'ER' Spoilers

Episode 11.12: The Providers
Airdate: January 27, 2005

When a sixteen-year-old girl who had received a kidney transplant from her father arrives at the ER feeling dizzy, Carter traces the problem to a new drug called Zarictal that the girl was taking to control seizures related to her kidney dysfunction. Her father feels guilty because he was the one who pushed for her to take the new drug and its side effects may mean his daughter will have to go back on dialysis. Carter asks Neela to post questions about the drug’s side effects on the internet, which causes an uproar when the pharmaceutical company finds out. After Abby and Neela complain about their lackluster dating lives, they end up assigned to work with Jake and Kovac whom they each seem to have a crush on.

Carter takes drastic action to find out why a young kidney-transplant patient is suddenly rejecting the organ years after her surgery, leading to a media circus and a major crisis within the ER. Meanwhile, Neela tries to deal with her crush on Kovac during a shared shift that also finds Abby and her intern (Eion Bailey) dodging their own mutual attraction.

A 16-year-old driver, who had a liver transplant a year ago, backed into a utility pole when her father was teaching her how to parallel park. Carter and Ray take care of them. When his daughter’s future doesn’t look too bright, the father takes extreme measures. Abby take care of a couple that were rear-ended by a truck while they were having sex in a car. The couple are “stuck” to one another. The man used way too much Viagra and the woman wants her husband not to know she’s having an affair. Lewis keeps making changes to how the ER works from whom interns report to to abbreviations. Neela must present her cases to Kovac, who seems to not want to work with her because she seems to have a crush on him. He wants to trade interns with Carter. It seems that most cases in this episode will involve sexual problems. Carter must deal with reporters asking questions about the case of the 16-year-old driver. Reporters know a bit too much since Carter did researches on the Internet and posted inquiries on some medical boards. Jake, Abby’s med student, asks her out on a date. Haleh, Dubenko, and Sam also appear.

Credit: SpoilerFix.com, TitanTV

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