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Previously on 24

Dina insulting Berhrooz for not having courage to kill Debbie; Debbie’s mom coming by the Araz household looking for Debbie; Chloe resigning from CTU for helping Jack; Richard being interrogated by Curtis; Audrey and Heller try to kill themselves with gas; Omar and white guy talk about how the briefcase is not damaged; Omar stops Audrey and Heller from killing themselves; Jack about to go in compound but finds out there is an air strike planned.


The trial of Secretary Heller has started.

Jack starts killing the guards outside the compound.

The terrorists list the charges against the Secretary of Defence.

Erin Driscoll calls the President and asks him to abort the air strike. She tells him that Jack Bauer went in the compound by himself. The President tells Driscoll that Jack has seven minutes and he won’t call off air strike.

Jack captures a terrorist and gets him to point out on his blackberry map where the secretary is being held.

Driscoll tells Jack over his earpiece that he has less then seven minutes before air strike.

Audrey pleads with her captor to stop the trial. Jack overhears her screams. He starts to talk to her through a hole in the door. She tells him to get her father first. He gives her a knife.


CTU watches trial. Omar introduces the confession Heller signed. He announces that he is about to announce the sentence.

Omar pronounces that a death sentence for Secretary Heller. Jack starts to shoot people that are near the camera. The President calls off air strike after he hears the shots.

Jack shoots most of the terrorists in the area but some get away including Omar. Heller gets off his gags. Jack and Heller make way back to Audrey.

Both men are now armed, Jack with an AK-47, Heller with a handgun. They go to get Audrey but she is gone. Someone throws a grenade and they barely get out of the way before it goes off.

Jack and Heller exit the compound. They are pinned down behind a car.

They start to shoot the bad guys who have them pinned down. Jack gets hit but it went off his vest and he is ok.

Heller and Jack continue picking off the bad guys. Both men have run out of ammo.

Just then helicopters come and start to shoot the terrorists in the area. The marines have arrived! They deploy from helicopters by ropes and start to wipeout the terrorists.

Omar comes out with Audrey. Jack and Omar have a showdown. Jack has no bullets in his gun though. He puts down gun.

Omar is about to shoot Audrey but she stabs him in leg. A marine takes him down.

Audrey and Heller hug.


WOW! What a start! That felt like a scene from Black Hawk Down. Omar is dead so there goes any interrogation of him about what else is planned. There is no mention of the briefcase. I also did not see if the white guy who Audrey recognized died, which means he probably got away with the case. Once again WOW! What a start!


Heller is now in suit on phone with the President. The area looks to be secured by the Marines. Jack is planning to take Heller and Audrey back to CTU to be debriefed.

Audrey is ok, just some bruises and dehydration. She tells him about the man she recognized. She can’t remember from where she knows him from though.

Jack gets a call from CTU, they patch through Paul Raines (her husband) for Audrey. He is a stuffy British guy. He is now at CTU; He flew in the minute he heard about the kidnapping.

Jack and Audrey hold hands, trying to hide their affection but Secretary Heller sees it.

Curtis and Driscoll are trying to bandwidth for the investigation of the compound. Marianne gives Driscoll the passwords to get the bandwidth.

She got the codes from friends who work for the FBI. He and Curtis have a verbal exchange putting to light their past.

Curtis: I don’t sleep with people to get ahead.
Marianne: I slept with you because I was attracted to you, and I still am.

Fox News reports the rescue and Navi is watching. Behrooz is upset because he feels everything is over and he killed someone he cared about for nothing.

Navi says they kept certain things from him. Behrooz is upset and demands to know what is going on. The doorbell rings.

Some Middle-Eastern looking guy named Tariq shows up. Navi and Tariq hug. He tells Behrooz he is there to help get rid of the body. Is he is older brother? Cousin? Behrooz does not seem to like this new guy.


From the way Navi spoke on the phone everything went the way they planned. Ok so the train crash was a decoy, now the trial was a decoy. Oh wait maybe the train crash wasn’t a decoy…aha! The briefcase!


CTU investigates the compound. The people on the ground show Curtis the gear they have collected via a live feed.

He sees an empty case. It has an MF logo on it. He says it should get on next truck back. He knows that this case is from train crash and wants to find out what the MF logo means.


Audrey and Jack are back at CTU. Audrey and Heller discuss the rescue and debriefing. He asks her if he (Paul) knows about her and Jack. Heller tells Audrey he figured it out today.

She admits that she hasn’t told Paul about Jack. Heller brings up that Paul seems to want a second chance.

Driscoll comes to talk to Curtis about the connection he has made with train bombing and the kidnapping of Heller. Curtis tells her that he has found out about a guy who was shot at close range at the train crash and had a briefcase taken from him.

It turns out that Lennen-Forester is the company whose logo was on the briefcase. The company won’t tell CTU anything until they get clearance from Department of Defence.

