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I’m starting to get into a groove with the writing of this column, working on it partially over the weekend and then expanding throughout Monday.


Raw was on the final sell of the Royal Rumble, and set the stage nicely for both Raw matches as well as the Rumble itself. I’m never a fan of the tag champions being squashed in a handicap match, even though it does serve to elevate Batista. The show itself made the Rumble and the World title both seem incredibly important, and the opening 6 man match had my 5 favorite Raw wrestlers in one big match! (sorry Tyson).

Inside Pulse’s trifecta of Raw coverage was in full effect this week, as all three guys are getting into a great groove lately. If you’re not reading James Hatton’s Monday Night Rabble you really should be, it’s the best new Raw report in the IWC in ages. PK did a great job of recapping the last Raw before the Rumble in the Orton vs. HHH IP Raw Report and you can always count on Scott’s Smark Raw Rant to give the rest of the IWC their opinion on the show.

So Royal Rumble is coming up this weekend, and it’s always one of my favorite events of the year. The card itself is pretty stacked – the four matches in addition to the Rumble itself are all marquee matches. The Raw title match, originally thought to be the WM main event, seems overshadowed already by the impending HHH/Batista issue. No matter who is to blame, Orton is not that over, and there is no greater evidence than on Raw when they have been hooking Orton up with Stacy Kiebler.

This week we have a HUGE pickem game launching:

You can register and pick the winners of the matches, and compete against IWC writers and more! There are prizes on the line, and you can register now! Inside Pulse Royal Rumble Pick em Game

Check out Eric although he thinks this week’s column sucks. Hevia NEVER sucks, but Hyatte sometimes does. Not this week though. He even promises a Thursday Omega MidNews!

I’m super pumped for the release of Oddworld Stanger this week, although I will almost certainly not play enough of it this week to get a review out on time. I’m sure someone in the kliq will have it.

I DID have enough time to play and pretty much complete Tork Prehistoric Punk which I enjoyed, but couldn’t really give a strong review to. Guide Bonk-err, Crash-err, Tork as he shreds his Prehistoric Punk ways, transforms into a Yeti and a Flying Squirrel then maybe, just maybe, saves the world. My Full Tork Review

I would be remiss not to point out the return of Rapid Fire, Bryan Berg’s acclaimed column that he retired last year as we reorganized the zone a bit. With IP Games cranking out awesome stuff on a weekly basis again, Berg has decided to bring the column back and I highly recommend adding it to your weekly reading list.

Resident Evil 4 is huge also, and Yeager is all over it. With all the positivity coming from Yeager about mainstream blockbusters lately, you’d think he was writing for a different site!

I’ve added Boston Legal to my weekly docket of shows, and so far I’m pleased. The cast is well varied and pretty stacked with a variety of great characters. I think James Spader and William Shatner are great in the show, and surprisingly the addition of Candace Burgan actually has helped the show.

The second episode of Iron Chef America aired last night, and I caught the replay at 1am. I think the second episode was way better than the first. I enjoyed how both Mario and the challenger spoke directly to Alton Brown a bunch of times. I thought he panel of judges was pretty weak, as there were no celebrities, only culinary critics.

On the Pulse this week marks the return of Nick Warnock who almost single-handedly help put Inside Pulse TV on the map last year with his incredible Apprentice commentaries. He’s signed, sealed and delivered to be back for the entire third season, so start early and check back weekly for his column soon after each episode.

Mike Lawrence is looking for love in all online places, plus proposing a show that both GLAD and NRA would support in this week’s
My T.V. Reality: Extreme Takeover Abroad Edition


So I finally decided to return to the world of comics with my all time favorite book, JLA. And the first issue I pick up, number 110, has almost no involvement from the Justice League! Then I check out the other book I bought, Justice League Classified #2, and it took had the focus off the JLA team!

In JLA #110 there is a team of villains impersonating the heroes, and the whole book just really tells that story. There is a poignant moment when faux Flash and faux GL are saved by regular folks who jump in at first site of the league failing. The baddies learned a lesson about the loyalty of humanity to heroes if the heroes treat them right. The best part of the book was the end, where after 30 or so pages of slow movement, we see the evil Superman crack under the pressure and murder 100s of people instantly. Overall I was happy with the book, although I’d like to see more of the heroes in future issues, I realize I started in the middle of a story arc.
Andy Logan has a more thorough review, and more informed as well.

