Recapped: Lost – Episode 13


Time to get Lost in another recap again, as the J.J. Abrams Hours of Power roll around again. Before I go to the mailbag, let me give some thoughts on shows that I don’t recap, but that I’ve been following:


I’ve yet to see the first two episodes after the premiere, but what I saw in the premiere was very promising by bringing the band back together and keeping the intricate characters while moving the storyline along from the last time we left our spies. I’m going to be watching those next two episodes very shortly, so I’ll have a better idea of what’s going on by the next time this Lost recap rolls around. But I won’t be recapping them, to repeat something I said in my last recap. If you want to read some Alias recaps, take a look at this link to the recap of the season premiere from fellow writer Michaelangelo McCullar: From Atop Mount Subasio – Alias Season 4


Still as good as it has been the past three “days”, Jack is back and he’s got a new squeeze, which is no surprise, even though that squeeze immediately found herself in danger, which is also no surprise. I won’t say too much more since spoilers are the worst when it comes to 24-land, but I’ll just advise all of you loyal readers to check out the first five hours of 24 and be there on Monday when the clock continues to tick away on what I feel is one of the best shows ever made. Once again, not recapping these, but Matthew Romanada is. Check out his recap of the first four hours and the fifth here:

Romo’s World: 24 – First Four Hours
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Now, let’s go to the mailbag:

Hello John,

Another excellent recap and episode. I think this is better then 24 and I haven’t seen a proper episode.
I read part of the mail bag that listed all the hints or unresolved plot points. I have the feeling that on the season finale. They will do a “puzzle pieces falling into place.” montage like The Usual Suspects ending when the police man looks at the board.
Whilst I was reading the recap cap a couple of plot twists from movies came into my mind.
1. The major plot twist in and the ending of The Village
2. The major plot twist in the end of Unbreakable.
Those sort of world shaking/perception warping plot twists could be required to explain the nature of “the island” So the creditability is maintained. You saw that sort of thing in this episode with Boone and the fakeout of a character(ep 12)


Well, I haven’t seen The Village, but I hope that the major plot twist is a little bit more like Unbreakable, since I’ve heard nothing but bad things about the twist ending at the end of The Village. And I haven’t seen The Usual Suspects yet, either (despite many attempts to get around to it), so maybe when I see both of those movies, I’ll have a better grasp of what you’re trying to point out. So, in short, unless they do it right, a plot twist may be a blessing that makes the show stand out even more as a wonderful, wonderful show or a horrible curse that stays with this show for the rest of its days and perhaps–dare I say it–makes it “jump the shark”. Let’s hope that it’s a blessing.

Man just sitting here reading these episodes recaps is intense and suspensful wish i had tivo. anyway so did the stuff that Locke put on Boones head make him hallucinate or was it the island screwing with him. What would be more underwhelming if they pull a sixth sense and everyone on the island finds out they are really dead or if they pull a dark city/forgotten and everyone finds out they are being experimented on by aliens or if the island is the remnants of where some clandestine group was performing covert experiments. that hinge on the door what if its revealed to be a space ship? do you think they might go in that direction? if boone was hallucinating that would mean that everything new about the monster that we supposedly learned wasnt true and that whatever it is doesnt fly obviously. i cant figure this whole thing out which i guess is good its not predictable at all hows it gonna wrap up supernatural, scifi or just a few degrees off from reality is an uncertainty as well. based on JJ Abrahms previous works with which im unfamiliar do you think well find out whats going on sooner like the 4400 or later like x-files?

Working backwards again, the 4400 is not over yet, as it is having a second season in June 2005. I haven’t seen the X-Files, but I’ll assume that we’ll find out exactly what’s going on later rather than sooner. I’m pretty sure that the writers have driven home the fact that they will not allow supernatural explanations for the things that are going on on the island. They will find some way to explain it, but somehow I have trouble believeing that without getting all voodoo and stuff. The Sixth Sense ending would be more likely than the Dark City/Forgotten ending (another two movies I haven’t seen), but I agree that the Sixth Sense ending is just mean. And finally, the stuff that Locke put on Boone’s head was what made him hallucinate. Locke had been mixing it “for later”, which meant that since he remembered Boone talking about Shannon on the way to the hatch, he knew that Boone would just have to forget about Shannon so he started mixing the concoction that would send Boone into his seriously bad trip.

Oh yeah, and get TiVo. You definitely won’t regret it, since you seem to watch a fair amount of TV.