The Araz family discuss Debbie’s mother who has apparently gone home. They stated that everything was accomplished. The trial was cut short but it did was needed.

Dina asks why Navi is so upset if everything is going well. Dina asks where Behrooz went? Navi tells her that he went with Tariq. She looks like she is about to cry.

She knows her son is about to die. Navi admits that Tariq will kill her son. It seems this was an order from above. Dina is visibly upset.

They start to fight and scream at each other. Navi says that Behrooz was no longer their son and that he didn’t believe in their cause. She cries.


WOW! Behrooz is DEAD, well wait maybe not. I don’t want to count my chickens until they hatch if you get my drift. Will Dina’s motherly instincts take over and will she put her son ahead of “the cause”?

Did you know that according to mathematicians January 24 is the most depressing day of the year. The things you can learn from the quick blurbs promoting the evening news. I was having a crappy day today but watching 24 on the 24th has totally changed that. Jack Bauer rules!


Heller starts to make a speech at CTU, gets round of applause. He thanks them all.

Driscoll, Curtis, Jack and Heller go to the boardroom. Heller tells Driscoll that he will be sure she gets full credit for the great job she did.

Driscoll tells Heller they are holding his son and that his polygraph indicates that his son knows more then he is telling them.

Curtis tells Heller that they subjected Richard to STD. Heller is pissed off. He demands to see his son.

Driscoll thanks Jack for not telling Heller their differences in how they wanted to run the operation. Asks him to take over Ronnie’s position until crisis is over.

Heller and Richard hug. Curtis watches on. Richard apologizes for saying awful things to his father. Heller promises his son that if CTU were out of line during the interrogation heads will roll.

He asks Richard if he knows anything he hasn’t told CTU. Richard gets defensive and refuses to say anything.

Heller calls in Agent Manning, Heller authorizes Curtis to do what ever is necessary to get information out of his son. He leaves room. Curtis and Richard are alone with Curtis have carte blanche.


Tariq and Behrooz get out of car in some high remote arid area. Tariq goes to get body out of trunk. Behrooz sees a gun on him. They both pull they body out. They walk off, Tariq carries the body, Behrooz the shovels.

Audrey is with a doctor getting treated. Paul comes in. He tells Audrey that on flight over he couldn’t stop thinking about “us.”

He wants to get back together and will make their marriage his top priority. She tells him that’s not what she wants.

She tells him she is seeing someone. Asks how long it has been going on, 6 months. She admits she loves him. Jack comes in. Paul thanks Jack for saving Audrey’s life. He leaves the room.

Jack asks Audrey if she is alright. She starts to cry. They kiss. Aww… the kiss made her stronger.


Well, well, well. It looks like the previously cowardly Behrooz is going to take down the big bad assassin Tariq, or at least try to.


Audrey looks at pictures of the dead terrorists. She doesn’t recognize any of them as the one she previously saw. She then remembers where she saw him. It was at a heritage foundation dinner at the Hyatt in L.A.

A conference call is about to start. Jack gets a CTU person to help Audrey call over the Hyatt to get the guest list of the conference.

Behrooz and Tariq dig a grave for Debbie. Tariq throws down shovel starts to drink some water. He suspiciously puts on gloves. Behrooz sees the gun is tucked into the back of his pants.

Behrooz hits Tariq in the head with the shovel. He starts to interrogate Tariq and asks why he was going to kill him and who wants him dead.

After a few more smacks with the shovel Tariq tells Behrooz that it is his father who ordered his death. Behrooz doesn’t believe him and beats him to death with the shovel. NICE WORK!!!

Behrooz runs back to car crying. He did not put either body in the graves. The dumbass just left both bodies in plain sight. Split screen with Dina upset and Richard being interrogated.

CTU conference call with defence company Lennen-Forester starts. It turns out the briefcase contained a Dobson? override. This can control a nuclear power facility in case of a disaster.

According to the company guy this device theoretically could cause a meltdown but it would take someone to break down Nuclear Regulation Commission’s firewalls before that could happen. The defence guy says they would be able to see the firewalls being attacked.

Jack speculates that the firewalls could have been attacked during broadcast of trial and they wouldn’t have noticed the attack because of the excess internet traffic caused by the broadcast. Jack calls the trial a Trojan Horse. CTU asks how many power plants the override controls. He answers, “All of them,” which means 104 nuclear power plants.

Marianne looks on. She walks off and calls someone. She is checking in with the person on the other line. She tells this person that CTU found out about the override.


So all those evil glances by Marianne weren’t just a red herring. Curtis was right to be suspicious. Too bad he didn’t act on his suspicions. What a GREAT Episode! It went by in a flash.

Big questions:

Who is Marianne working with? Is she tied to Navi or someone higher up?

Who is the higher up person Navi alluded to?

How will Behrooz react to the attempt on his life? Will he go after his father?

What does Richard know? It seems pretty obvious that his involvement in the anti-War movement have been used by the terrorists to get info about his father

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