As for JLA Classified #2, it had a very unique art style with many more panes per page and extreme close-ups. It was cool to see a modern version of Grodd, a villain in the Super Friends cartoon. Tim Stevens also has a great review of this book over in the Nexus.

Here is your chance to get me into your favorite book! Check out the forum for my post, and recommend to me some other books to pick up each week!

I put together a new mix for the week, it’s a pretty decent collection of new songs and bands. I’m already enjoying finally having some new bands to listen to. Whether or not these bands are any good remains to be seen. I had originally banked on the Elektra soundtrack to give me the backbone of a mix like so many other Marvel movie soundtracks did, but it wasn’t meant to be I guess.

Blizzard Mix

january 23rd, 2005
1. Unwritten Law – Save Me
2. Alter Bridge – Metalingus
3. The Exies – Slow Drain
4. Strata – Never There
5. Reese Oliver – I Want Burns
6. Magna-Fi – Drown
7. Jimmy Eat World – (Splash) Turn Twist
8. Granian – On My Own
9. Pleasure Club – Hey Hey Hey
10. The Features – Blow It Out
11. Skindred – Pressure
12. Gratitude – Drive Away
13. Collective Soul – Better Now
14. Sugarcult – She’s The Blade
15. Bowling For Soup – Li’l Red Riding Hood
16. Papa Roach – Be Free
17. Sammy Hagar – Red
18. Full Blown Rose – In The Light
19. Sum 41 – 88
20. Korn – Another Brick In The Wall

The big news in Inside Pulse Music is the return of JJ Botter, who came back briefly last week with a fill in Daily Pulse, but is back in full effect this week. Kicking off his return is an all new, comprehensive Botterm Dollar In Music about his musical tastes and history. Gloomchen is the most reliable Tuesday columnist ever, and I sent out a batch of 5 promo CDs to her. I didn’t tell her yet though. Hey Gloomchen, you’re getting some random CDs soon!

With no NHL and MLB in off season, my sports watching is pretty down. I can’t even stomach the Knicks lately and my fantasy NBA team isn’t likely to following the footsteps of my MLB team (1st) NFL team (3rd) or last year’s NHL (1st). Luckily for you, the reader, we have a full docket of IP sports updates every day!

Patrick Nguyen talks about a huge variety of subjects in this week’s On the Offense covering McGrady, Clemens, Eagles’ Chad Lewis out for Super Bowl, Phil Jackson interested as Knicks’ coach, Lewis, Moss, John Madden. Dr. Jay Gauss has a column certified Superbowl free Pine Tar for Sale.

You should be playing NFL Pick em and if you’re not, shame on you!

Toy Fair is only a few weeks away, and we’re getting excited. There are some new WWE figure assortments on the way, with some really fringe guys included. Check out all the scoop in the latest You Don’t Know Jakks by PK

PK also has the latest info on the Fantastic Four Movie Figures Assortments, which includes a long awaited plastic representation of Jessica Alba.

If you thought IP Movies was too positive about movies, look no further than the Catwoman on DVD by J. Kern. He calls it – The movie that ended more careers than Hell In A Cell – which is pretty harsh, but wait until you read it!

Travis Leamons brings it back to the good side with a glowing DVD Review of Friday Night Lights

This week marks the beginning of a new era of the Hot Seat – the first Inside Pulse-only guest! Previously they had all been writers that had been with us at 411 as well. The man who gets the honors is Rob Blatt, the writer of [Deconstructing the Moveset]. He also recently interviewed Hillbilly Jim backstage at a WWE house show to kick off Inside Pulse’s insider WWE coverage of the Road to Wrestlemania tour. Can he stand the scorching nature of the Hot Seat?

1. As you know, we always start with geometry. What is the Surface Area of a Pyramid?

Blatt: it’s the four sides (theee up top and one on the bottom) that face outwards on a pyramid, add them together.

Judges: We were looking for a formula here, but since the question is vague we’ll give it to you. 1 out of 1

2. You are one of the hottest new writers in the IWC because it’s clear you still enjoy wrestling – can you name 5 things that WWE creative is doing RIGHT these days?

