RAW Off Camera Happenings, International Heat Spoilers and Dark Matches

First Report

Chris Masters beat Chris Simpson (not sure if this will make it to Heat or if it was a dark match). This match was pretty bad. At one point Masters went to drop an elbow on Simpson and somehow he totally messed up and Masters’s ass landed on Simpson’s head. The crowd reacted with a big OOOOOO.

Victoria beat Molly Holly. Victoria got a big pop when she did that thing where she shakes her ass.

Hurricane and Rosie beat two local guys.

Simon Dean beat local guy. Simon was so much better in ECW!

Shelton Benjamin beat Rhino. The crowd started a loud chant of ECW and Rhino told them to shut up.

I have not watched Heat in about 5 years—it doesn’t look like I am missing much!

After Raw:

Randy Orton went around the ring hurt and was shaking people’s hands in the front row when Eric Bischoff came to the ring and announced a six man tag between Orton & Chris Jericho & Chris Benoit vs. HHH & Batista & Edge. The funny thing was after the Flair match, Orton acted like he was exhausted, but as soon as Bischoff came to the ring one minute later and announced the match he immediately dropped the exhausted bit. It really didn’t matter at that point because half the crowd left anyway.

Orton-Jericho-Benoit beat HHH-Batista-Edge. The best part was just before the match HHH and Batista were messing around with some guy at ringside and HHH took the guy’s hat a placed it in Batista’s tights and then put it back on the guys head which got a chuckle from what was left of the crowd.

Biggest pops of the night:

1. Jim Ross—Last time I heard a pop like that was for Steve Austin a few years back.
2. Batista—This guy was over huge with this crowd.
3. Randy Orton
4. Victoria for the booty shake.
5. Local guy who lost to Simon Dean. When they announced he was from Oklahoma City the crowd went nuts. You would have thought The Rock was in the ring.

The biggest pop of the night actually went to a video they played just before Raw to promote WrestleMania 21. It contained highlights from past WrestleManias.

Top heels:

1. HHH – During the Jim Ross interview, this guy got crazy heat from the crowd.
2. Muhammad Hassan – There were people around us who left during the match because they didn’t like this guy’s gimmick.
3. Edge
4. Flair-when he talked about the Sooners losing 55-19.
5. Simon Dean for insulting as he put it “the slobs of Oklahoma City.”

Other than the guy next to my wife and I with the worst B.O ever created on earth, I have little to complain about the show (just the usual stuff—writing, etc) and thought overall it was an ok RAW to watch live. The worst thing for me was to see Ric Flair with HHH. Flair is probably the best interviewer ever in the history of wrestling and it looked like he was reading off cue cards when he was doing an interview with HHH and Batista. Just a sad state of affairs.

On a side note, WWE needs work-major work. WWE “Superstars” don’t even compare to the guys they have at TNA (Styles, Daniels, Williams, etc). I attended TNA in Florida last year and it blew this show away by a mile.

Second Report

The Ford Center Was 90% Full with only the nose bleed section partially tarped off, everywhere else close to jam packed. Door’s didn’t open till 6pm And the 6:45pm start didn’t happen Till 7pm. We had Dead Center seats facing the ring and titan tron so we saw everything perfect.

There Were No Dark Matches So Let’s Move Onto Heat.

There were 5 Heat Matches sorry didn’t remember them all and there in no order,

Chris Masters Beat Some Jobber Hailing From Dallas.
Victoria Beat Molly Holly With the Widows Peak.
Shelton Benjamin Beat Rhyno.
Hurricane & Rosey were in a Tag Match And Won Don’t Remember The Challengers.
And Finally Simon Dean Has A Squash Match with someone we had never heard off.

After Raw went off the air, not a lot happened. Randy Orton posed for the crowd from all 4 ringpost’s and looked physically exhausted . About 15% of the crowd left. I guess they were unaware of the unannounced match.

Eric Bischoff came down to the ring congratulated Randy Orton, and announced that a special six-man tag match would take place, just for Oklahoma City fans.

Randy Orton, Chris Benoit and Chris Jericho Vs. Triple H, Batista and Edge, with Shawn Michaels as guest ref.

Just some brief highlights…….
All 6 Men Entered With Full Entrance Music Minus Pyro.
Batista Stole Some Guys Ball Cap, Put It Down His Trunks Then Returns It To The Guys Head.
A Very Comedic Match with Edge being the butt of many jokes.
All guys seemed to be enjoying the match and called it well

Edge had Randy Orton Pinned and was screaming to HBK for the count, Michaels Refuses to count, pulls Edge off Randy, drops Edge with the sweet chin music.

Randy Orton Hits The RKO On Triple H Shawn Michaels Counts 1! 2! 3!

Randy Orton & Chris Benoit & Chris Jericho beat Triple H & Batista & Edge with Shawn Michaels as guest referee. In Just Under 20 Minutes.

On the way up the ramp after the match, Triple H & Batista & Edge stop at a rather large-chested blonde in the front row wearing a homemade “Mrs. Randy Orton” t-shirt, each took turns at placing there faces in her chest, all 4 looked to be having the time of there lives.

After Triple H & Batista & Edge left, Randy goes over and gives the girl a kiss on the cheek before walking around the ring with Jericho shaking hands, taking photo’s mingling with the crowd.

The crowd seemed a little flat live but haven’t seen the tape so it’s hard to comment.

We were close to a guy that nearly got ejected during the Muhammad Hassan – Val Venis Match. Security had to calm the man down as he was standing up giving the “Stone Cold Steve Austin” double finger salute, and screaming things I can’t mention.

Biggest Pops:
Victoria & Shelton Benjamin During the Heat taping
PLENTY! of ECW chants for Rhyno (there were alot there too young to remember ECW)
JR Jim Ross Lots Of “BOOMER SOONER!” all night
And of Course Batista Is Still, So over with the Crowds

Biggest Overall Heat:
Simon Dean During Heat taping
Triple H All night
Khosrow Daivari & Muhammad Hassan (Plenty Of USA Chants)

Credit PWInsider.com, Brad Simons, Michael Bowen & Ben Hawkins

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