InsidePULSE Indy Report 1.26.05: Results & SUN Shows


NWA MACW – 1/21 – Seoul, Korea
BCW – Oldcastle, ON
XCW – Denton, TX
B2B – Louisville, KY
NYM – 1/22 – Quebec, QC
NWA FL – Brandon, FL
TMW – Knoxville, TN
GCW – Columbus, GA
NWA CW – Kingsport, TN
PCW – Arlington, TX
ACPW – Clinton, NC
ESW – Wheatfield, NY
AWA IWF – Livington, KY
PWA – Edmonton, Alberta
SASW – Swanton, VT
SWA – Princeton, AL
FC – 1/23 – Ocala, FL
SUN SHOWS – 1/30:
MPW – Maple Grove, MN
NWA NJ – Passaic, NJ
SRPW – Sapulpa, OK
FWA – Portsmouth, England

NWA-MACW results
Fri, 1/21 – Seoul, Korea

*Rikki Nelson def. Buff Bagwell after interference from Terry Taylor
*NWA MACW Hardcore Title: champion Barbarian retaned against Andrue Bane by pin after hitting Bane w/ the title
*TLC Match: Diamond Dallas Page def. Raven via pin after a Diamond Cutter
*NWA MACW Tag Titles Match: Dusty Rhodes/Buff Bagwell def. Rikki Nelson/Terry Taylor
*Lollipop/Gail Kim def. Nidia/Malia Hosaka
*NWA World Heavyweight Title Match: champion Jeff Jarrett retained over A.J. Styles
*Sting def. Billy Gunn by pin after an inverted DDT

Border City Wrestling results
Fri, 1/21 – Oldcastle, ON

Crowd: 1800
*N8 Mattson/Danny Daniels def. Phil Atlas/Jimmy Jacobs
*Chantal def. Tianna Ringer by pin
*Conrad Kennedy III (aka CK3) def. El Reverso, Brad Martin, Johnny Bravo, Gutter, & Kris Chambers
*”Smooth Mover” Chris Pillon (w/ Jimmy Trump) def. Mike Legacy
*BCW Tag Titles Match: champions Team Canada (Petey Williams/Bobby Rude) retained against “Wildcat” Chris Harris/Tritan
*Dave Lockbaum/Tyson Dux def. Jimmy Hart/Eddie Venom
*Douglas Chevalier Memorial Battle Royale: Mike Legacy
*BCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion “Mr. Class” A-1 (w/ Jade) retained over Abyss
*BCW TV Title Match (ref: Mick Foley): Chris Sabin def. Alex Shelley (w/ Jaime D)

Xtreme Championship Wrestling results
Fri, 1/21 – Denton, TX

*”The Universal Heart Throb” Eric Idol def. Bull
*XCW TNT Title Match: champion Jacob Ladder retained against Convict 187
*Brett Barnes/”Superstar” Jared Steele def. Drunk Adam/Spudz McKenzie
*”The Raging Bull” Manny Fernandez/Jack Drastic def. XCW Tag champions The Niggaz (“The 5th Ward Gangsta” G-Mini/”The New White Nigga” Ricky Jackson) w/ Sidd Murder
*No Rules, Losers Leave XCW: Doom Thug Empire vs. International Playaz Club went to a no contest

Bad 2 the Bone results
Fri, 1/21 – Louisville, KY

*B2B Hardcore Title Match: champion Billy Black vs. The Mangler was declared a no contest
*B2B Tag Titles Match: champions K-Lo/Randy Royal retained against “Terrible” Terry Bull/Eddie Browning
*”Live Wire” Sean Casey vs. BBW US champion Billy Maverick in a non-title match
*No DQ Match: Rob “The Bomb” Williams def. Vic The Bruiser
*B2B Heavyweight Title vs. B2B Light Heavyweight Title Match: Heavyweight champion JC Bailey def. Light Heavyweight champion Simon Sezz by DQ

New Years Madness 2 results
Sat, 1/22 – Quebec, QC

Contributed by Llakor:
*Giovanni def. J-Bustah via pin after fireman’s carry power bomb
*Triple X “Sex Xpress” Sexy Eddy def. Damian, Beef Wellington, Mr. Xtreme, & HellStorm
*Michael Von Payton/Tank def. Kurt Lauderdale/Nova Cain
*IWS Tag Titles Match: champions The Flying Hurricanes (Takao/Kenny The Bastard) retained against TNT Action (Alex & Jay Dynamite)
*IWS World Title Match: champion Franky the Mobster retained over Roderick Strong by pin after a sit-out choke slam
*BushWhacker Fred/BushWhacker Viking def. The Latino Brothers, Adrenaline Rush (Samson & Jimmy Stone), & James Kraven/Arsenal
*NCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Chakal retained against Handsome JF
*Crazy Crusher def. NCW Cruiserweight champion Alex Price, Dan Paysan & Player Uno
*ROH World Title Match: champion Austin Aries retained over “Mr. Wrestling” Kevin Steen
*Pierre Carl Ouellet def. CM Punk by pin after a Peace-liner

