloe has hooked up satellite coverage for Jack. Driscoll arrests her. Driscoll agrees to Jack’s plan to follow Kalil to where Heller is held after they listen in on a call between Kalil and Omar.

Jack drives on only to be blockade by the police who are looking for him for the store hold up. He gives himself up and is handcuffed. 10:59