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Last week: Secretary of Defence James Heller and daughter Audrey Raines kidnapped, try and fail to escape. Debbie killed by Dina Araz. Jack stages a robbery to keep hostile, Kalil, in place until the satellite can track him. Marianne knows that Edgar helped Chloe. Chloe discovered and arrested for helping Jack. Jack arrested by roadblock of police.


CTU continues to track Kalil hoping he leads them to Secretary Heller.

The arresting office calls Driscoll to verity Jack’s story about a fake robbery. She confirms it and Jack is released. Driscoll allows Jack to follow Kalil.

Kalil makes a call to Omar and CTU hears that he is about 30 minutes away. Omar tells Kalil that Heller has signed a confession.

Jack rushes off to save Audrey and Heller


Over in the holding cell Heller and Audrey discuss their options. Heller feels he embarrassed his country by admitting his guilt. Heller says there is one more option. What if he is not alive? They cannot have a trial and they are just another set of assassins. He asks Audrey to help him kill himself. He needs her to pull chain around his neck. She starts to cry and refuses.

She notices a gas pipe and comes up with the idea of breaking it which will kill them both. The two of them are chained up and manoeuvre over and Audrey manages to break off the valve.


With those two willing to hari kari themselves we head to commercials. So how does CTU have so much power over the regular cops? Is this part of the Patriot Act?


Over at CTU Marianne asks Edgar about clearance for a level 3 channel. Edgar refuses to help her even though of her previous threats. She calls Driscoll in front of Edgar and mentions she believes someone was helping Chloe.

Jack calls Driscoll and finds out Chloe has been relieved of duty. Jack tries to co-ordinate with the marines

Driscoll goes to interview Chloe. Chloe realizes she is going down for helping Jack. Driscoll offers to let Chloe resign without jail or sanctions. Chloe agrees to the deal.

At the Araz household Dina yells at Behrooz, his father is home. She shoots Debbie to cover for Behrooz’s cowardice. Navi comes home to see Behrooz with a gun in hand and Debbie shot. He tells him it was hard but necessary. His mother gives him directions on how to ditch car and body

Debbie’s cell phone rings, Behrooz sees it’s her mom calling.

Over at CTU Edgar goes to Maryanne and tells her that he got her the level 3 clearance and that they are done. He asks her why she needs it? She tells him she just wants to get ahead.


Chloe goes over to Sarah and calls her an amateur. Edgar says his goodbye just before Chloe is escorted from building


Cut to commercial. So what is this Marianne girl really up to?


Kalil continues to drive not know the satellite is tracking him.

Driscoll discussing the possible areas he could be heading to based on his direction and time of arrival he spoke to Omar about.

Jack is following in Kalil and sees that he is stuck behind another car

Kalil beeps at car in front of him. Three rough looking guys get out of car and spew racist threats. A police car approaches. Jack is worried the APB on the truck has been not been cancelled yet. A cop approaches the car and asks Kalil to exit. He asks what is going on. The rough dudes say they are just working some things out. He asks Kalil what happened. Kalil tries to get the cop to leave and tells him it’s not a big deal and asks if he can go. The cop tells partner to call in the incident. Jack is on the phone with police station making sure the Kalil’s car does not come up as stolen.

The cop still in the cruiser sees that Kalil’s car has been reported stolen. This cop comes out of car with hand on his gun. He gets about halfway to Kalil’s car when he gets the cancellation of the stolen care report. They let Kalil go.

Kalil makes another call. Edgar transfers it to Jack. Kalil tells Omar that he is suspicious because the car did not come up as stolen on the police check. Jack decides to move in and capture Kalil. Kalil tells Omar that it has been an honour working with him. He says some Arabic, which I have been told was God is great. He turns into on coming cement truck, the car explodes before Jack can get to it.


After a nice witness of martyrdom we head to more commercials.

On a separate note is Dakota Fanning the scariest kid alive or what?


Curtis tells the rest of CTU what happened with Kalil.

Jack calls CTU he doesn’t see anything alive in the burned out SUV. He wants to them to do a satellite scan of area to check thermals.

Driscoll’s daughter arrives at CTU.

Curtis goes to talk to Maryanne. He asks her why she is talking to Edgar all the time. He warns her to put her games on hold for today.

Driscoll talks to the doctor before she talks to Maya, her daughter. She asks Maya why she went over to see neighbour’s kid. “He was throwing ball against the fence.” Driscoll does her best to calm he daughter down. Maya wants to go home but Driscoll tells her they can’t. Boring! There better be more to this subplot!

Navi gets a call from Omar who tells him Kalil martyred himself. They want to make sure the servers are working. They discuss how the trial is only the beginning. Omar checks to make sure that whatever is in the briefcase taken from train crash is working.

Omar smells gas and realizes it has to do with Heller. Omar and his henchmen open the room and drags the two of them out. They are unconscious. Omar gets his troops to try to revive Heller. Audrey wakes up followed by Heller. She sees someone she knows. This person is upset but is calmed when Omar tells him that she will be killed in time.

Erin calls Jack, they have found a place that matches what they are looking for with the thermal checks. Turns out it is an old industrial park. She says the marines are 20 minutes away. The trial is about to start and. Jack heads off to try and stop it.

President Keeler is on Air Force One, he get news of the situation. An aide named Robert offers a solution, they locate the sight and destroy it. Robert does not think CTU will get there to stop Heller’s death and the broadcast. Robert says they have to look strong and that Heller would approve of this plan if he were there.


With that dire hint of doom we head to more commercials.


Navi and Behroom are busy wrapping up Debbie’s body. Navi sees a woman approaching the home, it is Debbie’s mom. Dina answers the door. Deb’s mother is looking for Debbie. It turns out Debbit missed a dermatologist appointment. She asks if Debbie is around and wants to speak to Behrooz.

Debbie’s phone starts to ring, it’s a very distinctive ring tone. Debbie’s mother recognizes it and assumes Debbie is in the house. Behrooz comes to the door and says the phone is his and that they downloaded the same song. He tells her that Debbie went to doctors and they have plans to meet up later. Debbie’s mother leaves.

Navi is upset for Behrooz for interfering. Dina defends her son. Behrooz gets back to wrapping up Debbie’s body.

Jack is about 2 minutes away from the compound. He talks to CTU and is trying to figure out what way to go into compound. Curtis tells him that the President is only planning to save Heller because that is tactically sounder.

The broadcast is about to start as Heller is brought in front of the camera. Omar talks to camera announcing justice will be brought to everyone.

On Air Force One Robert says he can get planes to destroy place in 10 minutes. The President gives the order to go ahead with the strike.

Jack is now outside the compound. Driscoll tells him to stand down because President has ordered a strike. She tells him to clear the area. Jack looks to be ready to go in regardless….and 11:59

Some things that I am thinking about

Pretty solid episode with a dramatic ending. Kalil martyring himself was pretty cool.

What is up with Marianne? Is she evil or is she just an annoying person?

Where are all the hot girls? Ok Jack’s new girlfriend is hot but she is now captive and captives never look hot.

What is in the briefcase? Is it some sort of computer program tied into this virus they have planned?

Will Jack take a nap sometime during these 24 hours?

What else do the bad guys have planned?

Is it just me or do you have concerns about portraying the bad guys as Arab terrorists? Isn’t that just feeding people who are prejudice to all Muslims especially those that look they are from the Mid-East?

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