NWA Florida results
Sat, 1/22 – Brandon, FL

Crowd: 237
*”Untouchable” Leon Scott (w/ Tiziana) def. Aaron Epic
*”Hot Ass” Amy Love def. Kevin Devine
*”The Miami Pound Machine” Rod Steel (w/ NWA FL Heavyweight champion Bruce Steele) def. “Modern Miracle” Steve Madison
*Last Man Standing Match: Roderick Strong def. Mikey Batts, “Mr. 630” Jerrelle Clark, & “Cool” Seth Delay
*NWA Florida Tag Titles Match: champions Double Deuce Inc. (“Uptown” Frankie Capone/Marcus Dillon) retained over The MVP’s (“E Stizzle” Erick Stevens/Luther “Bodybag” Jackson)
*James Gibson (aka Jamie Noble) def. Jay Fury
*NWA FL Heavyweight Title Match: champion Bruce Steele (w/ Rod Steel) retained against “The Dy-No-Mite Kid” James Hendrix via DQ
*NWA (Antonio Banks/”Black Nature Boy” Scoot Andrews/Vordell Walker) (w/ $o Cal Val) vs. Lex Lovett/”Iceman” Buck Quartermain/Billy Fives went to a no contest

Tennessee Mountain Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Knoxville, TN

*Howie Gibson def. Stan Lee via pin after a top rope flying bodypress
*Sammy V def. Mike Hanson by pin
*Dirty White Boy def. The Grappler via pin after a chokeslam
*TMW Tag Titles Match: Tom Pinter/Ric Cannon (w /Landell) def. Bob & Scott Armstrong
*TMW Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Powers (w/ Landell) def. The “Road Dogg” Jessie James by pin

Georgia Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Columbus, GA

*Cru Jones def. John Bogie
*Brandon P def. Jeff Lewis
*The Grappler def. Sean Evans
*Amy Young def. Persephone
*AJ Steele/Damien Steele def. The Midnight Express

NWA Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Kingsport, TN

Crowd: 78
*NWA CW Jr. Heavyweight Title Match: champion Thorn def. Brian Michaels
*NWA CW TV Title Match: champion Thorn def. The Freak
*SSW Heavyweight champion “Handsome” Beau James/Mike Cooper def. Nick Hammonds/Wayne Adkins
*NWA CW Heavyweight Title Match: Alyx Winters def. Ray Idol
*SSW Tag Titles, Ladder Match: SSW’s Cruel Intentions (Super Destroyer/Josh Cody) def. Tony Givens/Robbie Cassidy

Professional Championship Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Arlington, TX

*Dallas def. Damien
*PCW Cruiserweight Title Match: JT LaMotta def. BJ Turner & G-Slice
*”The Fire” Jeremy Young def. Apocalypse
*PCW Tag Titles Match: The Brown Brothers (Jeff/Jerry) (w/ Kyra) def. The Trendsetters (Jack Dalton/Adam Thornstowe) (w/ Claudia)
*PCW Heavyweight Title Match: champion Sexy” Steve DeMarco def. The Professionals (John Allen/Brett Anthony) (w/ Attorney Paul Lewis)

Atlantic Coast Professional Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Clinton, NC

*ACPW Light Heavyweight Title Contender Match: Gridiron def. Steve Micheals, Soul Reaper & Brandon Marretti
*Loser Must Wear a Dress: Charlie Dreamer def. Dr Love
*No DQ Match: Chaos def. Sean Cruise
*ACPW TV Title Match: Tito Rain def. Hangtime
*ACPW Tag Titles Match: champions The Phat Boys retained over Tre G & Draven
*ACPW Heavyweight title Match: Stro def. Ali
Steele & KC Mcknight

Empire State Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Wheatfield, NY

*Brett Mednik/Johnny Adams def. Cade Cassidy/Armand
*Chris Cooper def. AC O’Reilly
*Randy Walker def. Shade
*2 Legit def. Benjamin Smythe/Brandon Thurston
*No DQ Match: Shawn Spears def. Cody Steele
*Kevin Grace def. Ice
*Jonny Puma def. Damien Alexander & Mastiff