First of all, I work on Weds. nights so I video tape Lost. Between work and school, I only get to watch what I tape on t.v.. So I have an extensive collection of Monday Night Raw and Lost on VHS. I tried to watch Housewives to see what all the hype was about. It sucks. It sucks real bad. But that is a rant for another day. On to Lost. I still think that the name Locke is a play on words. To figure out what’s going on around them, the survivors have to un-“Locke” the island. He’s helped Charlie and Boone, so Locke is already gathering support in the event to island splits into 2 large factions. Also, has anyone really talked about how there is no way the song form Finding Nemo could be on the French lady’s map if she has been there for well over 10 years. Hopefully they will talk about that in the next episode. Also, maybe it’s the male pig in me, I’m really starting not to care for the Kate character at all. Unless she caused the crash, or was behind any recent global crisis, she really has no reason to hide her past. I mean she has seen some really wierd shit, so what makes her think that they’re getting off of the island anytime soon. Just come clean, pick your mate, (I like Sawyer, the second best character on the show behind Locke), and make some rule-breaking babies. And yes she is hotter then hot when we see her in her thong, enough said. Lastly, I think it would be neat if they included some episode that revolved around the tusnami that hit the globe recently. Lost is by far the best show on TV, at least until the Shield returens in March.

Desperate Housewives isn’t too horrible, but finding a way to justify having higher ratings than Lost is very hard to do. The whole “un-Locke”ing the island thing is a little cheesy, but as long as the characters don’t use the words un-Locke, I think I’ll be alright with that analogy. It’s not too farfetched to think that Locke is a very intricate part of the island, anyway. About the “song from Finding Nemo” being on Rousseau’s map, that song is “Beyond The Sea” which was made famous by Bobby Darin, who had sung it before the time frame that Rousseau ended up on the island. It just so happened that Shannon only knows the song because she saw Finding Nemo. And as for Kate, I really don’t care about her either because she is so mysterious, there’s nothing to care about. We don’t know if we should feel sorry for her having killed the man she loved, or if we should hate her for it. Maybe there was a good reason that she had to kill the man she loved, but maybe there wasn’t.

On with the recap!

Previously, on Lost: Claire almost has a baby but Charlie is by her side the entire way and when it turns out to be a fakeout, Claire thanks Charlie for protecting her, but Charlie knew he could do it all along. But here comes Sayid back from Rousseau’s place as he reveals that the survivors are not alone. The search for Ethan begins, but Ethan has taken Claire and Charlie, as Locke soon finds out. Charlie returns after almost dying, and reveals that all Ethan wanted was Claire.


Sure enough, the episode begins with a close up of either Walt’s eyes or Michael’s eyes, as Michael calls out for Walt, looking for him. Charlie arrives and asks Michael if he’s seen Claire’s luggage, but Michael asks right back if Charlie has seen his son. Charlie explains that no one seems to know what’s happened to it. Michael is too busy looking for Walt, and Charlie tells him that he hasn’t seen him. But Dr. Jack comes up and Michael asks him, but the last time Dr. Jack has seen him was back at the caves. Michael explains that Walt took Vincent for a walk, but instead of staying close as usual, Walt and Vincent wandered off. Michael wonders if Dr. Jack listened to his father when he was 10, and Jack says that he did, but perhaps he listened just a little too well. And here comes Hurley, who announces a tournament that is about to start for the last of the deodorant sticks. Michael isn’t up for some golf, however, as he’s gotta go find Walt, but before he does, he tells Dr. Jack that if he should find Walt, tell him to stay “right here” until Michael gets back. Dr. Jack agrees and Michael goes off to find him. Hurley notes that Michael seems to hate having to be a father, but Dr. Jack just thinks it’s a lot of hard work. “Nah, he hates it.”

Now we cut to deep in the jungle, as the search for Walt continues with Michael plodding on alone. The whooshing noise that leads into a flashback is not misleading…

…as we cut to Michael walking up to a rather grandiose crib, announcing that this will be his baby’s crib. Michael’s “baby gurl” thinks that it’ll look nice in the alley they’re living in: The cost of the crib is worth three months’ rent. Michael may be excited, but she has to remind him that they can’t afford the crib. Moving along in the baby store, Michael tells his girlfriend/wife/whatever that Andy is going to throw him some work in construction. She’s worried about his art, but he’s just going to give it a break until she finishes law school and gets higher by some fancy high-paying law firm. But until then, she will support Michael and Walt in a way to which they are accustomed. Of course, this is before the baby even has a name since she is pregnant and all, so she is surprised by Walt’s name. Michael wants to name him after his father, so she goes along with it, and tacks on the middle name Lloyd, which is her last name. Michael figures that this is the reason why she won’t get married to him. His girlfriend asks if she wants to agree with Walter or not, and then walks off to view more baby stuff.