Blatt: Batista’s slow turn against HHH, John Cena’s new “chain gang” idea, pushing a lot of stars into the main events on both sides leading into Wrestlemania to give it that extra push it always needs, letting Akio and Paul London go at it twice, and the arrival of Mohammed Hassan (covered in this weeks up coming column)

Judges: No complaints from the judges 2 out of 2

3. You were backstage at a recent WWE shoe and got a chance to talk to Hillbilly Jim. On a totally unrelated note, what is the full name of the wrestler (and his storyline brother)that HHH lost a Hog Pen match on PPV to in the mid 1990s?

Blatt: Henry Goddwinn, his brother was Phineasâ?¦ Phineas was Mideon oddly enough.

And it was awesome to be at that WWE shoe

Judges: Sorry we were looking for full names. Henry O Godwin (HOG) and Phinneas I Godwin (PIG) were the complete answers. 2 out of 3

4. With the recent introduction of Butterfinger Crisp, there are now three delicious Butterfinger products. Please rank them in order of deliciousness, and also for reference, we have included as a fourth option – a) Butterfinger b) Butterfinger BBs c) Butterfinger Crisp d) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Blatt: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups are unrivaled at #1, the orignal Butterfinger is #2, Butterfinger Crisp has got to be #3 cause I think Butterfinger BBs is as good as watching a HHH vs. Henry Godwin Arkansas Hog Pen match.

Judges: Sorry but the Butterfinger Crisp is the best new candy to hit the market in years. You showed your bias off the bat, though, by putting Reese’s so far ahead, which the Hot Seat judges appreciate (but cant still give you the point)> 2 out of 4

5. In 50 words or less, book the Royal Rumble to have neither Batista or Cena win but still have it relevant to WM21:

Blatt: First off, without Cena or Batista, Triple H loses the world title to Randy Orton.

Final Four: Cena, Batista, Edge and Eddie Gurerro

Eddie and Batista square off and Edge and Cena square off as well. Batista clotheslines Eddie over the top, but Eddie grabs Batista with him. Eddie however, lands on ONE FOOT and hops his way back to the ring where he pulls himself in with the help of John Cena. As Eddie’s lieing on the apron, Cena is pushed out by Edge. Batista at this point is PISSED. He pulls the top rope down to climg back into the ring as Edge spears Eddie over the top rope and both onto the floor. This time Eddie’s feet certainly touched as Edge’s did.

Randy vs. Edge for the title isn’t pushed as the main event at Wrestlemania, but Eddie vs. JBL is the main event as Eddie can try to get retribution for his bloody bloody loss to JBL. The numbers are stacked against Eddie for sure but more than his last title reign, this is what makes him a huge star

Judges: This is a compelling storyline, bravo! However, it checks in at 167 words which is of course, wrong. 2 out of 5

A mediocre 2 out of 5 for Blatt, but he held tough under the extreme pressure and intense heat of the Judges. Check out Blatt’s coverage of the WWE show, plus an MP3 download of his Hillbilly Jim interview later today!

Wrestlemania 21 Countdown
It’s about 9 weeks away, and the card still doesn’t seem very set. The Rumble this weekend should have some keys to the WM21 card, most notably with the Rumble winner and the 2 winners of the title matches.

My feeling is that both of the champions will retain at the Rumble, HHH and JBL, en route to a hot challenger taking the belt from both at Mania.

The plan was still to do UT/Angle according to both print newsletters, but that doesn’t still seem like compelling enough to me. It’s possible they will shuffle around the rosters again after Mania, and then save matches like HBK/Angle for after they are moved onto the same brand.

Anyway, here is my tentative card, we’ll have way more on WM21 next week.

Raw World Title
Triple H (c) vs. Batista vs. Randy Orton

Smackdown World Title
JBL (c) vs. John Cena

Undertaker/Kane vs. Snitsky/Heidenreich

Shawn Michaels vs. Kurt Angle

Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho vs. Edge/Christian

Legend vs. Legend
Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Hollywood Hogan

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Will Terrell Owens play in the Super Bowl?

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Closing Time
The Rumble is this weekend, and Inside Pulse will have live coverage of the show as it happens! Don’t forget to check out:

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