AWA IWF results
Sat, 1/22 – Livingston, TN

*Justine Sane/Daddy Mac def. Dr. Quack/Southern Kaos by DQ
*Torture King vs. Dexter fought went to a draw
*AWA IWF Hardcore Title Battle Royal: Josiah Caine
*AWA IWF Midsouth Title Match: champion JT Hott retained against Big Poppa & Backstreet
*Freak def. Nightwolf by pin after a 450 splash
*AWA IWF Tag Titles Contender Match: The ELE (Black Nativity) def. HNIC
*AWA IWF Heavyweight Title Match: champion Pain retained over Rockdogg

Prairie Wrestling Alliance results
Sat, 1/22 – Edmonton, Alberta

*Synn/Evan Inferno def. Tex Gaines/Jess Gaines
*Belle Lovitz def. Rave
*Red Thunder def. Mikey Grizzwald by DQ
*JD Michaels def. Brady Roberts
*The Funky Bunch def. Damage, Inc.

Slam All Star Wrestling results
Sat, 1/22 – Swanton, VT

*SAW Cruiserweight Title Tournament Finals: Jon Thornhill def. Angel
*”Boy Next Door” Timothy Pittman def. Aftershock
*The Bull (w/ Candy Man) def. Slick (w/ Tim Dog St. Pierre)
*SAW Woman’s Title Match: champion Amber Hallow def. Demonica by DQ
*SAW TV Title Match: champion “Movie Star” Michael Monroe def. “Mexican Monkey” El Chango
*SAW TV Title Match: The Bull def. “Movie Star” Michael Monroe
*”The Enigma” Drake Evans (w/ Tamala)/Slick (w/ Tim Dog St. Pierre) def. “The Degenerates of Society”(Kage/IB Green) (w/ Stephanie)
*SAW Heavyweight Title, Lumberjack Match: champion Northern Studd def. “Bad Religion” Maxx Burton

Superstar Wrestling Alliance results
1/22 – Princeton, AL

*Mr Wrestling 3 vs. John Saxton went to a draw
*The Overboyz def. Youth Of Today
*Doink The Clown def. Mike Reed
*The Barbarian def. Heath Trenchcoat
*Battle Royal: Kamala

Funkin’ Conservatory results
1/23 – Ocala, FL

*Blaine Rage def. Chasyn Rance & Big Bank Barfield
*Adam Windsor/Aric Dylan def. Shawn/Tyler
*(Referee Adam Windsor) Super Paul/The Claw def. The Heartbreak Express
*Singapore Cane Match: “Bad Ass” Christian Bauer def. “Funky White Boy” Bo Lee
*FC Heavyweight Title Match: Flex Cassidy def. Johnny Magnum
*FC Tag Titles Match: Adam Windsor/Aric Dylan def. Dory Funk Jr./Jody Peterman

Midwest Pro Wrestling
MPW Arena, 11760 Justen Circle Ste F, Maple Grove, MN
Sun, 1/30

NWA NJ presents “LOYALTY”
Sun, 1/30 – 3 pm
Lucky’s Night Club, 40 3rd ST, Passaic, NJ

*NWA NJ Light Heavyweight Title Match: champion El Bandido, Jr. vs. “The Notorious 187” Homicide
*NWA NJ Heavyweight Title Match: champion “No Gimmicks Needed” Chris Candido vs. Frankie Starz
*NWA NJ Heavyweight Title, #1 Contenders Match: Rockin’ Rebel vs. Warpath
*NWA NJ Tag Titles Match: champions El Bandido/Black Angel vs. CJ O’Doyle/Cabbie
*NWA NJ TV Title Match: champion Crazy Ivan vs. Jay Santana
*NWA NJ Women’s Title Match: champion Cindy Rogers vs. NWA/IWA Mid West Ladies champion
Mercedes Martinez
*Judas/Harito Fujinami vs. Apache/El Sagrado

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling
Salvation Army Boys & Girls Club, Sapulpa, OK
Sun, 1/30 – 7:30 pm

Tickets: FREE

FWA Academy
Buckland Community Centre, Portsmouth, England
Sun, 1/30 – 1 pm

*Last Man Standing Match: Mark Underwood vs. Max Voltage
*Paul Birchall vs. James Tighe
*(Ref: Kapil Ghosh) Rajah Ghosh vs. Rishi Ghosh
*Battle Royal
*Also featuring Aviv Maayan, Mark Sloan’s Academy Lottery, & more