Back in the jungle, as it’s no surprise that Walt is with Locke. Locke hands one of his many knives over to Walt, as Walt takes a breath and looks over at his dog…wait, what? Boone is watching on as well as Walt gives the knife a fling, trying to make it stick into the thick bark of the tree, but it just bounces right off. Phew, I thought that Walt was going to hurl it at the dog for a second. Walt complains that he sucks, but Locke thinks that he can do better than that. Boone suggests taking it easy on Walt, but Locke wants Walt to focus on the knot in the tree, and aim the knife right at it. Locke wants Walt to see it in his mind’s eye, see it before he does it. And some music plays in the background as Locke returns the knife, and I have a feeling that Walt’s got it. Sure enough, he gives it a fling…and it sticks.

“Whoa.” Boone pretty much hit the nail on the head. Walt is excited, as Locke knew that he had it in him. Walt confesses to actually seeing it in his mind, like Locke said. And here comes Michael to drop the bomb on the festivities, as he asks Locke what the hell is going on. Michael takes the knife from Walt and tells him to take Vincent back to camp. As Walt and Vincent go off, Michael starts to yell at Locke for encouraging a kid to sneak off and giving him a knife like the one that Michael has in his hand right now. If they weren’t on a deserted island, he’d call the police right now. Locke thinks that Michael should’ve seen what Walt did with the knife, but Michael won’t hear any of it, and wants Locke to stop talking about Walt like he knows him as he points the knife directly at him. Locke tells Michael to calm down, but Michael is tired of Locke playing Walt against Michael, warning Locke about what will happen before Boone tackles him to the ground. Grabbing the knife and putting it to Michael’s throat. “The man said calm down.” Whoa. Michael decides to test fate, however, punching Boone in the face and rolling over on top of Boone, asking Boone if he’s Locke’s lapdog, but Locke pulls Michael off Boone, saying that Boone was trying to make sure that Michael didn’t hurt someone while he was waving the knife around. Locke explains that Walt has grown attached to Locke because he treats him like an adult and Michael still treats him like a kid. Michael reminds Locke that Walt is ten years old, but Locke fires back that Walt has been in more stuff in his life than most have before they are 10. Locke knows that Michael hasn’t spent enough time to realize it, but he’s different. Michael is confused, but Locke continues. Since this isn’t “back home”, Locke believes that Walt should be able to realize his potential. Michael has heard enough, however. “You stay away from my son. And me.”


And now, a word from our sponsors…Boone being Locke’s bodyguard is just plain awesome, and also the fact that Walt is slowly learning how to become a killer makes him even more dangerous. Locke really is a pimp daddy when it comes to surviving this island. The backstory’s a little dull so far, but I hope that it has its moments soon.

We return in a flashback, as Michael tells his girlfriend that he’s not taking his son. She can leave if she wants, but Walt stays with Michael. She’s trying to have a discussion with Michael, but Michael doesn’t see that, since she’s talking about going to Amsterdam, just her and Walt. Turns out there’s a job waiting for her in Amsterdam, but Michael thought that she was happy where she was. Michael should have known that she wanted to do international law, but Michael doesn’t see how he can be happy for her “huge opportunity.” So she kneels down to eye level with Michael (who is sitting on the floor with Walt), and mentions about being separated. Michael changes his tone, backpedaling and mentioning that they said a lot of things. But she is serious. Even though she still loves him, they’ve been through so much in such a short time. Michael is fine with going to counseling if that is what it takes for them to get through their problems, since every relationship has problems. But she obviously doesn’t think that counseling is the answer, because she’s already taken the job offer in Amsterdam. Michael hasn’t worked in months, but construction is slow in the winter. However, she can provide for Walt and give him everything he needs…except for his dad, so Michael still says no. She can’t believe that he is still arguing with her over this, but Michael thinks there has to be laws against this. But since they’re not married, the mother who is steadily employed is going to win in court. Michael looks defeated…and then looks at his son. She mentions that it isn’t goodbye forever, but she just needs some time. Michael has his eyes focused on Walt, however, wondering if this is goodbye forever…

…as we return to the jungle where Michael is looking at Walt as he sleeps. Sun arrives to sit with Michael, asking if he’s alright. Michael’s alright, but he just doesn’t know how to talk to Walt, to let him know that they’re on the same side. Locke has suggested to stop treating him like a child, but Michael missed his whole childhood. Michael just doesn’t think that he can allow Walt to grow up here, in this place.

