Romo\'s World: Why TV Is So Addicting


I have been asked to take over the weekly flagship for Bob Reiss who has been away for a while.


And if we’re lost
Then we are lost together
Yea if we’re lost
Then we are lost together

Blue Rodeo – Lost Together

In many ways we (the fans of Lost) are lost together. I quickly became addicted to the show. Heck the minute I saw the first ad I was already hooked. The show continues to amaze and astound. There have only been one or two episodes so far that have been even moderately disappointing. For me the most disappointing moments of Lost are right when it ends knowing there are seven days minus one hour until the show returns. How I made it through the holiday break baffles me.

Even though Lost has exceeded my expectations I still have a little bug picking at me on the back of my neck. I call that bug The X-Files.

Let me explain. Just like Lost I was addicted to The X-Files the minute I saw the first ad. I religiously watched the show through its eight seasons and even shelled out to see the movie. All this time I was waiting, hoping, praying and eventually begging for an answer. However Chris Carter in his ultimate wisdom kept denying me and by the end of the show’s run I was very bitter about being dragged along to a series, that in my opinion, did no have a proper ending.

I do not know what the writers have planned for Lost. It seems the great shows, and by great I mean HBO shows, have established a five year run. Perhaps the creators of Lost have a set plan for how the show will unveil over the upcoming years. Whatever happens with Lost I hope it does not evolve into a never-ending series of mysteries that never get revealed.

This week’s episode was the second best of the season, behind the Locke episode. I have been thinking for a while now that Walt is evil. While he may not be evil per se the episode did reveal that Walt has certain powers of sort. This would explain Locke’s interest in the boy.

My Walt is evil theory was tied partly into Claire’s abduction. I thought that perhaps any child on the island was evil. Perhaps instead all children on the island are “powerful” as implied through Claire’s episode. I think Ethan is the French woman’s child. He got “spooky” powers, became evil and killed everyone else who was stranded with the French woman. Ethan wanted to kidnap Claire’s baby either to control it or kill it before it could become to powerful. He cannot go after Walt for fear Walt will realize his powers and use them against Ethan. Perhaps there will be some sort of battle between Ethan/Claire’s baby against Walt.

Claire came back at the end of the episode and from all appearances she did not seem to be pregnant anymore and was not carrying a child. It will be interesting how they explain what happened to Claire and what her state of mind will be after being kidnapped and having her child stolen from her.

Another interesting development from this week was the furthering of the Locke/Boone bond. For a while there it looked like Boone was going to end up being a loner. Locke also clearly has Charlie in his camp and now Michael seems to have bonded with Locke this past week as well. If it ever comes to a power struggle between some of the Alpha males e.g. Jack, Locke, Sawyer and Sayyid, Locke has the definite advantage over all of those even if they all worked together. I think I watch too much Survivor and think about alliances too much.

Personally I am waiting for the Hurley-centric episode. If I were on the island I would be chilling on the golf course with that guy. Then again there may not be that much interesting stuff to go into in regard to Hurley’s background.

Lately I feel that another one of the best characters, Sawyer, has been very underused. I would think that Sawyer would be a more creative guy in the sense of hunting for food and survival. Lately they just seem to show him chilling on the beach and punching people.

So who will be the first big star to be killed off? I am hoping for Kate although I know it won’t happen. That would make the show WAY too male dominated. Knowing my luck they will kill off Hurley although I still think Charlie should be dead. That was a total copout.


Speaking of shows that I am worried will go on and on with no ending Carnivale concerns me even more then Lost. Sadly I do not have HBO or Canada’s equivalent, TMN, so I have to get this second season through alternate means. Therefore I have only been able to see the first episode this year.

This show captivates me just as much at Lost and I love the concept, the writing and the acting. All the little innuendos about where the show is going can be both exciting and annoying. They build up the show so much with the promos that at times it seems like it will be impossible for the show to live up to its own hype.

Then again I go back to the fact that this show is on HBO and I have never been let down by an HBO show yet. I just wonder if I am patient enough to wait out another four or five years for the conclusion of Carnivale.

Point Pleasant

Yes I got roped in to watch this show. Will I watch another episode? Maybe but it wont be for the plot. For those that do not know this is a new Fox show that centers around this girl who washes up on the shore of Point Pleasant, New Jersey. This girl happens to be the daughter of the devil and a former choir girl. She seemingly has telekinesis and telepathic powers.

Oh and yes this was all revealed in one hour of television. Whereas Lost and Carnivale have managed to give out crumbs of its secrets Point Pleasant just gave up the whole loaf of bread in the pilot. No doubt this revealing of way to much juicy plot info is in part because the show probably has a short shelf life. It does not have the backing of either Lost or Carnivale and is trying to find an audience fast. By doing so though it takes away any excitement for future episodes. Lost and Carnivale leave you craving for more. Point Pleasant does not.

So why did I answer maybe to if I would watch it again? There were an exceptionally large amount of very attractive young females in very skimpy outfits. That is pretty much going to be the main drawing factor of this show. Heck it worked for Baywatch.

The Amazing Race

Now that I have ranted about dramas time to get back to those good old reality shows. This week was once again another exciting episode. Sadly my favourites, Gus and Hera, were sent home a couple of weeks ago.

This week the man everyone loved to hate, Jonathan, said his goodbyes. Near the end I actually started to like this guy. He was more creative then any of the other racers. Creative in the sense that he would hire guides wherever he went and thought outside of the box.

I think the downfall of the Jonathan/Victoria team is that their constant fighting kept getting them to lose focus on the race itself. This came to a head when they didn’t properly read the instructions about bring two goats in this week’s episode.

At this point all I know is that I do not want the loser crew of Rebecca and Adam to win. Not that I really think they have a chance. Is it just me or was Rebecca telling Kris and Jon about the earlier flight more of a sign that maybe she has the hots for Jon? I was very impressed with Aaron and Hayden’s comeback from last with no money to first. Lori and Bolo have also been very impressive lately. What they lack in brains (which is debatable) they make up for in sheer effort and determination.

It looks like it will be a four-way battle between Aaron/Hayden, Lori/Bolo, Freddy/Kendra and Kris/Jon. It should be a close race between those four. Part of me wants Lori/Bolo to win just because they seem like the underdogs at this point. It will be interesting to see how Freddy treats Adam/Rebecca after they used the yield on them, which failed miserably. If he loses focus on the race and tries to get revenge it could cost them the win.

Well that is all for now folks.