Over to Sayid looking at Rousseau’s maps, as he talks about his realization that the equations were actually coordinates, and the fact that Rousseau must have been trying to figure out the location of the island. Dr. Jack and Shannon are also sitting with Sayid as he looks at the maps. But the notations were fragmented, so her map was incomplete. “Except for the fish song,” as Shannon notes. That confuses Dr. Jack, but he doesn’t get an answer to what Shannon is talking about. Sayid continues, explaining that Rousseau isn’t trying to find a location off the island, but a location on the island, specifically here. Dr. Jack wonders where they are in relation to the triangle, but the map is not to scale so he has no way of knowing. Dr. Jack wonders if we are even sure that this is a map of this island, but Sayid points to something on the map that could represent the transmitter sending the distress call and its power source. Michael walks up on this conversation, wondering if we’re looking for another reason to get chased down and killed by the MONSTER in the jungle. He points out that they can’t keep trying to live on the island, they need to think of ways to get off the island. Shannon wonders if any of them actually want to be there, but Michael doesn’t think that anyone wants to get off the island as much as he does right now. So Michael’s suggesting something: Build a raft. Sayid doesn’t seem so enthused, but Michael insists that what they need is a little optimism. “Let’s be honest: No one’s coming.” The seats in the fuselage float, they’ve got an ax, tons of bamboo…Michael thinks that it can be done. Sayid mentions that the chances of surviving the rough tide and finding a shipping lane are low…plus Shannon gets seasick easily. Michael thinks its fine if they want to stay on the island and get old, but Michael and Walt are getting off the island, they’re leaving. Anybody that wants to help with the build, God bless them. And with that Michael walks off.

We move over to Walt…as he reads the comic book in Spanish again. Now, for those of you that don’t recall, this is an easy clue to what is happening next: Return of the polar bears. This happened in the pilot episodes where Walt read the comic book, which had a glimpse of a polar bear inside of the book. As of yet, this is one of the island’s biggest mysteries. We get a closer look at the comic book, including a page of an alien in a hospital bed, a sky city, and finally the polar bear page, as Walt begins to read off the page. Michael arrives and asks Walt for him to help him with something, but Walt is busy. Michael points out that he’s reading a comic book in Spanish and Walt doesn’t know Spanish. But Walt likes the pictures. Michael decides to use this as an opportunity to bond, as he points out that when he was Walt’s age, he used to trace comic books. Michael tries to go on, but he realizes that he isn’t making a connection with Walt. So Michael snatches the comic book away from Walt and asks Walt to go help him build the raft. Walt wonders why he has to come, and Michael says that it’s because he’s seen what happens when Michael doesn’t keep an eye on Walt.

Flashback time, as Michael is on a pay phone in New York (I assume), talking to his girlfriend. He wants to have Walt on the phone, but she points out that since he’s 21 months old, he doesn’t use the phone. Michael just wants Walt to hear his voice. She suggests that she call him back later…as she whispers off the phone to someone else, telling that person to be quiet since it’s Michael. Michael hears this and asks her who that is, and so the bombshell is dropped that she’s seeing someone else. It turns out that it’s the man who hired her, David Porter. Michael begins to think that this was all about sex and not about getting the huge opportunity, but she says that it isn’t like that. Michael tells her that he’s coming to Amsterdam, but she says that it’s over between them. “I’M NOT COMING FOR YOU! I’M COMING FOR WALT, I’M GETTING MY SON BACK!” And as Michael hangs up with anger and walks across the street away from the pay phone…a horn honks and a car SLAMS INTO MICHAEL! HOLY FUCK! Screams are heard…”call an ambulance!”

And now, a word from our sponsors…pardon my language, but that seriously came out of nowhere. Very unexpected, but kinda fitting because this now impedes Michael’s progress in his quest to take Walt away from his ex. Also, the arrival of the polar bears are imminent. Maybe Walt will be the one who kills a polar bear this time.

Down to the beach, as Kate walks up on Charlie, who is rooting through some bags. They turn out to be Claire’s bags, as Charlie wants to know who brought them to the beach which is continuing to be engulfed by water. Kate brought those bags there, but wants to know what Charlie is doing. Charlie is looking for Claire’s diary, keeping one in her side pocket. And then Charlie realizes that someone’s taken it. Uh-oh.

Cut to some of the plane wreckage, as Walt asks what they’re looking for again. Michael wants something that looks like it would work as a frame. Walt wonders why they would need a frame for something, but Michael says that Walt will see soon enough. Walt also wants the cushions, the plastic and the tarp separated so that they can take stock. Walt wonders if he’s being punished, but Michael doesn’t see how working with his old man is punishment. Michael just says that it is them taking control of their destiny. “Feels like punishment.”

And now we arrive at Sawyer’s humble abode of theivery, as Kate and Charlie walk up to Sawyer. Kate is looking mighty fine today, by the way. Sawyer doesn’t answer when they call out to his tent, and Charlie wonders if he could just go inside and root around for Claire’s journal, but as Charlie touches the flap on Sawyer’s tent, Sawyer lets out a “trick or treat” and they both turn to realize that Sawyer was just waiting for someone to arrive. Charlie wants to know what happened to Claire’s diary, but Sawyer scoffs and enjoys the fact that every time something goes missing, all fingers point to Sawyer as the man who made it disappear. Kate wants to know if he took it or not, and sure enough, Sawyer did get it. Charlie wants the diary now, but Sawyer doesn’t think that’s such a good idea, since it might be possible that Claire didn’t want anyone to read it. Charlie says that he wasn’t going to read it, but Sawyer wonders if Charlie truly isn’t curious as to what Claire wrote about you. Charlie tries to snag it, but Sawyer pulls it away and Charlie asks again if he read it. Sawyer points out that good literature is scarce on the island, so Charlie assumes that he read Claire’s diary. Sawyer begins reading “entries” from the diary, including: “Dear Diary, I’m getting really freaked out by that has-been popstar. I think he’s stalking me. Diary, the little limey runt just won’t let up.” Charlie tries to grab the diary one last time, but failing that, he decides to punch Sawyer in his injured arm. Sawyer knows that that hurt, so he hauls off and slugs Charlie with his good arm, but Charlie doesn’t fall down from the blow and wipes off his bloody lip, telling Sawyer that he “hits like a ponce.” Either way, Sawyer gets offended and goes to rough Charlie up some more, but Kate finally steps in between them, holding Sawyer back as Charlie walks off. Kate asks if Sawyer really read the diary, but Sawyer says that he just hadn’t gotten around to it. So Kate walks off as well, as Sawyer takes an indecent look at Kate as she walks away. Good to see that Kate can be the liontamer for the Un-Sawyer.

Back to the wreckage pile, as Michael is busy working, but Walt is just staring off to space. Something gets his attention, though: Boone and Locke walking through the jungle. Walt makes sure that Michael didn’t see either of them, and then tells Michael that he’s going to go get some water. Michael agrees to it, foolishly letting Walt out of his sight…again. Michael asks Walt to please bring him some as he walks off. “Please and thank you…we gotta work on that.” Moving over to Boone and Locke as they arrive in the caves, and Shannon immediately walks up in a super-hot super-short skirt, asking Boone if they’re just going to keep coming back with no food. Boone ignores Shannon, so Shannon insists that she’s serious, to which Boone just says “Uh-huh” in response. Shannon wants to know what’s going on with Boone, but Boone points out that Shannon’s been bulimic since junior-high, so he figured she’d be excited about losing a size or two. Shannon suggests that since Boone isn’t having any luck with the food, Boone should help Michael build a raft. This catches Boone’s attention, as Shannon thinks that she should help and finally get off the island, but she wants Boone to help as well. But Boone won’t be doing that, and just walks right past Shannon.

Over to Locke, who is inspecting his knives as Walt walks up to Locke. Locke immediately points out that Walt’s father doesn’t want Walt spending time with Mr. Locke, but Walt doesn’t think that Michael is the boss of him. Locke tells Walt that Michael is his father, and he cares about Walt very much, and Walt should show him some respect. Locke is serious, Walt and him are not to see each other again. But here comes Michael, charging into the caves and wondering what the hell is wrong with Locke as Boone and Dr. Jack pay attention to the situation. Locke tries to explain that Walt came to him, but Michael is very angry, so Walt tries to explain something, but that doesn’t work either. Locke lies and says that he was just giving Walt this pencil, since he thought Michael could use it. Consider it a peace offering. But Michael doesn’t want peace. If Michael catches Locke with Walt again, he’ll kill Locke. Oh no. That isn’t happening. Locke takes a hard look at Michael to make sure he’s serious, and Locke then grabs his case and walks off. As he walks off, Walt calls his father a jerk, saying that Locke didn’t do anything, and furthermore, he’s Walt’s friend. Michael says that that’s not the case anymore, since Michael is looking out for him now. Walt doesn’t think that Michael ever cared about him, but Michael wasn’t there when Walt’s mom died, and where was Michael when he was growing up? Michael tries to explain that it’s complicated, but Walt doesn’t even care. “You’re not my father.” Oh my. Michael tells Walt that if he wants to hate him, and punish him for something that he didn’t do, that’s fine. But Walt will listen to Michael. Michael then pitches the comic book into the campfire, as the picture of the polar bear is burned by the flames. Michael tells Walt to “get over there” and stay there, as ominous tones play with the polar bear’s picture being zoomed in on in the campfire. Walt goes over by the waterfall with Vincent as Boone rises to his feet with his bag and walks away from where Walt is now. Michael turns his eyes to the campfire, as he watches the polar bear burn.

Flashback, as Michael draws a picture of an injured man in a hospital bed with a birthday cake on his lap. One of the nurses notices his work and finds it really wonderful. Michael says that it’s for his son, who’s turning two next week. The nurse didn’t know that he had a kid, but it’s true. The nurse asks if Michael is ever going to visit him…but Michael says no…since had a run-in with the car. Michael doesn’t know what to write with the picture, but the nurse suggests a joke. Michael wonders what kind of joke he can tell, so the nurse pulls out the “What’s black, white and red all over?” one. Michael says “newspaper”, but nurse says “penguin with a sunburn.” Michael laughs, and the nurse thinks that he’ll get a kick out of it. So Michael writes it as the nurse walks off…and Susan arrives in the doorway. Susan figured it out about Michael when she called Andy after not having heard from Michael in two months. She had to hear about his accident from him, and thought that he should’ve called her. But Michael figured that the last conversation wasn’t so great, and Susan apologizes for that. Michael wonders if she brought Walt, but Walt’s back in Amsterdam. That kills Michael’s excitement quite a bit, as he spits out “with Brian.” Michael wants to know what he’s doing here, but Susan admits that she came just to see him. So now they’re going through the hallways of the hospital as she points out to Michael that he’s expected to make a full recovery, so he should have something to be happy about. “Yeah, after a year of physical therapy.” So Susan reveals that she’s covering all of Michael’s medical costs. What is this all about? “Brian and I are getting married.” Brian and her are moving to Italy at the end of the month, and above all, he wants to adopt Walt. WHAT? WHAT? WHAT? Michael understandably brings the wheelchair to a stop, as Susan knows that this is hard, but Michael should just think about it. Susan wants Michael to consider what’s best for Walt. He can keep holding on if he wants, but maybe Michael should ask why Michael is doing that. Is that for Walt or is it for Michael. Wow.

Back to the cave, as Hurley walks up: “Hey, dude. Your kid’s gone.” Walt grabbed Vincent and took off, but Michael knows where he went.

And now, a word from our sponsors…the backstory is getting a little bit more interesting since this Brian Porter guy is just retarded. I’m waiting for the polar bears, though. And that stuff with Hurley is gold because he didn’t really seem that urgent to tell Michael about this.

We return to Locke and Boone hanging out in the jungle, as Michael barges up and asks where Walt is. Locke hasn’t seen him, but Michael doesn’t want to play games. Boone says that Locke just gave him his answer, but Michael wants Boone to shut up. Locke explains that he told Walt this morning that he couldn’t be around Locke anymore, trying to respect Michael’s wishes. Michael doesn’t understand where Walt could possibly be if he’s not with Locke, but Locke stands up and volunteers to help find Michael’s boy.

Back to the cave, as Kate is helping Charlie bring Claire’s stuff up to the caves. Charlie thanks her for her help, as Kate helped because she thought he could use the company. Kate asks if Charlie’s doing alright, and Charlie seems to be moving along fine. He points out that he barely knows Claire, but she’s been missing over a week and every day she’s gone it feels like bits of him are crumbling away. Kate finds it right that he keeps her stuff safe until she gets back, and Charlie agrees. Kate walks off, finally, as Charlie grabs the diary out of Claire’s bag. He goes to open it, thinks better of it, but the tempation is just too great. He can’t stop having the diary in his hands, and every time he tries to stop reading it, he just ends up reading it. Finally, Charlie puts it back in Claire’s bag, but he can’t seem to get his mind off the diary.

In the jungle, Walt continues to take Vincent along, but soon Vincent growls and begins barking at something. Branches and leaves begin to rustle as Walt looks all around for what could be making that sound, and Vincent soon gets out of control, barking and lunging at something. Finally Vincent breaks off from Walt’s leash and charges off into the jungle, and now it’s Walt calling out the name of his dog as he charges through the jungle, trying to catch up with him.

Flashback, as Walt looks at his dog. Meanwhile, Susan is talking with Brian about law stuff that isn’t worth reprinting. Finally, Susan turns to Walt and tells him to get back to work on his homework. Brian repeats that to Susan, but Susan is a lawyer, so she can tell when someone’s stalling. Walt doesn’t see why they should care about birds of Australia anyway, since they’re already in Australia. Susan suddenly looks sick as Brian asks if everything is alright, but Susan admits to being a little fluey. Walt thinks that they should be studying birds of Egypt, but Brian is more concerned about Susan, who hasn’t been sleeping lately: Another reason to be concerned. Susan and Brian sit down on the couch as Walt explains that he chose a certain kind of bird. As Susan and Brian talk about law stuff, Walt wants Susan and Brian to look at the bird that he chose. But they’re not paying attention to Walt. “You’re not looking. You’re not looking.” And suddenly, a bird smashes into the window. Brian and Walt look down at the very dead bird. Brian looks over at Walt in a strange way, but Walt just goes back to his book to study his bird, as Brian keeps his eye on Walt.

Back in the jungle, Walt continues his search for Vincent. But now Walt is very lost in the jungle, and something seems to be lurking in the trees…and here comes the growling. Something appears from the brush that seems to upset Walt…

And now, a word from our sponsors…oh, the suspense is killing me. They better not come back in a flashback, I want to see the polar bears going nuts again.

We return in a flashback, as Michael opens his door to reveal Brian Porter. Michael recognizes him as Susan’s Brian, but Brian asks to come in, he needs to talk to Michael. Michael wants to know if Susan is here, but Brian breaks the news that Susan died yesterday. Brian asks again to be let inside, and Michael is willing this time. Brian reveals that Susan turned out to have a blood disorder, and she was only sick for about a week. Michael had no idea about Susan’s condition, he hadn’t talked to her in awhile. Michael asks about Walt, how he’s doing. Brian says that Walt is okay, back home with his nanny. Michael can’t believe that Brian left Walt back in Australia, but Brian explains that before Susan died, she wanted Michael to have custody of Walt. Michael is surprised by this, since he hasn’t been Walt’s father in nine years. Brian thinks that’s the thing, since he loved Susan very much, and he was very honest to her in the beginning, but she just didn’t want to hear it. Turns out that Brian didn’t want to be a father, he didn’t know how. He only adopted Walt because she wanted that, and Brian wanted Susan. Brian produces an envelope that has two tickets from New York to Sydney and back. Michael realizes that Susan didn’t want Michael to have custody, this was Brian’s idea. Brian explains that he is a wreck, but Michael doesn’t care about Brian. Brian just lost the woman she loved and he can’t be Walt’s father. Michael has heard enough, pinning Brian against the wall as he yells at Brian to tell him that Brian is the only father that Walt knows. But it’s not just that, there’s something about Walt that bothers Brian. Michael doesn’t know what he’s talking about, so Brian explains that sometimes when Walt’s around, things happen. He’s different somehow. Michael can’t find a response for that…

…as we go back to the jungle, with Locke and Michael coming upon Walt’s leash for Vincent. They hear Michael’s voice in the distance, as Michael leads the way towards Walt’s screams for help. They both run through the jungle, as Michael calls for Walt again…

…and we flashback to Australia, as a woman hands over some of Susan’s personal effects, explaining that Walt will be home from school very soon. A woman hands over something else, a box that the woman thinks Walt should have. The woman (who I assume is her nanny) excuses herself, as we realize that this is the box that Michael was looking at in the last episode. Michael opens that box, thumbing through pieces of paper…? We don’t really see what it is, as Michael closes it when he hears that Walt has arrived home and the nanny directs him to see someone in the hallway waiting for him. Michael walks towards his son…and then we hear a loud growling noise as we

SNAP back to the jungle, with Michael and Locke tearing ass to get to Walt, the growling continuing as Walt cries for help again, and then they find the polar bear clawing at the Cage of Trees as Walt has pinned himself inside, calling for his father’s help. Michael yells out for Walt again, but Locke covers Michael’s mouth, silencing him as he doesn’t want to get the polar bear’s attention. The polar bear continues to roar as Locke climbs up a nearby tree, telling Michael to follow him. Walt begins to softly cry for his father, fearing that the end is near…

…as we flash back to Sydney, with Walt playing games with Vincent as Michael walks up to his son. He calls him out by name. “Who are you?” Michael introduces himself as Walt’s father, but that only confuses Walt more. Michael continues to take steps towards Walt, as Michael says that he can’t explain how sorry he feels about his mom’s passing, but Walt has to understand that Michael and Susan loved each other very much when they had Walt. But Walt asks about Brian, and Michael has to explain that Brian’s not here and Walt has to go home with Michael. Walt doesn’t think that’s happening, so Michael has to cut a big speech, knowing that it’s hard for Walt to understand, but even though Brian loves Walt very much, it’s not Brian’s decision, it’s Michael’s. Michael is Walt’s legal guardian, and it’s not like Brian is going to disappear. He’ll call to you, write to you, and visit you whenever he can. Note that Michael is making it sound like Brian is the father and Michael is just adopting him. Even though Brian won’t be as present in his life anymore, Walt still has Vincent. But Vincent isn’t Walt’s. He’s Brian’s dog. So Brian said that Vincent belonged to Walt now.

The roar makes ME jump out of my seat as we cut back to the Cage of Trees, with the polar bear roaring in anger to try and breakthrough and Walt still crying out for his dad. Walt gets an answer to his calls, as Michael tells him to hang on. Locke and Michael walk a tightrope along a thick branch that connects one tree to the Cage, with Locke leading the way. Michael almost falls, but Locke saves him just in time. Locke makes it across, and Michael comes soon after as Walt begins crying, despite Michael’s calls that he’s coming. The polar bear is almost coming, so Walt is frenzied again as Michael calls for Locke to throw the knife. Locke throws it, and Michael grabs it, getting Walt’s attention…and dropping it to him. OH MAN. “He comes near you, use it!” And this is coming from Michael! Awesome! Locke throws Michael some long, sturdy branches to get Walt out (this is clearly Plan A), but the polar bear gets too close and Walt stabs it RIGHT IN THE FACE! Michael drops down into the Cage of Trees, but Walt notices that the polar bear is gone, even as Michael is going crazy asking Walt if he’s alright. Walt finally says that he’s alright, and Michael tells him to not let go of the rope. Michael says that he’ll be right behind him as he ties the “rope” around Walt’s body, and Locke begins pulling him up, and the eerie lack of bear is evident. Locke struggles to pull Walt up…AND THERE’S THE BEAR! Michael is alone in the Cage of Trees as Walt seems to reach the top…

And now, a word from our sponsors…DAMN THEM! Home stretch time, and things are just heating up.

The polar bear is still coming, trying to break through the Cage of Teres, but Michael has the knife, and he makes a lunge, cutting the bear somewhere (not sure if it was the face), but the polar bear runs away and Michael scales to the top, hugging Walt tight. Walt apologizes, but Michael is just glad that Walt’s safe. Walt is worried about Vincent running off, but Locke points out that if Vincent can find his way back to Walt one time, he will again. Michael nods in appreciation to Locke, who laughs softly.

Back at the caves, Michael sits with Walt by a fire and tells him he has a present for him. Michael knows that Walt likes to look at pictures, so he hands over “the box”. Walt opens it to the find every card and every letter sent to him over the past eight years. Walt didn’t know that, since he never saw them. Walt wonders if his mom had them, and if she did, why she didn’t give it to them. But she didn’t throw them away, so she knew that she would have to give them over someday. Michael drew them just for him, and Michael points out the one for the second birthday. “A penguin? With a sunburn? That’s dumb.” But Walt laughs anyway.

In another part of the cave, Charlie is now deep inside Claire’s diary, and as he turns a page, he reads this:

“Today I realized I really like Charlie.

There’s something about him that’s so just so adorable and sweet.

Even in a scary place like this Charlie makes me feel safe.”

Charlie smiles knowing the truth…and then he turns the page and an ominous tone plays as he closes the diary and runs towards Dr. Jack, getting his attention. Dr. Jack is by a campfire with Sayid, as Charlie explains that there’s something in Claire’s diary. Sayid can’t believe that he’s reading Claire’s diary, but Charlie doesn’t find that important. Here’s the passage as Charlie reads it:

“I had that weird dream again, the one about the black rock I can’t get away from. I try to leave but it won’t let me.”

Sayid says “black rock” in a recognizing tone, but Dr. Jack says that they’re just dreams. Charlie points out that Sayid has mentioned a black rock in the past, however, and Sayid explains that Rousseau once said something about a team returned from the black rock. Sayid then connects this to the triangle on the map. Maybe it’s where Claire was taken. Dr. Jack emphasizes the “maybe” and tells Charlie that they all want to find Claire, but there’s no sense going out into the jungle in the middle of the night.

So we cut to Boone and Locke, going out into the jungle in the middle of the night. Locke is playing a whistle for some reason, and Boone points out that that whistle isn’t working, for whatever Boone is trying to use it for. Locke says that Boone can’t hear everything, and the sooner he learns that, the better. Locke plays it again, and this time rustling is heard in the branches. “Well, I heard that.” Boone calls for Vincent, but Locke draws his knife. The rustling grows and grows…as a figure emerges from the foilage.



Now, in case you guys were wondering about why I’m so excited about her return, it’s because I theorized outside of this recap that Claire would announce that she’s lost his baby to Ethan, who kidnapped it as soon as it came out of the womb. That just gives Charlie reason to turn angry and join Locke’s stable of badasses (now growing with Michael and Walt apparently turning around on the idea of hanging around Locke).